3rd Feb 2016, 20:40

Original Reviewer.

To clarify the above comment. The water pump was replaced. It was leaking coolant.

4th Feb 2016, 17:06

Original Reviewer

The front shocks that I installed in the summer "Monroe Reflex" make a loud noise when over stretched when the temperature is below zero Celsius. The noise goes away when they warm up. I also bought the same set "Monroe Reflex' for the rear, but did not install them yet, as I thought the rear OEM are still are OK. Rear OEM make no noise in winter. I am not sure what to do now with the new ones that I have not installed.

11th Jul 2016, 17:14

Original Reviewer:

Air conditioning was weak last summer, and this summer blowing hot air. Took it to a mechanic and refilled end of May, worked perfectly for one month, then started to fade and hot air. Turns out to be a simple issue, the high pressure valve is leaking slowly, and needed replacement.

Otherwise, the truck still running with no issues.

12th Aug 2016, 19:32

Original Reviewer:

On Aug 6, 2016:

Transmission panel gasket started to leak (my fault as I earlier tried to open it unsuccessful a year ago), had it replaced along with the filter, spin on filter at mechanic. Labor cost $80.

Had mechanic replace my rear shocks that I bought last year (Monroe Reflex).

Was hard to reach the rear left top screw due to spare tire. Mechanic used a special ratchet tool to reach it. Labor cost $40.

Truck still drives great. I noticed it burns a bit of oil when using 5w20, half a liter/quart for every 5000km, might switch it to 5w30 next oil change to see if it helps.

16th Aug 2016, 19:20

Original Reviewer:

I had the driver airbag recalled early this year, and have now received a new recall for the passenger airbag.

2nd Feb 2017, 22:07

Original Reviewer:

Truck still running strong at 225,000 km. The only issue is RUST. The side panel under the passenger door has developed a rust hole. Not sure what to do about it. Should I fix it or just spray anti-rust and tape it using same color (black) duct-tape?

14th Feb 2017, 20:04

Original Reviewer:

Regarding the body rust:

When the weather improves, I will get car body filler, sand the rust out, and fill it up. Should be easy work. Hope this will stop the rust. YouTube is great at do-it-yourself.

29th Jun 2017, 18:36

Original Reviewer:

Now the truck is at 230,000KM, and mechanically the truck is good. A/C serviced, high pressure valve was replaced as it started to leak. A/C is still running strong. Mechanically the car is in great condition. I am seeing one electrical issue. When I start the car, the front wipers automatically rotate once; I'm ignoring it for now as it seems harmless.

I keep spraying it to slow down the rust on panels. The car is black, and I use black anti-rust spray, so it does not look bad, unless you come close.

5th Sep 2017, 19:54

Original Reviewer:

I had an accident on the highway, and the Durango will probably get totaled since it is 9 years old. It was night, and the highway was speed limit moving.

Some youth kid (was told they had mental issues) opened a passenger car door and jumped out creating a 3 car collision. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, and the kid seemed to only suffer minor knee and hand bleeding.

First car, a 2015 Honda Accord, suddenly stopped in the live lane.

Second car, a 2015 Corolla, suddenly stopped in the live lane, no hazard, no brake light.

The car in front of me did an evasive maneuver, and avoided collision. I was left with a sudden stop, did not have enough distance.

Ontario laws are silly and I might be partially or fully at fault, even though fault was from the first car that did not retain the young man.

The Accord had trunk damage, and the rear glass gone. No airbags deployed.

The Corolla was badly damaged from the back, and some from the front. All glass panels shattered, and the rear looked bad where the rear roof collapsed. No air bags deployed. Wonder why? Glad no one was sitting in the rear seat.

I had hood damage, bumper, left light and left panel damage. Also got a flat tire. If I changed the tire, would have been able to drive it, but firefighters disabled the battery in fear of fire from the Corolla.

After seeing the damage the Corolla had, now thinking to sell my compact car to a mid-sized or full sized sedan.