2000 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L V6 from North America


Horrible engine


Just like so many others... The timing chain failed at 90,000kms. This naturally caused the collision of valves, pistons etc.

General Comments:

This the first problem of any kind to appear on this car.

Who needs an engine anyway?

The dealer service has been pathetic.

An examination of the worn parts shows that the problem began long before the 60,000km warranty ran out (three months ago).

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Review Date: 20th March, 2003

2000 Dodge Intrepid ES 2.7 from North America


The car is a bad investment.


The transmission intake and outtake valve failed at 28000 miles with a price tag of $300.00. At 32000 miles the Rack and pinion steering failed with a price tag of $1300.00. Power door locks have failed twice once at 50000 miles and again at 72000 miles with a price tag of $200.00.

General Comments:

Theses problems are common with this make and model and the corporation refuses to stand by their product.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

10th Oct 2006, 20:06

I would like to add here that the 2.7 auto is NOT the ES like said the ES is 3.2l v6 soooo there is a hugh difference because the 2.7 auto is known to have quite a few problems.

2000 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 Litre from North America


A great big lemon


Our engine blew at 104,444 kilometers.

The dealership not willing to honor extended warranty without oil change receipts.

We regularly had our oil changes done, but did not keep all receipts.

An independent garage confirmed that engine failure was mechanical and not due to maintenance and oil changes. No signs of sludge in the engine.

General Comments:

In general we are extremely disappointed with our dealership and Chrysler Canada.

Since this has happened we have learned this is a common problem with the 2.7 liter engine.

Although the car is very comfortable and looks good it is a mechanical lemon doomed to fail.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

2nd May 2003, 00:45

That's odd... my 2000 SE has been a pleasure to drive since I got her 2 yrs ago. And please do not tell me about "limp mode" or the 2.7L engine sludge problems, because I am well aware of them. 70,000 miles later, and still no mechanical problems at all. I change my oil with synthetic, and am going to have the tranny flushed with the next month. Sorry about your luck.

13th Aug 2004, 18:05

I agree with previous comment. As I have posted elsewhere on this site we have owned a 1998 and clocked 223,000 kms, we still own a 2000 with 165,000 kms, and 2002 which has 75,000 kms all with the 2.7 litre. To date we have had no major engine or transmission problems. Although after reading some of the horror stories here I'm a little more worried than I used to be. As well I wonder are we doing something right or just three times lucky.

3rd May 2005, 15:59

For sale

2000 dodge intrepid

low miles

no motor.

2000 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L V6 24 Valve from North America


An easily converted pimp-mobile


The only thing I have noticed about my car is, like others have reported, is the weather seals around the door.

General Comments:

I am a firm supporter of Chrysler and Dodge, and will probably always buy Dodges after owning this car. I recently was involved in an accident which ruined my Neon, and was going to switch over to a Jeep Cherokee, but my dealership talked me into trying out an Intrepid. The car accelerates fairly well for a sedan, the only other car that size I've seen jump like an intrepid is a Mercury Sable; and that was modified. With pretty much the entire car at your fingertips, it is a very easy car to get used to. This car has a nice top end cruise. My governor kicks in at around 115mph, and at those speeds you can tell theres plenty of horses and rpms still waiting to be unleashed. Barring an unfortunate incident with local law enforcement the Intrepid makes the trip along the 294 from Indiana through Illinois and into Wisconsin last about 35-40 minutes. My Intrepid has a set of racing tires with 14 inches of tire to the asphalt, which I've noticed imroves the handling considerably, I replaced the stock tape deck with a Sony Xplod CD deck and replaced all speakers with Sony Xplod 3-way speakers. I've also rigged rope lighting around my back seats and have a 15" neon bar which beats with my stereo. all total for the mods, around 1000$. Except for the tires, all also completely cosmetic. This car had a decent system stock, just not what I was looking for. The 200 Intrepid is touted as a family sedan, but with a minimal amount of effort and money, can become a rather decent vehicle for the single guy too. With sleek looks and a good amount of power, I would recommend this car to my friends.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2003

1st Mar 2008, 10:52

Hey, I drive a 2000 Intrepid ES 3.2, and I have that same problem with the weather strips.

Also feel the need to go faster than 115; you can bypass the governor, but I'm not sure how. If you have any advice for me, please let me know (Jocycle@aol.com) thank you.