22nd Feb 2014, 19:57

I just took a road trip in a rental Dart about 2 hours each way. I found the bolstering in the lower cushion too high on the sides, and had to fold a large towel to level out the seat. I'm a large guy and have large legs. I found the driving position difficult to adjust properly as well. After using the towel trick, the car was OK but not comfortable.

The power was OK and it does look good on the outside.

I found the dash speedometer very hard to read, and had to use the digital meter in the scrolling menu. The fuel economy was fair as well. The cruise failed at the beginning of the return trip.

Overall I wouldn't buy this car, if nothing else because of a failed/intermittent cruise system after 45000km.

24th Feb 2014, 22:03

I agree, it is one of the best looking small economy cars on the market. I absolutely love the distinctive rear tail lights; it's about time manufacturers started making cars that don't all look the same!

5th Aug 2014, 00:05

Are you kidding me? "A few poorly built imports."

I had a Ford Explorer; nothing but transmission problems.

Pontiac G6; steering problems.

Chrysler Cirrus; engine leaked oil.

I've now owned a Lexus for a very long time, & not a single issue.

29th Oct 2014, 14:13

Why would you review a brand new car without giving it some time to see if anything is/goes wrong? I could give a great review of ANY car right out of the showroom. I have 35000km on my new car and am still not ready to give an objective review. I'd like to hear back from you after 20-30k and see if you're still in love.

30th Oct 2014, 18:58

Come on - you're comparing those pedestrian vehicles to a Lexus?? Sure, Lexus has long beat Mercedes (continuous downhill slide since the W124 E-Class), but Lexus vs. Chrysler Cirrus is like comparing a yacht with a canoe (a leaking one).