5th Jan 2005, 21:34

I posted a previous comment about oil sludge and I wanted to give an update. A few months after I posted this comment, I found a dealer who would take my trade for full pay-off value (thank God) and I purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Many dealers have the pay off deals running all the time, so check that out.

Now, as for the oil sludge problem. The mechanic who told me I needed a new engine (Jack O'Diamonds, Longview TX- avoid at all costs) since left that dealership and I saw him at another place. He told me that most 5.7 liter Magnum engines had the same problem, but Chrysler wouldn't acknowledge it was their compression. They were advised at the dealership to just tell everyone it was from a lack of oil changes so they would not be liable for a 5 thousand dollar engine.

This is a complete rip off. With the amount of complaints on this specific issue, everyone should get together and file a class action against Chrysler.

6th Nov 2005, 04:17

I also have the same problem with a 1999 dodge 5.7 engine. tried engine flush, but the oil pressure still goes back to zero after the first 15kms, i grew up around dodge v8 engines I always considered the engines to be some of the strongest ever built. after reading all your comments I realize I am not alone. a recall is long overdue. my next purchase will be my way of fighting back, with a made in japan brand.

14th Apr 2006, 15:51

I would be glad to buy a base model Durango, because I need and use a 4x4, but the constant reports of engine sludge turned me off, and made me look at Wranglers. How could Dodge mess up their small block, which was their backbone for decades? Can this sludged out 360 possibly be the same 360 that they have made since 1972? Surely the smaller V-8 cannot be the venerable 318 that has been a dependable workhorse since 1968...? How do you screw up a track record like that?!

31st Dec 2008, 16:59

OH WOW! I can't believe the stories I am hearing!!

I purchased my 05 Dodge Durango 4.7 Liter truck in Ontario. At about 69,000 miles I noticed my oil pressure light would come on every once in a while.. I ALWAYS changed my oil when it was needed (every 3000-4500 miles).

Now at 74,000 miles I was coming from Flagstaff AZ playing in the snow with the kids and all of a sudden my truck starts making a annoying knocking noise (LOUD). I was traveling on the freeway and the the freakin truck shuts down!! I towed it to a auto repair place and they tell me my engine is blown!! Oh that was my worst nightmare..

So I call Dodge/Chrysler and they tell me that my warranty has expired after 70,000 miles.. So I ask the auto repair place how much it will cost me to get it running again and they tell me $5000-$6000. I almost took a crap in my pants!

So after researching about this problem, I find sites like these with people having the same problems.. I'm not going to even attempt to go to the dealer for help.

So I am currently having the auto repair place install a used engine that will cost me about $3000... After I get the piece of crap running again, I'm going to trade it in for another vehicle.. NO MORE DODGE FOR ME!! I don't want to worry about going through that again..

If anyone out there knows about any recalls for this.. please let me know. dancellabz@gmail.com

12th Jan 2009, 23:51

I have a 99 Dodge Dakota 5.9 engine. No oil pressure, replaced oil pump and pan gasket still no oil pressure. Light lifter noise. Any suggestions?

8th Aug 2010, 19:59

My Dodge Durango just took a crap on me AGAIN. I have been taking it for repairs now every other month; this or that breaks. I have spend hundreds of dollars.

Now the check engine went on and the oil pressure dropped to 0 and it shut down. It had to be towed. I am soooo mad right now. This car is a piece of crap. According to the tow driver, he said it's the engine block. I don't understand; when I first bought the car, I had to get a new engine in it, and now the same thing happened. This will be the second engine to be put into this truck. The first one was covered under the warranty, but we had to fight them because they claimed I didn't do the oil changes. Thank god it was a company vehicle and I saved all the receipts; I showed proof and they had to honor the warranty. I have my oil change receipts saved since then; always kept them.

I hate this truck, and I let everyone I know not to buy one, and do you know that the stupid people go and buy one anyway. What idiots. They deserve what they get, and they are getting it already.

I put it on Facebook and post it everywhere I can.

We should all boycott these freaks for selling such a junk car.


3rd Nov 2010, 17:24

I just bought a 99 Durango with a bad engine. I found a 2001 Dakota with the same engine (4.7) in very good condition. I installed it in my 99 Durango, but the engine do not start. I wonder if the CDM is different? Is there somebody out there that can help on this, are they compatible?

8th Nov 2010, 19:22

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango with over 213733 miles on it. I have never had a problem with this truck. I love these trucks. I hope I never have a problem with it.

Now my oil pressure does drop too, but that's only when I'm low on oil. These motors do have a problem with burning oil. Everyone knows that I hope. So try getting a can of oil thickener with stop smoke in it. I had a 95 Voyager and used it every oil change and never had a problem with it. In fact my floor rotted out and that's why I got the Durango. I am thinking about buying another one at that.