1998 Dodge Durango XLT 4 X 4 5.9 V8 from North America


Beautiful, but flawed workmanship


The paint started falling off the second we drove out of the dealership. It was peeling off in sheets, and the dealer nor the manufacturer would even help us cover the cost. Cost us $3000 to redo all the paint in the original color, which has been discontinued.

Just today the water pump failed and the rear differential is on its way out.

All leather seating is deteriorating faster than any other leather I've ever seen.

The transmission always revs too high, and no one can explain why to me. I've been told it's not a problem, but I can't believe that.

General Comments:

I am appalled at the way Daimler/Chrysler are dealing with this flawed vehicle. Everyone I've spoken to has told me that these are common problems, and that the manufacturer is in no way entitled to help us.

My feeling is that when I spend $30,000 on a vehicle, it should run great and be made with superior materials. Not to mention that the paint shouldn't fall off!!

I love the idea of this car, I just am so disappointed in the machinery and workmanship.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003

12th Jun 2003, 23:51

I to recently purchased a used 1998 Dodge Durango 4 x 4.

My truck has a 5.2l motor and it cannot pass up a gas station. I get about 14 mpg. I feel that I bought a junk truck.

12th Oct 2003, 23:59

I bought a used 98 Dodge Durango six months ago. I am not very pleased with this vehicle. My engine roars every time I take off from a stop position, when my A/C is running. Is this normal? MY mechanic said it was. The roar gives me very poor gas mileage, around 11 miles to the gallon. Anybody else have this problem?

1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2 V8 from North America


Good looking, but unreliable


The oil pressure sending unit was replaced at 40,200 and again at approximately 70,000 miles.

The oil pump was replaced at approximately 70,000 miles.

A rear air conditioner valve was replaced at approximately 50,000 miles.

The transmission case seal was replaced at approximately 65,000 miles.

The engine computer had to be reset at approximately 62,000 miles.

General Comments:

I truly enjoyed the style and significant room of this SUV as well as the performance of the powerful V8 engine, but it is simply unreliable. After several trips to the dealer for repairs in only 22 months of owning the vehicle, I traded it in on a more reliable Chevy. Most of the repairs were related to the oil system.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2003

1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2 from North America


Unless you like replacing engines while paying the note, the Durango is not for you


Rear Power Window motor failed.

Transmission slips.

Premature Front disc brake wear.

Total Engine Failure at 70000 miles.

General Comments:

Sluggish performance is an unexpected let-down from a vehicle of this caliber, packing a Magnum V8.

The Durango gets low MPG.

If you have plenty of daily tasks to attend to, this vehicle is NOT for you.

The Durango is also very hard on it's front disc brakes. Take a look at a Durango that hasn't been washed in over a week and you will notice an abundance of brake dust on the front wheels.

You may also read or hear about rear power windows failing. This has also happened to my vehicle.

The biggest and the most aggravating problem with the Durango is its premature and out-of-the-blue engine failure. My SUV was maintained at the suggested schedule intervals and has never towed anything. The last time the oil was changed before the engine blew, the mechanic commented on the color and sludge in the oil. I absolutely could not believe that this was true, because I myself changed the oil and filter about thirty days prior to him changing it again. Thirty days after his oil change, the engine blew a rod causing a gaping hole that I could fit my arm through in the bottom of the oil pan. This happened at the Southern tip of the NJ Turnpike when my wife and daughter were driving alone to Delaware. I paid to have the engine replaced and was told by the mechanic that the Durango is well known for this. In fact, he knew exactly how many miles were on the vehicle before he even looked at the odometer.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2003

7th Jan 2005, 23:49

Okay, so your mechanic said hey you've got discolored oil and sludge, so you drove it for another month, it blew and now you're crying.

And on the brake subject; mid size SUV + big V8 = brake wear and front end problems.

25th Sep 2006, 17:41

Well I have a 1999 SLT Durango that I bought from a well known South Jersey dealer. It had 41000 miles on it in 2004 when we got it. It now has 63400 and the motor is blown. I have a warranty that I got for piece of mind. Well sludge is the enemy; warranty company will not pay because of sludge. I sure am glad I paid $2,100 for my useless warranty.

23rd Apr 2010, 14:54

I have 276000 on my 2003 company owned Durango. One of the salesman went too long on oil changes prior to myself, and sludge was apparent. I am at Jiffy Lube monthly, and I did the following immediately. We had a engine flush and 2 oil changes and 2 filters done on that singular visit. Not everyone would do that, but note my mileage I have achieved; my service records since new show same engine.

I agree on brake wear, and I have 02 sensors that pop up, but other than that this is a great SUV.

I am number 2 high mileage vehicle at my local Jiffy Lube behind a older Maxima that also appears monthly. It costs me around 65-70 dollars every 1-2 days on fuel fill ups in my sales territory I cover.