9th Jan 2006, 11:51

Yes, the Honda and Toyota product are much more expensive. I bought my 2001 Grand Caravan a year ago, with 35,000 miles, for $9000. I forked over another $1,000 for an extended warranty, $50 deductable. I am covered for the term of the loan. So, I feel I purchased a decent van for $10,000. I feel the Dodge is a nice van, just purchase an extended warranty to protect yourself. A 2001 Honda or Toyota would have been thousands more dollars up front, with thousands more miles on the odometer.

10th Oct 2006, 20:15

I have to add a positive spin here. I've owned my 98 Grand Caravan for the past 8 years. We have gone from Mass. to Florida twice and to SC twice along with other family trips. I love my Van!!! Other than normal maintenance (tires, brakes) I haven't spent a dime on repairs and have much more room inside than the SUV's on the Market. We are about to turn 100K this week and look forward to the next 100.

8th Nov 2007, 21:42

I've had my Grand Caravan Sport since 2001 and have very low mileage. I've mostly been happy with the ride, but I've had two instances where the interior lights come on while the car is sitting in my garage closed up. Upon opening the door, I get the ding, ding, ding like you get when you try to leave with the lights on or your seat belt isn't fastened. Closing the door seems to fix the problem for a while.

One other time while I was driving along a country road doing about 50, it sounded like the engine was rushing and when I looked down, I saw that the thing was in 'N' (neutral). I pulled over and stopped and put it back in 'D' (drive). This has never happened again.

Is my car spooked?

4th Sep 2009, 07:01

Your car is a ghost! LOL.

No, it is very common with some of the Chrysler products, all you have to do is go to a dealership and have them reset your computers, and that should solve all your problems.