2000 Dodge Intrepid from North America


The 2.7 liter engine is a piece of junk


The timing chain broke on my 2000 Dodge Intrepid this past Sunday (July 25, 2004).

General Comments:

The car has approximately 73,000 miles on it and was in great working condition.

The car was towed to a local auto mechanic, who looked at the car and told us the timing chain problem is significant in both the Intrepid and the Concord. He told us it will cost up to $8,000 to fix the car (I'm assuming the fix is to drop a new engine in the car plus labor).

My son contacted Chrysler Customer Service yesterday and spoke with a woman. He got nowhere with her, and asked to speak with her supervisor. He was told that she doesn't have a supervisor -- then she hung up on him. My son was not rude when speaking with this woman.

Today I phoned Customer Service and spoke with a male customer service representative. He told me there have not been enough phone calls (i.e. complaints) regarding the 2.7 liter engine for Chrysler to have a recall. Please call Chrysler Customer Service and state your complaints.

After viewing other websites, I have read that the 2.7 liter engine has a major design flaw, which Chrysler, in theory, is aware of, but refuses to repair or recall.

Four things you can do:

1. Call Chrysler at their 800 number and submit your complaint.

2. Go to www.bigclassaction.com and add your name to the list.

3. Shapero & Roloff Co. LPA are collecting names in order to file a class action lawsuit.

4. Go to Bill O'Reilly's web site and let Bill know what's happening. He's a go getter -- perhaps he will assist.

Other websites also suggest contacting 20/20 and Dodge.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

25th Oct 2004, 11:39

I have a Dodge Intrepid 2000 model. It went in the shop this past week due to a knocking in the engine. The mechanic told me that my entire engine needed to be replaced due to rods and drive shaft. My car has 107,000 miles. I am very discouraged, as I cannot afford a 6,000 dollar engine, nor can I afford a new car. I feel that an engine should run way past 100,000 miles if you are doing regular maintenance. Help!!!

2000 Dodge Intrepid V6 from North America


Decent price paid for a faulty car


Check engine line on.

Car runs good.

General Comments:

I bought my Dodge Intrepid about a year ago with 80,000 miles on it already. The car runs fine, but the check engine light is always on! I got the transmission fixed twice. It only took a day or two for the light to come back on. Sometimes the light will go off for a day or two, but it won't seem to go away. We got the car checked at an auto parts store and it still showed up on the computer as having a transmission problem. Light has been on for over a month now. Would like to sell the car, but who would want it now? Just curious if anyone else had this problem.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

9th Apr 2005, 00:50

Well, if you have a running 2.7 that puppy will pull you at leas 3 grand if not more. The engine is a piece of crap and consiquently they are all braking and people need them. Just something to chew on.

2000 Dodge Intrepid Base 2.7 from North America


A lemon


The door locks started buzzing at around 10,000 km, I brought my vehicle to the Chrysler/Dodge dealership, and the employee told me that it was not in my warranty. I got angry at the man, and I went to my mechanic (he is a family friend) he told me straight forward that Chrysler are not reliable cars. He told me to watch out about the 2.7 liter engine. 1 WEEK LATER MY ENGINE BLEW AT 18,000 KM! I went to the dealership once again, and the same employee told me that I did not take proper care of this car. I knew for a fact that this was about to happen, because my mechanic told me. The employee told me it is going to cost me around 4000$ just to replace the engine. Because I use my car often for my job, I told him to fix it, and also to fix the buzzing on the door locks. In total it came out to 8500$ For curiosity, I went to a used car dealership, and asked for a price quote, after about 20 minutes, he comes out with a paper and tels me if I want to sell it, it will be sold for 13,000$ I was in shock! I purchased this automobile 2 months before for 24,000$ I had to continue making payments on this car, and after 43,000 km, MY ENGINE BLEW AGAIN! I put a used engine in my car, and now I have it at 56,000 km, and I'm planning to sell it, but they probably won't give me more than 5,000$ for this piece of junk.

General Comments:

Big and spacious, very big trunk. Smooth ride at the beginning 10,000 km.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

1st Aug 2004, 20:11

I kind of believe you, my engine blew at 21,000 km, and the doors (I'm not sure if it's the doors, or the door locks) started buzzing at 20,000 km. The Dodge/Chrysler dealership said I did not take care of my automobile also. If anybody knows where I can sign a petition for a class action suit, please tell me.