2000 Dodge Intrepid from North America


I to, am having problems with the oil pressure in the car.

I change the oil religiously, every 3,000 miles, or 3 months.

I keep getting the check engine light, and low oil pressure light.

I have tried talking to the dealer about it and the cost, just to loot at the problem is outrageous.

I would love information on the class action suit. Am I too late?


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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

12th May 2004, 16:34

Your low oil pressure is most likely due to the switch which is only about 22.00, that's what went on mine. Any questions, email me cdsupplies@msn.com.

2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


A costly mistake


We have had engine trouble.

Costly repairs due to engine trouble.

Impossible to trade the vehicle in, no one wants to give you what you still owe for the vehicle.

General Comments:

Up until January of 2004, we didn't have a single complaint with this car. It was a perfect family car.

In January it started knocking, we took it to a mechanic and he said it was a common thing with these engines and then proceeded to tell us all the charges we would have to pay, to have the "oil sludge" removed.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


2.7 liter engine failure needs quality corrective action


I had maintained the car as instructed in the owner's manual. Despite this, the engine experienced sudden failure. I drove it home from somewhere, turned it off, and came out 5 minutes later to start it. When I started the engine, it had a very loud banging in it. After speaking to four mechanics over the phone, I came to one conclusion. I had no choice, but to get a new car. All four mechanics told me about the history of the 2.7 liter engine and suggested not repairing it.

General Comments:

Currently a Cleveland law firm is putting together a class action suit for all owners of the 2.7 liter engine. Research the Internet for more details. I loved driving my Intrepid, but it isn't so pretty sitting dead in the driveway. Every automotive company needs to be quality certified. I think Chrysler's corrective action procedure should be questioned. They have done nothing for the consumer in this situation. Instead, they have made a strategic move to protect future sales of Dodge products by not making the Intrepid after this year. This way, they eliminate a product with a bad reputation and hope the problem just goes away. It's a lack of integrity for large companies to not follow through on their responsibility to the consumer. Lack of integrity often leads to a corporation's downfall. Corporation downfall leads to more lost jobs for Americans.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

4th May 2004, 08:26

Out of all of the reviews I've read on this an many other websites I think one sums it up the best. Unfortunately Chrysler has a track record of running from mistakes. Remember the "K" cars? I would venture a guess that the corporate climate at Chrysler is one of glee, just think they sell two engines for every one car sold and when the public catches on they simply move to the next big money maker. There is a good reason the the 2005 Dodge lineup only has a handful of cars, none of which have a very long history. Mustangs and Corvettes have been around longer than I have and Chrysler can't produce and engine that lasts as long as a gallon of milk. Inspiration comes standard, but quality is an option.

6th May 2004, 18:15

If the writer of the previous comment is seeking an example of Chrysler's supposed "mistakes" then the K-cars was a poor choice. The K-cars actually sold very well, fortunately for Chrysler, and along with the Caravan/Voyager success in the 1980's helped the company avoid bankruptcy. Far from a "mistake", there are plenty of K-cars still in daily use today.

Makes one wonder if he has any idea what he is talking about.

16th Jul 2004, 17:24

In fact, Daimler Chrysler does not stop producing 2.7L engine after many consumers experienced problems with it. The 2.7L engine continues to exist in Dodge Stratus R/T, Chrysler Sebring, and the latest Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300.

They will continue to produce the same engine until June 2005 before putting a brand new redesign 2.7L engine in the market.

No one knows if the latest 2.7L engine (after 2003) has been redesign internally to prevent sludge.

22nd Jan 2006, 06:39

I have heard of the problems with the 2.7 motor, but I myself have not had any trouble with the motor. But then again I only use synthetic oil, and change it every 3 thousand miles. The only problem I have had with the 04 intrepid is that the manifold sensor went out, and I had trouble starting at times, and the motor ran rough! But the car was still under warranty and it was replaced free!! I have heard that the oil pan on the 2.7 should have been bigger? this may be the cause of forming of sludge! but useing synthetic oil may prevent this problem???