11th Jul 2007, 11:18

To the person who has a post on July 10th.

I did all of the above... that you tried...

FINALLY after much research, I found it to be the PCM computer. Many of the posts I've read say if you wiggle the wires it will start again.. no luck for me though.

After replacing the PCM... I have gone MONTHS without a single stall, and while it cost me over 1K, it was well worth just getting it done and not dealing with all the hassle of stalling in the middle of traffic!

Hope this helps!

19th Jul 2007, 18:50

My 99 Durango just started the "fainting spells".

Florida temps near 100 deg.. engine dies and will restart only when cooled off. Usually gets me home if the A /C is off and driven slowly...

Dealer acts like this is something new, but is happy to take cash for the "cannot reproduce problem".

5.9 slt... I wonder if a cooler thermostat would keep the engine compartment a little cooler. I had 90's Chevy's that ate alternators until I was told to put 30 deg lower 'stats in them... no more alternators, will look into computer and lower the temps.

20th Jul 2007, 13:47

I have a '99 Durango SLT 4x4 5.9L with approx. 119,000 miles.

Bought it used in May 2005. Had to replace the tranny in Dec. of that year. Have had to replace both the upper/lower ball joints. Now it is stalling in traffic, NO BUS shows up on display. Been towed twice, fearing to even drive it as I lost all power. My corner mechanic says diagnostically, they could find nothing wrong. Towed it to the Dodge dealership, and they want $1100.00 for ECM replacement, and also say Tranny Kick-down Cable is broken. This runs $300.00 plus. I noticed no problem with shift out on highway. Could this be related to computer problem?

7th Aug 2007, 22:54

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango with the 5.9 Engine. I am having the stalling issue also. Mine started after a mechanic moved around some of the relays in the fuse relay compartment when I had the AC worked on. It has stalled about 15 or 20 times since then. I have not replaced anything except the relays in that compartment since it has been stalling. Obviously they are not the problem. Mine stalls when it gets hot and after a little while it will start up. I will try some of the remedies with the connector that I have read here and let you all know what I find. This is definitely a Safety issue. Dodge has to know what is REALLY wrong!

9th Aug 2007, 12:08

I also have a 1999 5.9 Durango with 135k miles, which has been stalling for the last year and a half. It only seems to be getting worse; the hotter it is, the more it stalls. All of my gauges read zero "No Bus" on the odometer. I have found that playing with the wires going into the computer results in a noise from the fuse box, which indicates it will start temporarily again. It's stalled on my fiance many times in very scary situations.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know, as I'm terrified every time she or I drive it.

Thanks. balladude_03@yahoo.com

10th Aug 2007, 17:36

My 1999 4WD 5.9 L Dodge Durango just started the stalling problem as well. It died on me yesterday and the mechanics assured me it was just the battery. Of course I replaced it but today it died again on the middle of the interstate in rush hour traffic. I was almost struck by several vehicles as I waited for assistance. It would not start up again until after I had it towed back to the shop. The mechanic drove it around the block twice and said it was fine. I told them I cannot be driving it like that and they have to find why it keeps dying. I also have the same error in the mileage odometer; NOBUS or whatever. This has become very dangerous and expensive for two tow ins, not to mention the rental car fees I have to pay. Does anyone know what the problem might be or know of a recall? PLEASE let me know.

Cynth10@msn.com I had planned to keep my truck for along time to come even though it has 149,000 miles on it. And it has been hot here over 100 degrees. It always stalls in the heat. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS THING?

13th Aug 2007, 12:16

1999 Dodge Durango power cutting out with no warning: Poor engineering may be to blame - if you look under the hood, it appears that the computer is NOT on the air intake side of the engine, but on the side with engine hot air exhaust blowing on it, instead. Just ponder the ramifications of this for a minute... Since most complaints involve "quits when hot" and "starts again after cooling" or "riding around with ice bags on computer helps me stay going."

Dodge is IGNORING you. Each individual must write to them. Someone could get KILLED - a young person, an old person, a weaker person than you; someone who is not smart enough to visit a website...

Let's all DO something to help with this problem.

29th Aug 2007, 12:50

My 99 Durango is in the shop at this very moment. Has stalled around 6 times in the last month. Last evening it stalled twice in a parking lot. First time, waited 5 minutes and it started, went 100 yds and stalled again. After 20 minutes and numerous failed attempts, I loosened the gas cap and it started right up and drove home. After reading all these posts maybe just a coincidence. It's been 100 deg. here in California's central valley.

14th Sep 2007, 15:26

Well, let me give a try here from Austin TX. I have a '99 4x4 Durango and absolutely love it. But, just before a road trip to the Rockies this summer I got the "no bus" fault (August 17th). I'd just replaced ball joints and some tranny service. Engine died twice on the trip (thank God not on the Million Dollar Highway or my whole family would be dead). Since then ever increasing frequency. Wiggling the center PCM connector usually seems to fix the problem in a minute or two. I took apart the connector and saw a bit of corrosion on the pin crimps, so I soldered all the crimp connections. That hasn't helped. Just today looked on the web to find an army of similar complaints. The best explanation looks like a defective connection inside the PCM. I will continue to trouble-shoot this, and don't want to buy another PCM. But from the body of data I've seen this looks like the problem. It is a very serious issue and the root cause must be exposed. If I determine it's the PCM I'll post it so, and urge nobody to have a dealership replace it for a ton of money. Looks like you can get it for $300 and it's an easy swap that any housewife with a socket set can do in a jiffy.


21st Sep 2007, 20:43

Hello, I also own a 99 SLT Durango 5.9 4x4 and have the exact same problem with the engine stalling and the no bus thing. Here`s a thought, if the problem is that the PCM is overheating, would be helpful to move it to another location, a cooler one? I know that this will require some job, specially the wiring, but does anyone have an idea if this could work?

Jair from PV