9th Jul 2004, 08:23

I have also went through several problems with the belt drive. Our belt shredded at 47000 miles. This is nothing super, the belt is a 50000 mile belt anyway so it was time. We replaced both belts and was fine for about three weeks. Then it started chirping and squealing. I checked the belt for wear, readjusted (you cannot adjust the tension, it is automatic) Tried the soap trick, tried WD40, Belt dressing, etc... All it did was get worse. I thought a bearing was going in my alternator so I took it in for repair. $220.00 later They replaced the tensioner arm and said it was guaranteed. Three weeks later, same problem. I took it back three time for the same noise. In the end, I was told, no joke, to spray WD40 on it when it does it. I paid $220.00 for that bit of info. I changed pulleys myself, took alternator apart. Everything seems fine, I just can't find what's doing it. I have fought with this noise for over a year. Finally I replaced the belt with a newer one. This stopped the noise, but in less than a week the newest belt shredded. I am going to try another brand of belt. I have NO idea what to do. My searches on the Internet have revealed many others with this exact same problem, but no solution. Everything else seems fine, I like it, my wife likes it, but I'm pouring money into a problem that seems to be getting worse. I have inspected all pulleys for nicks that may cause this, but have found nothing. I have spoke with Dodge and there is no recalls for this. I'm at my wits end...

16th Oct 2004, 21:46

I just replaced my 2000 Voyager serpentine belt for the 6th? time-I've lost count. Some have been paid by Chrysler, some by me. The last time they fixed the tensioner and said I wouldn't have any more problems. That was about 1 and 1/2 years ago and I replaced it again today. Three times it has actually shredded and come off leaving me without power and quickly searching for service.

16th Mar 2005, 09:12

I have a 1996 caravan. any complaint is better than the I am sorry. No charge today because it is the brain. DOA.

29th Jun 2005, 15:02

For the Dodge Grand Caravan's serpentine belts...

You need to get the pulleys aligned by the dealer or you will always break your belts... once the alignment is done it's okay (3 belts to find out!!!)

2nd Aug 2005, 22:46

To be honest I love our 2000 Grand Caravan. I've had minor problems, but I try to keep it maintained. The oil changed every 3000 miles, the transmission tuned and fluid changed (that's the big problem with them), and any other problems...I've had the belt tensioner go out, the drivers side vent window motor go out, and the lever for leaning the drivers seat break. I also had the serpentine belt break last summer and wrap itself around the crank pulley, but that was my fault for not checking it more often. The other problem I've had is the tappets in the heads tick... I may be looking at replacing those... the dealer says it's not a big deal, but it's more annoying than anything. I plan on keeping my van till it's ready to go to the boneyard... I wanted to trade it in on a new F150 this last spring, but the wife like the van for the room, and I like it because it's almost free and clear with the bank, and has been one of the more dependable vehicles I've ever owned.

30th Aug 2005, 07:49

I have a 1997 Intrepid that has done the same thing from day 1. I figured it was too much torque for the belt. I ended up just replacing it every year regardless of condition. The serpentine belt should be replaced every year on any vehicle for safety reasons alone. Otherwise take along a spare set of pantyhose.



25th Jan 2006, 15:36

My 2000 Grand Caravan SE belt has not broken, but has made the horrible noise and been replaced twice. I had the belt break on my dad's 1996 Caravan as I was turning into my son's school, talk about being scared!

My 2000 Grand Caravan has this weird thing happen were my brake light comes on (especially when I turn corners) and then fade off. We checked the brake fluid and it was low, so we refilled it and then the same problem happened again a week later. I took it to the Dealership and they said, and I quote "we can't get it to duplicate the problem" just bring it back the next time it does it again. Well less than 2 weeks go by, same problem, same answer.

I also have the problem with the driver side seat recliner. The Dodge dealer ordered a new part for me, but I never took it back to replace it as the Dealership had already upset me beyond all reason.

Otherwise I have had a few minor problems, but for the most part is it the Dodge Dealerships that I am upset with... the provide no customer service and a very sloppy attitude.

For my next vehicle I will most definitely be going back to Honda!

19th Jun 2006, 23:21

My 2001 Dodge Caravan had to have the ignition cylinder replaced at 30,000 miles because the key got stuck and I could not remove it - I had to have it towed.

Then again at 60,000 miles, I had to have the cylinder ignition AND the steering column replaced. I have never heard of a steering column being replaced. Anyone have problems with that?

6th Sep 2006, 12:12

I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. And yes I second that this vehicle is a death trap!!! Every little drop of rain is a nightmare to the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt has come off every time it even starts to drizzle. Never again will I buy a Dodge!! These vehicles are sold with families in mind and they are truly and unsafe piece of crap!

3rd Dec 2006, 21:28

I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. I am planning on driving this thing into the ground, since it's paid for and I am returning to college within the year. I also had the squeaking problem. I took it in, and the mechanic told me that it was the belt and tensioner, which he replaced. It still squeaks. He claims he doesn't hear it. Since I'm not having steering problems or any other problem with the van running, I just turn up the radio!

My new problem is that when it rains, I get water POURING into the passenger side floor from behind the glove compartment. It just does it until it drains out and then the rest of my trip, it's fine. However, the gushing water did blow out the fan motor, so now nothing blows out of my vents, although I can feel that there is heat in them. It's just not coming out at us, and I live in a very cold climate, so I have to take care of it soon. Does anyone know why the water is coming in and what can be done to fix it?