25th Apr 2007, 06:36

I am the owner of a 1999 5.9 Durango and am experiencing stallings. It is at a local garage and his guess that it is the computer. He wants to buy it for $1500 and I am almost considering it after reading all these posts. Previous issues included a new tranny at 65k, new water pump at 80k. I am sad.

8th May 2007, 20:36

I would have the mechanic check for vacum in lower crank case. The lower part of the intake has a gasket that ruptures and causes vacum leakage and will drive the computer crazy. Very common problem. I have replaced at least 10 of these in the past 3 years. Another area that should be checked is fuel pump pressure... hope this helps. Just purchased a 99 durango last weekend..


15th Jun 2007, 10:24

We have a 1999 Durango. We bought it used 3 years ago and love it! Until it started stalling and the check engine light comes on at random.

We have replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap, plug wires, starter, alternator, at suggestions made by mechanics and family members that have had similar problems. Each time after we replace one of these the light will be off for several days. We have taken it to several different mechanics and had diagnostics run. A few of them had an idea, but some of them were clueless.

This is getting really expensive and we would like to get rid of it. This vehicle is used to haul my kids around and it is scary!

I am astounded to see how many of us Durango owners are having the same problem and Dodge does not want to do anything about it!

Can anyone give us any solutions or help!


20th Jun 2007, 21:02

I'm the original owner of a 99 Durango SLT 4x4 5.9L, with 75K miles. Had the tranny replaced at 55K miles, A/C blower quit working about 65K miles, radiator replaced at 70K, and now I've been having the 'No bus' stalling problem for the last 2 months. The garage said it was some kind of starter motor valve, and replaced it for $200+. Two days later still had the stalling problem with 'No bus', would start after sitting for 10-15 minutes. Some times wiggling the wires to the computer works, some times not. How bad does it have to get before Dodge owns up to the problem???

21st Jun 2007, 22:48

I also have a 1999 SLT, 150K on the ODO and it started the stalling thing today... in the drive through at a fast food place it just shut itself off and displayed the "No bus" message in the mileage, gas/oil/etc. dropped to zero. Luckily there was a shop next door and I was able to get a push, or so I thought. The only codes they got out of the diagnostic were in regard to the anti-theft system. About 30 minutes later it magically started again, thanks for the $200 sir your car is running fine now.

Fast forward 2 hours. I'm on the freeway with my infant son in the back and wammo no more power steering or brakes or anything while I'm doing 65 MPH...after reading this thread I fear for my life now.

22nd Jun 2007, 13:13

If you fear for your life trade it in on a Tahoe, they're more reliable!

25th Jun 2007, 19:08

I have a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9 with the same issue. I have been dealing with this issue now for 13 months, and spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting the problem. It has stalled numerous times while in rush hour traffic, and coasting over a few lanes in bumper to bumper traffic before losing all momentum, is no easy or safe chore. I cannot let my wife drive this vehicle, because that is a serious safety issue!

No Bus on the dash, no gauges, and no fire from the coil.

Here's the deal. The computer won't scan for codes, because the problem is in the computer's link to the vehicle. If you can't link to the computer, you can't get a computer code to return. I have a computer scanner, and have been that route many times.

After trying a coil the first time it happened, I quickly found out the problem was more than that. For the first many months, I was able to restart the vehicle by wiggling or pressing in on the rear (black) wiring harness into the ECM on the right fender. When it re-establishes connection, I hear the auto-shutdown relay kick in on the other fender, and then of course the gauges all come back on because they are waiting on the computer link.

I replaced that plug to the tune of $50 from Dodge, and it didn't even come with enough wires. The ones it did come with were not color coded, and not installed. Very irritating to pay $50 for a $2 item that is not complete or assembled!

Anyway, the problem came back after a week or so. I believe I have finally nailed it down... the ECM is overheating. There seems to be a poorly designed connection in the ECM that is subject to disconnect when it gets hot. On hot days, the way to get it running again is to put a couple of ice cubes on the side of the ECM, and in a few seconds it will reset instead of waiting 5-20 minutes. On cold days, the problem won't occur nearly as often.

Dodge wants 3 times the asking price for the computer. JCWhitney has it for $279 range, and autocomputerexchange.com advertises it for around the same.

Perhaps a class action lawsuit may be required to get Dodge to accept responsibility for this serious safety issue! Let's call it what it really is -- a defect in design.



6th Jul 2007, 14:27


I posted early in the year about the same happening as the rest have been posting. NOBUS, not brakes, no steering.. stalls when driving etc!! I had the computer replaced finally after being told it was the battery.. then the cables... then the crank shaft sensor...BLAH! Finally had to suck it up and pay Dodge well over a grand to replace the computer. I took it to a shop and they said only Dodge could do the computer part (PCM) as they had to program it..

Well, I am happy to report I am halfway through summer and have not had the NOBUS stalling happen anymore. I highly recommend that you just replace the computer!! Its worth the cost as I was stranded MANY times waiting for the dang thing to start again!

Also..I did call a lawyer about a class action... they didn't even care... We need a lawyer to have this problem...




9th Jul 2007, 15:54

Hello I'm Karen,

2000 Dodge Durango 4.7 SLT

Had it for 18 months love it.. About 5 months ago replaced the coil packs. And this summer my AC went to find out it is the EVAPORATOR COIL. The part is only 100.00 and the labor is out of this world. I understand the whole dash board needs taking out, but no body wants to do it OR they want a arm and a leg. And today with gas prices well of course it's a gas hog. Avg about 14mpg. Are they all like that so my problem is the AC. THANKS. bluepower9000@verizon.net