1998 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x2 5.2L from North America


Great looking all around truck!


- Exhaust catalytic converter completely rusted out. Replaced with a straight pipe.

- A/C compressor bearings just went at 119k.

- Stock tires are garbage and look like they came off a Stratus. Replaced them immediately.

General Comments:

Inherited this off my father, who babied this truck, and he purchased it off a senior years back who also babied it. I don't even think either of them hit WOT.

This thing runs like new! As others have mentioned, this truck (and many other Dodge models) runs rich. So certain things need to be cleaned and maintained properly every now and then. No tranny issues yet, and I haven't changed the fluid either. Going to do this next and install a tranny cooler.

Braking is a typical truck; not great, but not bad either. Drums in the rear.

Handling feels like a sedan. Very smooth. Amazing for long trips though! The seats are also super comfortable.

The 318 motor is very reliable and has been used in many Dodge vehicles over the years. It has decent pep and sounds great!

Gas mileage as expected, but isn't that bad, especially for a V8. Small gas tank (60L) and I average about 400km. Mid 300's if you're aggressive.

All in all, a great truck, and I plan on keeping it for a while since it has such low kms and little surface rust; it should last a long time.

Would I recommend this truck? Absolutely! They don't manufacture many mid-sized trucks anymore. If you can find one in decent shape, pick one up. They are fairly cheap used. Also this motor is WAY BETTER than the newer 4.7L.

I love the body style as well.

With a few minor mods, this truck will look and drive amazing. Future plans this year include a lift kit, aftermarket rims and larger tires, new paint, Flowmaster exhaust and air intake.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2013

1998 Dodge Dakota 5.8L 8 cylinder from North America


Except for blown transmission, and air compressor, it's a great truck


New transmission needed at purchase along with other multiple problems. We did purchase a really good after market warranty from the dealer, and thus about 2,000 of 3,000 repairs were covered..

Brake lines needed replacement. The warranty did not cover rust, and there is a lot of rust on the bottom of the truck. We live where there is a lot of snow and use of salt and gravel.

Air conditioning compressor had to be replaced (also covered under warranty, but shouldn't go bad this early).

Muffler is going bad and will need replacement soon.

While the warranty has helped, the fact that the transmission and air conditioning compressor needed replacement this early is a concern.

General Comments:

This truck handles well and rides smoothly and quietly. My family owned trucks growing up - always Ford, and this truck doesn't seem as loud even with the current muffler problem. It gets about 12 miles per gallon.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2009

25th Apr 2010, 11:27

Update: Now new ball joints and O2 sensor. This is not a truck I would recommend to anyone, but we are hanging in there with it. The Wheelz (after market warranty) people are starting to fight us on the warranty issues. These last two repairs they said went beyond the value of the truck, even though I verified with the premium service that the limitation was per repair. Too bad my notes on the discussion only said "Per Don". Probably won't get me far in court.

Anyway, we are sticking with the dang thing and I will update. We have only put on 3,000 miles! So it now has 7500 miles. Will be using it tow a boat this summer, so we will see how it goes.

26th Jan 2013, 09:30

Update 2013 - 15 year old truck, kept outside all year round. We now have 85,000 miles. We are using it for towing the boat in the summers. It has great power, pulls the boat easily. It has made many trips to the dump with branches from storm damage. It has always started and never left us stranded anywhere.

We have a a few repairs here and there. The A/C is not functioning, so there must be a leak. The heat has underperformed in two different years. Apparently this is usually fixed by blowing the heater core and a coolant flush. We just had that done. We are debating whether to keep it and fix the A/C or sell. We did replace the muffler, and it purrs like a kitten now.

The ride in this truck is smoother and quieter than our new cars (Honda Accord and Subaru Baja).

We are now starting to love it, as I think about avoiding a car payment. Even with the repairs, I think it really has been a good value over time. It is nice for us to have a 3rd vehicle for ourselves, friends and family when they have had car trouble.

Love is blind - we will probably hold on to it too long. Maybe we can hang on the 20 years and get collector plates!