1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 from North America


Not worth the money


After leaving the lot of the used car dealership the head gasket blew at only a mere 50,000 miles. However, I was smart enough to buy an extended warranty.

The power windows and locks fail repeatedly. The back windows usually go first.

There is this horrible noise coming from the rear of the vehicle--no one knows exactly what it is. Mostly because I am the only one who hears it. I am sure when the extended warranty runs out more auto technicians will hear it too.

Fuses, fuses and fuses. I have replaced all the fused in the vehicle a couple of times over.

Brakes were replaced and the rotors too. Weird how fast they went bad since I had them expected two months earlier.

The brakes are always going out on this vehicle. When the brakes get wet from the rain or just being washed they squeal and jerk uncontrollably and cannot seem to be fixed.

There is this constant "springing" noise coming from the steering wheel and console. Again, no one hears this, but me.

Overall this is the noisiest car that I have ever owned and the suspension is not all that great.

General Comments:

This vehicle is great to look at because I have poured a ton of money into it. The exterior/interior is flawless, but at a very big price tag.

I do enjoy the power that this vehicle provides on the California highways.

The turning radius is great for a SUV and it makes it easier to park in small parking spaces.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2 from North America


A competent car in every respect except for reliability


3 alternators have gone out.

Tires only last about 20,000 miles.

The a/c quits after about 2 hours. It's done this since it was new, and the dealer still hasn't fixed it.

The cruise control goes out about every 6 months faithfully.

One boot had to be replaced.

We had to have new shocks.

The power window motors fail on a regular basis.

The engine has made a clunking sound since it was new, and the dealer has found nothing wrong.

The brakes went out at 50,000 miles.

The entire hood and front grille had to be repainted because they started peeling off.

The interior molding has worn horribly.

General Comments:

This is a very impressive car in the test drive. It accelerates well, handles decently, and is very comfortable. I have had quite a few friends ignore me when I warn them of the reliability issues associated with Durangos, and they have all lived to regret it. Though competent, the Durango is not a wise purchase due to its' reliability problems.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2003

9th Feb 2004, 05:48

Hi Steven.

I bought my 98 Durango 2 years ago and it always made the clunking sound too! Its the oil pump screen and it's probably clogged mine was! Another 1000 miles and I would have to replace the whole engine. Since the Durango hit 100k I have replace the water pump, oil pump, transmission lines, and ball joints, arms, boots and seals, now the differential housing and all the gears in the 4wd. I have only used the 4wd about 5 times and only once off the road. I hope this helps you.

21st Sep 2004, 12:13

I have purchased a used 1998 SLT Plus Durango with 93,000 miles on it that was meticulously maintained, but of course, there will be wear and tear. I had it inspected by a licensed mechanic before purchasing it and any problems were fixed.

I have already replaced my front brakes and rotors after only 10,000 miles (after heeding warnings from my husband to go easy on the brakes as they will probably wear fast and I do mainly city driving). This seems way to premature, since my brakes were checked 10,000 miles ago upon purchase.

I'm concerned about the clunking sound when I turn the engine off. Is this what you refer to when you mention clunking sounds from the engine? Can you please clarify as to when you hear the clunking? I cannot afford an engine replacement, and had ignored the sound as harmless until now. E-mail is momtowne@hotmail.com for any constructive input. Thanks.