29th Jun 2001, 14:36

I too have had a blown engine on my 99 Durango. Religiously changed oil and filter. Engine failure happened at 60,200 miles. This is a lease vehicle. I have now spent $6,000 for a new engine that Dodge refuses to recognize as a product failure and states customer neglect. Dealer service cannot even tell me why the engine failed. Only comment is that oil was a sludge consistency. I will never buy/lease another Dodge product and would only consider an import SUV.

12th Oct 2001, 21:00

My 99 Durango also has these sludge problems. At 50,000 miles, with oil changed regularly, the oil pressure gauge dropped to zero and the car stalled. The dealership told me it is my own fault because I did not maintain the vehicle. Who do they think they are to accuse me like that? The engine block is full of sludge. These engines are lemons. They refuse to correct the problem under the warranty. If you are having the same problems I would love to hear from you. We need to get together on this. Email me at


22nd Nov 2001, 15:55

My 1999 Durango, 2 years old and 55,000KMs, needs a NEW engine! I had taken it to the dealers 4 months ago complaining that the check your engine gauge light was coming on and that I was losing oil (2 litres/3weeks), also the oil pressure gauge would dump to 0 then equalise again. They said nothing was wrong with it, and they let me drive it! I took it in 4 times since then for the SAME problem as the check your engine light came on more frequently! On every occasion they said nothing was wrong with it! Finally, because the gauge's light sound was SO irritating, I told them I will not take it back until you fix this, change the sensor, do SOMETHING! They ordered the part to change the sensor, and then they told me 2 days ago (NOV) that I need a NEW ENGINE!!!

19th Jan 2002, 10:07

I too have had my engine blow on the Durango, and they say that I am liable for not maintaining the vehicle. This is absolutely false. The oil pressure sending unit was replaced by the dealer, then a month later, without warning the pressure dropped to zero at highway speeds and the engine blew. Is there a class action lawsuit or anything like that anyone knows of?


Matthew Porett.

26th Jan 2002, 14:26

January 2002, drove the family for a ski weekend. Oil gauge would erratically move indicating change in oil pressure. With 28K miles, engine seized on way home. Dealer alleges excessive sludge and will not repair under warrantee. I am frantically trying to determine my options with 8 months left on a 39 month lease.

31st Jan 2002, 08:34

Loved this vehicle up until recently. It drove and rode well. The problems we had only seemed to be minor ones like replacing the motor in the rear window and replacing the speed sensor in it, both were covered under the warranty.

Three weeks ago my daughter was driving it to church and it started making a whining noise like it wasn't changing gears. When I manually shifted the gears in it, the check gauges light came on and the oil gauge dropped to 0. I had a friend check the oil in it before attempting to drive it back home. He said it was fine, but the engine blew in it on the way home at only 42,000 miles, only 6,000 miles over the warranty. Chrysler claims no responsibility. They say I didn't have it serviced properly. NO WAY! All we want to do is terminate the lease but Chrysler won't do that either without damaging our credit. I will never buy another Dodge.

16th May 2002, 18:16

1999 Dodge Durango, with 30K miles engine came apart. I mean pieces actually came through the oil pan. During this time 'check engine' light came on repeatedly, dealer said maybe it was the sensor, etc etc. Oil was changed at least four times since new, dealer said it is a sludge problem not covered under warranty. Have heard this story too many times from other owners. Anyone who buys one of these cars is crazy, there is something wrong with the engine (5.2L) and dodge is sticking it to the owners.

12th Jun 2002, 11:41

May 27, 2001

My son's 2000 V8 engine 4.7 left his family sitting along the road without any warning. He too, changed his oil and filter and had just done it. The cost for used motor is $4,000.00. Chrysler Corp will not stand by because they claim there was sludge in the oil. It really is outrageous that Chrysler will not abide the warranty and place the blame on the consumer. Let's all fight this. L.F.

25th Jun 2002, 16:18

I have experienced a similar problem with my 1999 Dodge Durango. The engine blew 300 miles from home with only 56,000 miles. The mechanic in the small Colorado town where we were towed, said he has replaced 6 of these engines in the past 6 months -- one for a mechanic who changed the oil every two thousand miles. I am waiting for the warranty company to decide whether to pay. Has anyone had any luck getting the warranty to pay?


9th Aug 2002, 23:24

2000 Dodge Durango - Purchased new Feb 2001. Less than two weeks ago (July 30, 2002) without any previous warning, check gauges came on, starting tapping/knocking, lots of smoke, engine died. I had the truck towed to the dealer. I have an extended warranty; didn't think there would be a problem. Today August 9th, my warranty claim was denied. REASON: Oil sludge build-up due to lack of maintenance. I have over 100+ complaints of the similar problem, if not exact. I have contacted an attorney. Be sure to report your situation to www.nhtsa.gov

24th Aug 2002, 19:29

Due to the information that I have just looked over, my wife and I will not be buying a Dodge Durango, Thank you for posting this on the internet so that others can see and learn of these outrageous problems with Durango. Thanks and best of luck./.

4th Oct 2002, 18:38

My 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport also needs a new engine do to oil sludge. Even with semi-regular service they won't do anything. The truck only has 56,000 miles.

15th Oct 2002, 13:21

My 98 Durango has 82,000 miles and the engine lost oil pressure about two weeks ago. I stopped immediately and had it towed to the nearest Dodge dealer. Their almost immediate recommendation was to replace the engine because it 'probably' had a spun bearing. Not being mechanically inclined I told them to go ahead. They called me yesterday to come down with a camera and take some pictures of the incredible amount of sludge in the engine. They felt like I might be able to get the "other major brand" dealer that I bought it from to pay for the engine. Of course I bought it used, six months ago "as is/no warranty". After reading these postings I am beginning to wonder if the Dodge mechanics were too quick to point the finger. Oh well, I am a big boy and accepted the no-warranty risk of buying a used vehicle... On the other hand, if there is a class action lawsuit, please count me in.

4th Nov 2002, 18:45

The same thing has just happened to my 98 durango with 46,000 miles. I can't believe how many people this is happening to and that something more can't be done.