29th Nov 2007, 18:55

I own a 1999 Dodge Durango myself and lately have been experiencing the same problem as most of the people who have posted on here have - stalling. Also, the transmission is making a strange noise when I shift into reverse, sometimes won't shift when I'm driving forward either. I keep the vehicle well serviced; but, now it's one problem after another. Would the PCM (power control module) be bad and causing transmission problems? I heard this could happen. I hope because I'm not wanting to dish out money I don't have, but this vehicle is a pain in the --- there needs to be a recall on this, it's not only frustrating, but dangerous.

20th Jan 2008, 21:35

I just bought a 1999 Dodge Durange and I am have the same problems with it shutting off. I am replacing the PCM. I will update you when the problem is solved. Thanks for all you advice.

23rd Jan 2008, 16:44

I am updating after I replaced my PCM. It's fixed. I love my durango again. My car was dying, spontaneously after it warmed up a little, it seemed to happen more if I was sitting at a lot of stop lights or stuck in traffic. I haven't had any problems since. It only cost me $600 and the dealership didn't have to program it. It took my repair shop about 20 minutes to do it. I bet my husband could have even done it. Thanks for all the comments, it saved my car!

21st Feb 2008, 12:27

I just brought a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.9L. My D is stalling also. So I went to the web to see if anyone has this issue. And WTF I have read so many complaints about this. So I guess I will be replacing the ECM in the D. I guess that's about $350.00 through JCW, but much better than the dealer. Trans and also giving me trouble from 2 to 3rd going up hill. But thanks for the help everybody and If everybody write to dodge and complains and this is truly a defect then this should be fixed at their expense.

D in Va.

21st Mar 2008, 16:13

I reviewed this site and another when trying to diagnose my 1999 Dodge Durango's stalling problem. We too got the "No Bus" reading in the odometer and the check engine light would come on. We also noticed that after anywhere from 30 seconds to 5-7 minutes, the car would restart and the outside temperature gauge would read 99 degrees, then start dropping to the real outside temperature. I took it twice to a local mechanic who at one point had the car for 3 full days and could only get it to stall once. He could not diagnose the problem and always told me there were no codes in the computer. I then took it to the dealer. They claimed there was a code and replaced the IAC (for $409), which did not fix the problem. We took it back to the dealer and told them every symptom. They had the car for a day and could not re-enact the problem nor could they diagnose it. I then took it back to my own mechanic one more time, and they said it could be the crank sensor or the PCM and wanted to replace both for $1,200. Well, that was just too much to spend on the problem.

Much to my surprise, after putting "1999 Dodge Durango stalling No Bus odometer" into Google, this and another comment site came up with all the same problems and the same solution -- the PCM. I ordered the PCM through Auto Computer Exchange in Florida (for $314), replaced the PCM when I received the re-manufactured one and -- totally fixed. No stalling. And a whole lot better than $1200.

A little post script: I went back to the dealer and asked them to refund my $409 that I spent getting an unneeded repair. I explained what I did and that this is obviously a common problem. The guy at the dealer claimed he never heard of this problem and it is not a common problem. I call BS, but how could I prove it. Anyway, all's well that ends well. I am still pursuing the dealer but do not hold out much hope. Thanks to all of you for doing the heavy lifting on this issue.

4th Apr 2008, 17:36

Hello-Yes, another 99 "stalling" Durango owner here. First off thanks for all your comments. I have yet to change, or experiment with my PCM on my 99 Durango but after reading that is what I will do prior to seeing a dealer. I'm preparing to drive from Florida to Arizona this April (hot as hell the whole route) so you can see why I'm worried. I will post any help after I work on it to help add to the solution info. Thanks again...

15th Apr 2008, 20:33

I too have a 99 SLT 5.9 Durango. I had Dodge replace the ECM in July of 06 at 77000 miles (no cost; was told Dodge would cover thru 80000 miles).

Fast forward to April 08; you guessed it, stalling again! Talked with a very helpful person at Dodge Engine Control Units at 1 800 685 1925 and was told idle air control motor should always be replaced with ECM. This is a known problem and old IAC valve with new ECM will take out ECM. Boy it would have been great to have that info 2 year ago!

Unfortunately my dodge is cal emissions; no available remanufactured units, must send mine in. Approx 5 days if overnighted. As mine has the factory security system, it must be reprogrammed at Dodge, and can't be installed out of box. However if no factory security system, an out of box install is no problem. Most re-manufacturers will program the VIN and auto info into new unit for you before shipping. My local Dodge dealership's warehouse has 1 only for 618.00 to 688.00 and install costs. This unit rebuilt thru DECU is 299.00 if using your unit or 395.00 shipped and core returned later. This is also backed with a lifetime warranty! Have only seen the IAC mentioned once in thread just thought I pass this along.

I will update when have the Durango fixed, but I'm sure it's the ECM again. I still love the Durango, just not liking Dodge right now.

17th Apr 2008, 17:13

Same no bus problem. A friend's. I'll work on it this Saturday, day after tomorrow. Has anyone who's replaced the ECM taken apart the old ECM and found the putative broken trace or broken component lead?

10th May 2008, 01:31

This is a follow-up from my April 15 comment. Sent my ECM to Dodge Engine Control Units and just got my rebuilt unit back today May 9th. I had a slight delay and didn't send to DECU until April 25th. I did replace my IAC motor at their advise and was very happy when the new unit started right up! This confirms that if your unit is rebuilt it should retain the security info and not require a flash by Dodge dealer. Drove very well after learning the new IAC motors requirements. I also installed a duct to provide cool air from the grille to both the air box 4" duct and a 2" duct to behind the ECM. This may avoid future overheat and damage to the new ECM. Hope this helps someone else.