1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Won't ever buy another Dodge!


Speed sensor went causing car to quite.

Sludge in engine has caused me over $2000 in the 15 months I've owned it.

Dodge should be ashamed of themselves for producing such a piece of junk!

General Comments:

This car is Trash!

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

9th Dec 2004, 09:31

More information, please.

18th Apr 2005, 12:41

I have to agree. The 1999 Dodge Intrepid is a piece of junk. I had a sensor go out at 35000 a timing belt that broke and caused other damage at 68000 and many other mechanicals problems in between. I have received 3 different recalls on this vehicle as well.

19th Apr 2005, 14:59

I purchased an 1999 Intrepid in Dec. 1999. I had some minor problems here and there. Until the engine died in Jan. 2005. Thank God it was paid off. I had to get into another car loan which I had not expected to do at this time.

Chrysler Dodge should fess up to their engine defect and compensate the consumer for their loss. Evidently there are many, many Intrepid owners with Engines that have died. Dodge says it's the consumers fault, we didn't get oil changes according to recommendations.

Now I own a car that is worthless.

Will never buy Dodge Again. Prefer to purchase an old mule first.

16th May 2005, 19:08

I own a 99 Intrepid, at 74k ihad to have the engine replaced. Now I have suspension problems, a rattle in the driver front wheel. Nobody seems to know what it is. They say replace the struts at first, this is over 600 hundred dollars to repair, and I don't know if this will solve the rattle. Any suggestions?

1999 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L V6 from North America


A modest, decent family sedan


Transmission replaced at 112k at a cost of US $3400.

Fuel pump went at 108k on a hot summer day on the freeway. We had to tow it to a different dealer and they were horrible. It took them an extra day and we had to take it back because the car was leaking gas vapor.

Rear passenger side door has had problems. The panel is loose. The power window and lock have both malfunctioned in the past.

Battery replaced, and this is only significant because of its location. It is under the air cleaner and requires removing the passenger side front tire to replace.

Air conditioning does not really work anymore, but it probably just needs recharging.

There is a constant hissing noise when the blower is going. This is only a nuisance and the blower works just fine.

Rear brakes were just replaced a second time. The only nice thing the dealer did was let us keep the loaner Mitsubishi Montero Limited for a week for free because they did not have the parts in stock.

The engine will sometimes seem to be giving half its normal power. It does this intermittently and I have no idea why.

General Comments:

Enormous trunk and tons of interior space.

Seats are very comfortable. We drove 26 hours straight without any major complaining.

Normal gas mileage is about 26 miles per gallon, but on that long trip we averaged 33.

The 2.7L V6 is rated at 200 horsepower, but I don't buy it. This thing is not slow, but if you want performance get an ES or an R/T.

Cruise control has a perfect interface as five buttons on the steering wheel. It also works to keep a constant speed very well without being overly fussy. I can press resume at 25MPH and it takes me back up to 60.

Ergonomics are excellent. The car is not by any means fully-loaded, but everything is easy to use and logical. Only problem is I sometimes turn the wipers on when using the turn signals.

The car is pretty easy to drive, but hard to park. The rear end is very large and has poor visibility.

Interior lighting fades off when you close the door.

We've never had an alignment done on the car. It has simply never needed one for some odd reason.

Ride is very smooth, but it can still handle.

Mine is an absolute base model, and there is no ABS. Dodge did a good job of choosing the standard features, like A/C, cruise, power windows and locks, and rear air vents. The only things we are wishing it has are a fold-down rear seat and a manual transmission, both of which are not even options.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2004

26th Feb 2006, 20:58

There are now almost 170,000 miles on this car. The only thing of note is that it is burning a moderate amount of oil. It still rides smoothly and handles well, and is still on the original 2.7L engine. We started using full synthetic in it as soon as we learned of the sludge issue, and the car is running just fine.