1995 Dodge Intrepid 3.30 L. from North America


Excellent car, very comfortable and reliable. I love this Intrepid


Left front sway bar link needed to be replaced to pass inspection. No wonder, my car has over 188,000 miles on it.

Left rear sway bar link needed replacement.

PS belt replaced too.

General Comments:

This car has been great, I bought it new and want to keep it forever. Rides smooth, comfortable and no problems.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

1995 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5L 24-valve DOHC from North America


Excellent performance at a wallet-crippling price


This car has been the biggest damn headache in my life since I've discovered driving. I mean, not only have two (2) engines went, but two (2) transmissions have went along with that.

Also, the engine cut-off on the highway, which lead to the ridiculous event of the car sliding down an off-ramp and colliding into a guard-rail, almost tearing off the driver side door (which was replaced by the dealer free-of-charge) and causing extensive damage to the bumper. Mind you, the car almost killed me in the process when it rolled down the hill.

Not to mention, last December, BEFORE the engines and transmissions went, the car overheated badly, leading to a wallet-friendly $800 timing valve and water pump change.

Only recently (May 6th), I had to tow the damn thing from Connecticut when I visited some friends because, AGAIN, it overheated badly. The tow alone cost me $264, so the dealer was nice enough to replace the faulty thermostat on the 2nd engine for free.

Now, when I got the car back, the signals went out... I mean, what the hell is going on here???

The dealer fixed the signals for free, but they went out again later that day, so I took it back up. He fixed them again, I picked it up the next day, and they went out again. I brought it back that day. He returned it 4 days later claiming that he definitely found the problem, which luckily he did because I no longer have to risk being rear-ended switching lanes.

BUT, when I got it back, the parking brake light was illuminated, and after 15 minutes, he couldn't figure out what the problem was and gave me the car, insuring me that it's just an ignorance light. Just for kicks, the light is still on (lol).

It's now May 26th, and the transmission is gone again. That's three (3) transmissions now. So, I'm done with the car now, and I'm trading it in for a Mitsubishi 3000GT SL, which is a much sportier car for someone "my" age.

General Comments:

The car is incredible on the highway.

Some modifications include a brand new air filter and a fram oil filter (if that qualifies)

Beautiful two-tone paint.

Incredibly powerful 3.5L V6 which demands respect from all cars.

5.4 0-60, with the car easily pushing past 100 mph.

Flashy 17" alloy wheels attract a lot of attention.

Most importantly, a sound that literally will make you wet your pants (I mean literally; it's awesome)

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

27th May 2005, 09:24

5.4 0-60 in a stock Intrepid? Are you nuts? You're supposed to time those runs on a flat and straight road, not down the steepest street in the city.

27th May 2005, 10:02

Wow, 0-60 in under 6 sec and all you did was put a Fram filter on it.

The oil filter manufacturer could feature you and your Intrepid in their ads.

If only you weren't such a goober...

1995 Dodge Intrepid 4 door sedan 3.3L from North America


Well I have a lot of trust in it to get me places, but having bad parts and all scares me


My 1995 dodge intrepid has lots of problems, but I still love the car.

The wipers were good when I got it, but now they are really bad, they only grip on the edge of the window.

My alignment has gone 2 times, it was pushed a little to the left now its the same just the opposite.

My front bumper has Canadian foam on it and its made of cheap plastic.

When I'm driving it on the highways sometimes, my gear will float from drive to neutral.

I always have flat tires. All 4 tires have gone flat since I bought it.

Now I had my driver side rotor break on me driving home one night and I have it sitting on the side of the road.

My light for when doors are open always came on a lot, but I got that fixed by putting some foam on the door.

My glove compartment is jammed and I have tried so many thing to open it.

I noticed I have film inside both front headlights disabling my high beams. so I mostly drive with low beams and my fog lights.

My auto starter worked really good when I had it sent in once to get alignment and new tires on, but when I had my battery die once after I got it only panic and lock/unlock buttons work, the starter only works half way then quits.

My transmission has gone out twice and I bet it will go again very soon.

General Comments:

This car is nice very nice and drives good, but I have these parts go a lot and the dealer I bought it from blames me for them going and I heard they are teasing me about it. This car does get me to where I want most of the time, but flats and 1 rotor have caused me from getting home, have had to call home and get a ride.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

20th Dec 2004, 17:08

Well jeez, you bought it with 230,000 miles on the clock. I'd say none of the listed problems are out of the ordinary.

14th Feb 2006, 16:19

How would foam fix your interior lights?