1998 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 V6 from North America


Nice car, styling, comfort: bad engine...bad, bad engine


Purchased the car from dealer used for $5000 in October 2003, I drove the car for roughly 5/6000 miles before the engine gave up. Had many many problems with misc. things in the two months I drove it including, but not limited to: Power windows off track, Power mirror switch failure, starter failure (340 dollars later).

Late November a light knock was detected and immediately taken in for service to dealer. Dealer stated that it was normal for a car with that many miles to develop something like that, and that they would charge me to inspect it... only a MONTH after I bought it!

Christmas Day is when it died... and now I'm stuck with a 5000 loan, and required to keep full coverage insurance on it $150/mo. when it's just sitting. A re-manufactured engine will run me between 4/5000 dollars, and a used one not much cheaper.

General Comments:

Just a recommendation, do not buy this car... unless you like spending money..

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Review Date: 5th March, 2004

20th Mar 2004, 18:16

Everyone is right about the problems with the 1999 intrepid it is a nightmare. We bought ours new; it had the same problems we are reading about. Do not buy this car.

1998 Dodge Intrepid Standard from North America


Very reliable car

General Comments:

I think most cars are the responsibility of the owner. I still own my car, and I would not buy any other car.

I have had some parts go bad, but I change my oil, and I clean the inside of my motor every 4 oil changes.

Yes, I have had 3 starters to go bad, all in one year, but the ground wire was loose, and that fixed the problem.

I also had 9 sets of brake pads and 4 rotors in the first year, but I found out that it was wrecked on the one side, and they fixed it.

All I hear are the bad things, but never the good. Every car and every company has problems, and that's the risk you take with anything you buy.

This was the first car I bought new, and I was scared to drive it, because I didn't want to blow the motor, since it wasn't broken in.

Yes, I take extra precautions to take care of my car, but it's well worth it.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2004

1998 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2 liter from North America


Bar none, best car I ever owned


I can't believe all the problems everybody has had with their Intrepids. Mine was as close to perfect as I've ever had. The One and ONLY problem I ever had was the rear view mirror came off the windshield.

Awesome acceleration, great brakes, (especially with the carbon fiber pads), very comfortable, handles like it's on rails. My girlfriend at the time had a 98 mustang 3.8 and the Intrepid would eat it for lunch in all catagories.

I didn't baby this car either, I drove it over 100mph on a semi-daily basis. The ECM did shut the engine down at 119mph, which was annoying, but if I needed to get there faster I'd drive my work car (crown vic interceptor) Actually the Intrepid out-accelerated the vic, but the top end is better in the cruiser.

General Comments:

Great car, best I ever owned.

One thing I did notice on this site, everybody with an ES was perfectly happy with theirs. Maybe it's the base model that had some problems. The base has the 2.7 liter and mine has the 3.2.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2004

9th Feb 2004, 22:00

I find it funny that you "drove it over 100mph on a semi-daily basis" when obviously you are a police officer, since your work car is a crown vic interceptor. Next time before you give someone a speeding ticket, bear in mind your own lead-footed driving habits, and maybe you will let them go with a warning :P.

17th Dec 2004, 13:20

I tend to agree that the ES model, or more especially the 3.2 liter engine is probably more reliable than the 2.7 liter engine. But then its probably just a numbers thing. I have heard that less than 10 percent of Intrepids were produced with the 3.2 liter engine. And people are generally more eager to post about problems than to praise. My 1999 Intrepid ES now has in excess of 212,000 miles with no major or expensive repairs. Only routine maintenance. I have never owned a car until this one that the transmission lasted beyond 100,000 miles. Kudos to Dodge...

30th Jul 2007, 03:41

I have a 98 Intrepid with a 3.2L lots of issues, but we bought it knowing what to expect and are willing to tolerate issues in a fun car. Some car manufacturers concentrate on quality, I think Dodge concentrates on the driver experience more than owner experience. Dodges are the most fun cars to drive and I have owned several and will continue to buy them despite the problems. If my choice was to pay $2000 to fix an Intrepid I love or $400 to fix a Honda I don't care for, I'll take the Intrepid every time. Despite the problems, FUN and LOVE for the car are more important, you should be passionate about what you drive whether it breaks or not. If it doesn't get your blood pumping then don't buy it. All you people that want to get rid of your car because of a few problems, enjoy getting divorced because your spouse will have more problems than the car. I'll be fixing my problems!!