1996 Dodge Intrepid Base 3.3 Liter V6 from North America


A bargain in used cars


The clutch on the A/C compressor burned out.

General Comments:

I love this car. It is fast and seems to be reliable.

It is also very comfortable to take on long trips.

I think people who have had trouble with these cars probably aren't following the required maintenance schedules, or just plain abuse them.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

1996 Dodge Intrepid Base 3.3 from North America


A cheap unreliable large sedan


Headlights - broke when replacing bulbs.

Brakes - front rotors, calipers.

Water pump - at 150,000 km.

A/C - condenser and drier.

Electrical problems and broken light switch

Interior and engine plastic components.

Black paint around doors chipping.


Transmission cooler lines leaked.

Starter - at 160,000 km.

Power steering oil leak.

Emission control problems.

Steering noise when cold.

General Comments:

This car is large, powerful and handles very well.

Seats are uncomfotable and cabin is noisy.

Reliability is very poor; quality of manufacturing is very poor.

Overall - was cheap to buy, enjoyable to drive, required lots of reapirs.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2003

2nd Jul 2003, 18:23

I own the Chrysler version of this car with the same motor and I hope it goes as far as yours has. Anything over 200,000 kilometers is borrowed time and not bad for an old Chrysler/Dodge.

1996 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5L from North America


The vehicles performance is very good, when it is not in the shop for repairs


At 40,000 miles the transmission stuck in second gear. Repair cost for transmission was $650.

At 44,600 miles the thermostat failed. Repair for new thermostat was $179.00.

At 48,000 miles the thermostat failed again. Repair was free as the Mopar part was still under warranty.

At 56,300 miles the check engine light came on. PCV valve and EGR sensors had to be replaced. Repair cost was $580.00.

At 64,000 miles check engine light came on again. Error code was the brand new EGR sensor that was replaced less than 8,000 miles previous. My mechanic checked it out and no problems were found. Cost was $45.00 to connect and check out the computer.

At 64,200 miles failed my emissions inspection. Sensors during emissions test were reading "not ready." My mechanic could not determine why so I took the car to a Dodge dealership. This is a known problem with these cars and the computer has to be re-flashed. This is not a recall, bill was $310.00.

At 66,800 miles the water pump has a leak. New water pump and replacing the timing belt cost $510.00. My mechanic gave me a frequent customer discount. This is no joke.

General Comments:

The ironic thing is this is my second 1996 Dodge Intrepid I have owned in the last 4 years. My first was totaled in a front end accident. My first clue should have been realized when the air bag did not deploy in a 20 mile per hour accident.

I consider the 1996 Dodge Intrepid a lemon. My mechanic was kind enough to put me into contact with 2 other 1996 Intrepid owners he knew and they have both had pretty much the same problems as me.

The rate at which parts fail on this vehicle is alarming and makes this vehicle extremely unreliable. I would not consider purchasing another Dodge product after my experience with the Intrepid.

Bottom line, my mechanic, who makes a living off of repairing cars, just informed me that is was time I got rid of my Intrepid and purchased a new vehicle. How sobering is that?

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

30th Aug 2004, 10:34

I disagree somewhat with the comment on the performance of the 1996 Dodge Intrepid ES. My Dodge is almost 200,000 miles and she is the best car that I have ever owned. The way a car performs not only depends on how it was made, but also on how well you baby it and think of the car as a thing with feelings. I just always think "What does my car need to make it feel appreciated?"

4th Mar 2005, 06:01

I have a 1996 Dodge Intrepid and it's the worst car anybody could have. Since I've had the car 1 year, I have changed the strainer twice, put sway bar links on both sides, new water pump, power steering pulley, timing belt, transmission mount, and 4 oxygen sensors. I recently got a computer diagnostic done and these are the problems remaining: Egr valve, torque converter, wire harness rubbing, solenoid pack, fuel rail leaks, sub frame bushings, transmission fluid leaks, motor oil leaks, coolant fluid leaks, need a tune up. I was really upset with the performance of my car; I've had trouble with the transmission three times. Now It's time for a new car.

(very unsatisfied customer)

11th Nov 2009, 11:47

I would have to say that the 96 Dodge Intrepid is a horrible car also. I have only had it a year and a half, but have had to replace the brakes 5 times, drums, rotors, calipers, inner tie rods both sides, CV joints both sides, water pump, instrument panel, and at least 11 tires.

I paid $800 for the car and it's cost me way more than that in just a year and a half. Sadly it is broke down again with a bad O sensor, EGR flow circuit, and something called and Enhanced DTC malfunction.

These cars are crap.