24th Jan 2007, 08:14

Warranties really mean nothing because 1) either the dealer will fight you on it, or 2) the car will be in the shop all the time with no rental car for you.

Yes, it is always good to have a warranty, but quality is the ultimate luxury regardless of the car.

Chrysler is in huge financial problems, and that means they are going to cut corners every which way they can.

I wouldn't get a Caliber until it was four years out, if that.

25th Jan 2007, 12:31

I'd also advise waiting a while to get a Caliber to see that any bugs that are there are fixed. Chrysler has a very bad reputation for not honoring their warranty, so if you DO have a problem, you're STUCK. With that said, I've owned 3 Dodges and all were totally flawless and 100% reliable vehicles.

30th Jan 2007, 04:09

I find the Dodge Caliber SXT CVT to be a excellent car, & in England, the best value for money 2 litre hatchback available.

My only complaints are that the suspension could be slightly better on our pot holed roads. Next the plastic at floor level is too light in color and should be the same as on the dash.

The CVT works well. However mpg is only 22, which is about right for a car of this weight.

Daimler Chrysler in England has very poor customer support & are far too slow to respond.

5th Feb 2007, 13:43

It's such a shame that a manufacturer like Chrysler is so poor at handling their customer's needs. I have found the same to be true of Ford in our area, and we have now switched to GM vehicles. Our local GM dealer is wonderful about taking care of our needs. This helps sell cars, so I really don't understand why Chrysler and Ford don't do something to improve their dealer service. I love the Calibre, but I am fearful of buying one until their reliability is proven because I know Chrysler will not honor their warranty.

5th Feb 2007, 16:10

Hey, Chrysler just announced it's laying off another 10,000 people. You expect them to care about customers? Please.

6th Feb 2007, 14:25

Chrysler didn't honor their warranty when they were in GREAT financial shape either.

29th Jun 2011, 21:37

The owner commented about the chill zone. The chill comes from a flat computer chip looking thing with cooling fins on it, similar to a CPU in a tower PC. It operates on the principle of the Peltier Cooling Effect. By applying electricity to Bismuth Telluride, heat is transferred from one side to the other. The reason it felt cooler with the AC on is because it is limited to approximately 20 degrees of cool-down from ambient temperature in your car, more or less. It's a heat pump. It would have been a better design to have the car's AC vent into the cooler I guess, so that it 'thought' the ambient temperature was much cooler.