9th Nov 2002, 01:56

1998 Durango. Wife called me at work today and said the check engine light came on and the oil pressure gauge dropped to zero. She shut it off and left it where it was and got a ride home. I will be towing it to a garage tomorrow for an engine flush and replacement of oil sending and pump, if needed. I hope the light came on before the damage was done!!! I can't afford a new engine! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

19th Nov 2002, 15:43

My 1998 Dodge Durango has followed the same path as everyone else. My check gauge started dropping while riding down interstate 81 in 2000 less than 18 months from buying the vehicle. I tried pulling over, but by that time my engine was blown. I had just had my oil changed the same week. I had to fight Chrysler because I was over my warranty. I had about 60,000 miles on the vehicle. Chrysler payed for the engine, but I had to pay for labor. About a year from today Oct 2001, I started having the same problem on my new engine. It has been to a number of dealerships and no one has been able to fix my problem (temperature gage dropping). I've spent thousands of dollars in maintenance this year alone my engine has blown again. I'm will and trying to do anything it takes to find Chrysler accountable for the problems. It's amazing how many customers are paying over 30,000 dollars and are being treated this badly. I will never buy another dodge/Chrysler again.


21st Jan 2003, 18:15

2000 Durango purchased in 1999. You know the story. About 52k miles. oil gauge dropped to 0 a mile from home. I know quite a bit about engines so I continued home. I contacted the dealer, went right in for diagnosis and was told that I would need a new engine or at least oil pump because of--you guessed it--sludge build up. And, you guessed it again--it's all my fault! Daimler-Chrysler assumes no responsibility for this. The extended warranty company has agreed to pay for the oil pump, but not the engine replacement until it blows. Lee Iaacoca did a lot to put Dodge back on the map. Daimler is doing it's best to bankrupt it! Don't ever buy any Daimler-Chrysler products!!!

18th Mar 2003, 13:38

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT (5.2L) with just over 60,000 miles with absolutely no problems. The only maintenance I had done was the transmission/transfer case fluid changed and both differentials at 40,000 miles (the manual says 37,000) and new spark plugs at 50,000 miles. I do use 100% synthetic oil and change it every 5,000 miles and the filter. We love this vehicle! The room is excellent, for our 4 member family and we can haul 3 other adults. I have had no problems with any component on this vehicle.

27th Mar 2003, 12:15

Dodge Durango 00, same problem oil sludge/engine failure... Dodge Dealer don't accept responsibilities, nor the extended warranty agency. They say "Engine speaks", they didn't look at the maintenance record I supplied... Where, who can help us to create a class action case?

Kelly Gutierrez Del Arroyo from PR 787 608-3258.

2nd Apr 2003, 17:34

Another victim to oil sludge. At 48K miles, I had to replace the engine on my 2001, 4.7L, Dakota and like other Dodge owners, I have had to pay for the engine because Daimler-Chrysler says oil sludge is due lack of routine service. I have filed a complaint with NHTSA and urge others to do so too. I'm also looking to file a class action lawsuit with others.


13th Jun 2003, 18:44

I also have a Dodge Durango that fell victim to sludge. At 29,000 miles my engine blew after having an engine flush treatment done at Jiffy Lube. Both the dealership and Jiffy Lube claim it is my fault as evidenced by sludge build up in the engine. HELP!!! HazelipK2003@yahoo.com.

26th Jun 2003, 10:18

I have a 98 Durango with 80,000 miles on it. The oil pressure dropped to zero then went back to normal. Every time I would start it up it would just drop and go back up. I pulled over and had it towed to the garage. They replaced the sending unit. Three weeks later it did it again. It would drop for a second then go back to normal. I pulled over and checked the oil, it was fine. I got back in and started it up. It was fine all the way home. I took it back to the shop and they thought it may have something blocking the oil pick up tube. They just called and said it was clean as a whistle. They will now replace the oil pump. I hope this does it.


4th Jul 2003, 13:49

1999 Durango SLT

Also have had many oil pressure and sludge build up problems. Have gotten a few different opinions and not sure what to do. Don't have money to blow. Oil pressure gauge seems to be accurate, but the oil is going somewhere. Tiny leaks, but not enough to make up for what is disappearing. I got the "use better gas" advice once too. Shall we be adding something to the fuel so the engine operates like normal? I don't think we should have to. My engine now has over 70,000 miles and I have experienced a lot of the same problems as everyone else. My engine has not blown yet thank goodness, and have not lost oil pressure for more than a second. Usually going around a corner or something when it's a quart low is when it drops, but always goes back up. I have to add oil often. I would like to be part of this fight for our rights too if there is some sort of group of people together on this. I just had the time to look it up today. I used to be married to a motorhead so kind of knew what was going on with the engine, just not ready to pay for a new engine that shouldn't be having problems.

Has anyone been replaced injectors due to someone's advice?


5th Feb 2004, 03:47

I just read all these posts and I'm shocked because I bought a 2000 Durango 5.9L and a 2001 Dakota 4.7L on the same day Jan. 10, 2004. Both vehicles have high mileage and are in excellent overall condition. Both bought "AS IS" from used car dealer. My wife drives the Durango and it has been fine. Normal oil pressure all the time and clean oil. But, the Dakota lost oil pressure on the first day I had it! It dropped to zero and stayed there. I pulled over and checked the oil and it was full and fairly clean. Just the way it was before I bought it. I let the truck sit where it was overnight. The next day I went down and started it up... the oil pressure came up slowly to normal and the engine was quite so I continued to drive it for a day watching the gauge all the time. A few days later the oil pressure got very low at idle, but never zero. I have run a potent engine flush thru and changed oil & filter twice since then. Oil drains freely and is clean looking. I have been able to free a sticky valve with these flushings. Engine runs strong and is quite, but the oil pressure is always a bit low. I do not have a good feeling about these Dodges right now, premature upper ball joint failure is another huge problem. And no replacement upper ball joints are available from any source.

One tell-tale sign of a badly sludged up engine is when you add the proper amount of oil, say 5 quarts with filter, the oil is over full. Also, with the drain plug removed insert a medium length screwdriver a wipe the bottom of the oil pan and pull it out. Any muddy build-up of goo or foul smell is bad news.