2nd May 2011, 20:13

That happened to us with our Honda Accord. The dealer believed our key was too worn. They made another key for 15.00 and we haven't had another problem with it since.

19th May 2011, 16:16

I forgot to mention the belt on my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan came off twice after the belt was replaced, and once yesterday after the tensioner was put on 6 months ago, and most times cost money.

21st Jun 2011, 13:30

My son owns a 2000 Voyager with 3.3 engine. Same problem has happened to him also, always after it rains. I researched this, and it is a very common problem. I did finally find a solution. Gates makes an aftermarket product that includes a tensioner pulley and idler pulley that is grooved. It also includes a serpentine belt that is also grooved on both sides. The kit number is 38379K. This kit fits the 3.3 engine, not the 3.0. The belt on a 3.3 is longer than the belt for a 3.0 engine. Check out the gates website for the other kit, which they do make for the 3.0. This should provide permanent solution for this problem. I bought the kit on the Internet, as it was unavailable as a stocked item at our local parts stores. Good luck.

1st Jul 2011, 21:52

My son has had the same problem with his 2000 Plymouth Voyager, always after it rains. After 3 belts coming off and ultimately being shredded beyond recognition, I finally came upon a cure. Gates has an aftermarket product that eliminates this problem altogether. It is a kit that includes a grooved tensioner and idler pulley, as well as a belt that is ribbed on both sides. I purchased one through Amazon for under $100. The kit for a 3.3 liter engine is 38379K. A replacement belt for this kit can also be purchased if you feel you need a spare, since a dual ribbed belt is unavailable at many local auto parts stores. That belt part number is DK 060956 and costs under $75 at Auto Parts Warehouse. The kit for a 3.0 liter engine is 38342K and the belt replacement is DK 060791. Cost for both items are similar to above. Hopefully you won't need the extra belt. Good Luck!

12th Nov 2012, 23:43

Hi, I just want to let you know they recalled the belt you were having trouble with. Mine came off every time I went through a small puddle, after replacing it the first time, when my alternator stopped working and snapped the original belt.

Take it to a dealership, and tell them that it has in fact been recalled, and they should fix it. I wish I would have known that they recalled it before I paid for the replacement belt and kit they use. Instead we looked everywhere online and found nothing. Finally my mechanic's (even he couldn't find anything) boss told us it indeed was recalled, and that his sister had hers replaced at the dealership.

Hope this helps you out.

14th Nov 2013, 22:12

I own the 2000 Plus Dodge Caravan, and of course, I have problem with the serpentine belt and both pulleys. Please do not expect a recall, nor any help from the Dodge company. You own the vehicle and you own the problem. In our case - lesson learned - that is our first and last DODGE vehicle. Any overseas vehicle is better and more reliable - according to my mechanic.

So, here you have it, I will be replacing the belt two or three more times until I sell that piece of... next year. Goodbye Dodges - simple and forever!