1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 from North America


It's a money pit


The modern day Edsel...

At 500 miles, ABS brake failure. Dealer could not find anything wrong.

At 1200 miles window solenoids on two rear windows failed, took four months to fix because of backorder parts. Failed again at 41000 miles, dealer would not cover under warranty.

At 3000 miles, the engine is still hard to start. Dealer says nothing is wrong. Fuel pump replaced (out of warranty) at 38000 miles and vehicle starts right up.

Oil pump failure at 4500 miles. Caused by leaking intake manifold gaskets. Dealer refused to fix under warranty due to neglect (I had not had the dealer change my oil despite the receipts from Jiffy lube).

4500 miles leaking intake manifold gaskets had to be replaced, again at 23000 miles.

12000 miles had to replace front calipers (not covered under warranty) because of piston caliper failure. This was due to the rear brakes that never worked (ABS). Fixed at the local Goodyear shop.

18000 miles transmission begins to leak and slip.

22000 Chrysler finally recalls the radiator fan which sounds like a jet airplane.

37000 miles rust shows on window trim and starts to eat into the body. Not covered under warranty.

42000 miles, first transmission failure resulting in rebuild, not covered under warranty.

45000 miles Second brake failure results in $8000 worth of damage to the Durango. Body shop does a great job of repairing the Durango, but the fan roar is back.

51000 miles, Wheel speed sensor failure. The repair on that fixed the ABS problem!

62000 miles, brake caliper failure.

69000 miles, second transmission rebuild after getting stuck in one gear. No more dealer repairs after this point.

71000 miles, window solenoids in both rear windows stopped working again.

72000 miles, Second fuel pump fails.

82000 miles. Transmission failure.

General Comments:

Second Chrysler product I have owned. Both were absolute crap. Stay away from these vehicles.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2003

18th Aug 2004, 23:48

I own a 1998 durango slt 4x4 with the 5.9. I currently have 136,104 miles. the only thing on the engine that has been replaced is the filters, belts, and fluids. On the transmission, the fluid and the speed sensor. Had to replace the speed sensor in the rear end, but that's my fault; was foot-braking it and got some wheel-hop and that messed it up. I just replaced the original shocks, all four original ball joints for the hell of it. Replaced the original calipers 200 miles ago only because I was upgrading the rotors and pads and decided to replace them while I had it apart. I do need new clutches in the rear end, but that's due to my stupidity.

1998 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9 from North America


Not worth the money


After leaving the lot of the used car dealership the head gasket blew at only a mere 50,000 miles. However, I was smart enough to buy an extended warranty.

The power windows and locks fail repeatedly. The back windows usually go first.

There is this horrible noise coming from the rear of the vehicle--no one knows exactly what it is. Mostly because I am the only one who hears it. I am sure when the extended warranty runs out more auto technicians will hear it too.

Fuses, fuses and fuses. I have replaced all the fused in the vehicle a couple of times over.

Brakes were replaced and the rotors too. Weird how fast they went bad since I had them expected two months earlier.

The brakes are always going out on this vehicle. When the brakes get wet from the rain or just being washed they squeal and jerk uncontrollably and cannot seem to be fixed.

There is this constant "springing" noise coming from the steering wheel and console. Again, no one hears this, but me.

Overall this is the noisiest car that I have ever owned and the suspension is not all that great.

General Comments:

This vehicle is great to look at because I have poured a ton of money into it. The exterior/interior is flawless, but at a very big price tag.

I do enjoy the power that this vehicle provides on the California highways.

The turning radius is great for a SUV and it makes it easier to park in small parking spaces.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003