1996 Dodge Intrepid Base 3.5L V6 from North America


Great car, too bad it costs you a bit


Bought this Intrepid at 96K from a local used car place, traded in my non-running Buick Century Ltd.

The thermostat failed around 98K and engine overheated.

Water pump failed around 100K, replaced it and the timing belt at the same time.

Head gasket leak around 110K, replaced. Bad install and failed again at 115K, replaced again.

Intake manifold gasket vacuum leak at 120K. Replaced.

A/C condenser was in the process of failing when I hit a deer and destroyed it, so got it replaced for (insurance) free.

2 hubcaps have had broken clips, lost one, one is in the process of trying to lose itself.

Headlights are nasty, especially in the country where long-throw lights are important to watch for deer and other obstacles. Useless in fog or winter storms.

Front brakes and rotors replaced around 135K, the rotors were badly warped, which is apparently a standard for this car.

Rear driver's side lock has never worked (power).

Driver's side master window switch blew out rendering the driver's window inoperable at about 145K.

Black paint on the door posts has been steadily flaking off during the life of the vehicle.

Driver's seat now has a metal bar poking through the fabric on the lower left side, probably just from wear.

Airbag clockspring went around 150K rendering both the airbag and cruise control inoperable. Could fix for $230 but have opted to wait on it.

EGR valve and solenoid replaced at 152K due to being stuck open all the time.

General Comments:

It is really too bad this car has cost me so much money, because I absolutely love it. It is so very *choice* to drive... lots of power from the 3.5L engine, the shifting is a bit rough, but there's lots of power once it gets into a gear. Corners beautiful for such a large car, there's clearly some good design going on in that.

I've been completely spoiled by the feel of driving this car. It's very roomy, even in the back seat, which my friends have declared the largest back seat ever. The trunk has plenty of space available. The sound system is good if you replace the head unit.

In short: I love this car. I can't tell if it's just me or if this car always has a lot of problems. I would like to try one out at low mileage and see if it has the same problems.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2003

1996 Dodge Intrepid Base 3.5 V6 from North America


Very bad reliability risk!


Overheated at 32,000 miles due to failed water pump. Dealer replaced it under warranty.

Rotor failed at 33,000 miles.

A/C Compressor failed at 55,000 miles.

Overheated - water pump failed again at 60,000 miles. Replaced with non-Mopar water pump.

Sway bar links failed at 65,000 miles.

Overheated again at 80,000 miles due to coolant recovery tank leakage.

General Comments:

I totaled my Intrepid recently and am glad to be rid of it.

I actually wondered if I'd make it to work every day.

They are very bad reliability risks in my opinion.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

5th Jun 2003, 14:44

Apparently your was a lemon. I have two of them, a 97 Sport edition and a 96 standard model with a 3.5 engine. Both have well over 110,000 miles on them. Both bought used, but both have been highly reliable, FAST, comfortable and cruise at 75-80mph on the plains of Dakotas with no strain.

1996 Dodge Intrepid Base 3.5L from North America


Good looking car for anybody, fun on curves (I tested personally), sloppy on slow drive, cheap buy


Noise in front right side brake.

A/C stopped working the second day I purchased the car.

Engine rod went really bad on 90000 miles.

General Comments:

Very roomy car, nice for a little family, but not sure is it safe enough for long distance driving, maybe only to drive it in a metro area.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2003

1996 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 litre from North America


A luxurious fast car, but very expensive to maintain


Where to begin?

When I first bought the car and put plates on it, I had a tough time restarting it since it needed a battery.

After a month of regular driving I had to put some front end work into it, which included new bushings on the rack and new brakes.

After two months of driving it the transmission was slipping. Turns out the transmission had a lot of metal filings in it and needed a rebuild.

Took it out for a test drive after the rebuild - hit the highway, tried the cruise control and the cruise didn't work.

Car is very heavy, terrible on gas (add a K & N filter) and takes a long time to stop.

Back headrests are shot since the foam has collapsed.

The motor has started to leak oil now as well. I suspect the valve cover gaskets.

General Comments:

What I like about the car is comfort and handling. I am 6'4 so it works well for tall people.

Cruises nicely on the open road with power to spare. Trunk space is also generous.

No rust, but the paint along the side of the windows has faded badly.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003