2nd Aug 2002, 08:11

I, too, am experiencing the wonderful driver's side window problems. However, both the front and the back windows are involved. As a new annoyance, the driver's door is now not opening properly either.

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice a trend here? It seems as though the same problems are being reported repeatedly.

29th Oct 2002, 17:38

I came across these postings and decided that I might as well add another one! I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid also. I have owned it for a year and a half now. First, the dealership sold me a extended warranty, but never sent off the paper work to the company. Did not find that out till I had to take it in to the shop because the engine ceased up! After a strong struggle with dealership, they gave me another dealership warranty. Actually, I did not take it back to the dealership, I had to get it towed to the dealership!

Also before that, one of my sensors for the transmission went bad and would not shift out of second gear. That I had to pay out of my pocket. The cost of that repair was $100.00.

The most recent problem that I'm undergoing as we speak is the notorious cooling/air conditioning fan problem. First the A/C fan when out, then the radiator fan 2 weeks later. You will notice the motors going bad by a highly acrid oder from the engine compartment. Me personally, I think that is a serious fire hazard. You would think they would recall something like that. Actually, they should recall the whole car if you would ask me!

I don't think I now have the nerve to by anything from Dodge ever again. This was my first Dodge and the last. If anyone thinks that this is something to go to court over, email me at good1973@bellsouth.net.

17th Nov 2002, 01:22

Ditto to everything. Driver window glass pops out of its track, both fans went out within 2 months of each other (parts from Mexico),PCV elbow disintegrated, starter motor going bad, 4th heater resistor, and what a place to mount the battery. None of this was covered by warranty and Dodge people just shrug their shoulders, Oh well. They have my money and could care less. I'd be willing to support a hungry plaintiff attorney. John at donatucci@hotmail.com.

9th Jan 2003, 14:30

I own a 1998 Intrepid with the same problems. The fans went out and were replaced. Now, they are going out again. The driver side window keeps popping out. The seal around the back door ripped clean off, and the windshield frame paint is peeling off in large chunks. There is a slight rattle beginning when it is driven. I am actually afraid to drive it in fear that something else is going to happen! I can be reached at johnanddebbie@nwinfo.net if anyone knows how to correct these problems for good without paying more than the car is worth...

8th Feb 2003, 11:22

I also have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. While I have not experienced most of the problems that others have commented on here, I did have the leaky thermostat housing, and the infamous driver's side window problem. I think that this window problem is so common that they ought to be recalled! I know another person who has a '99 Intrepid, and their driver's side window just shattered all by itself when they were driving one day.

10th Feb 2003, 17:38

I also bought a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. I have owned it for about 1 1/2 years now, and was really happy with the car when I had some terrible problems. First the transmission sensor went bad, and the car wouldn't shift out of second gear. This cost me over $100 to get fixed. Then a timing chain guide broke, causing the engine to go out of time and now I have to replace 12 of the 24 valves, not to mention the $300 I already spent for timing chain and guides and various other parts necessary to fix this problem. And I'm doing it myself. Could you imagine what the dealership would charge to fix these problems? Anyone that can help with this problem please email me at bjlandt@yahoo.com. Thanx!

6th Mar 2003, 14:31

Although the car has been a nice ride, I have also been experiencing the dreaded radiator fan/air conditioner problem that a few others have. My radiator fan problem was originally caused by a furry critter that decided to take a nap inside my engine compartment. The right fan was damaged in the incident. We took the right fan blade out and figured that it would have to work with one fan until summertime. So, one fan down, but I still have one... well now its gone too. Sitting in the parking lot of Target I began to smell that burning/electrical fire smell that others have mentioned here. Then, quick as a flash the other fan stopped, and wouldn't you know it, the air conditioner had stopped working. I'm getting the full shroud assembly to replace the fan, but I have no idea what it will take to fix the A/C.

13th Mar 2003, 13:56

99 Dodge Intrepid- Bought new- back windows never works-heater went out- transmission stop changing gears-interior lights blink on and off at any given time- and now the oil light is flickering- If any one else has had the oil light blinking please e-mail me and tell me why this is happening.Truman_007@yahoo.com.

13th Mar 2003, 21:52

Wow, I m so glad I found this page on a random search on google.com. I thought I was going insane, our extended warranty ran out last fall. Luckily the air conditioner fan problem mentioned above was covered by it, just months before it ran out.

Then about a month ago one of our radiator fans ripped itself off the engine and made a horrible sound. That cost me $160 from a salvage yard to replace; new I think it was $300.

The driver's side window is always popping off its track; been doing that for some time.

Passenger side window stopped working about a year ago, then suddenly started working again; seems to have fixed itself now.

Today suddenly my speedometer went to zero, and the car would not shift out of first gear.

Sounds to me like they need to recall this car and fix the same problems EVERYONE is reporting. My wife and I found it very humorous reading this thread, and seeing the exact same problems we were having. At least we know it isn't us this time. ;-)

14th Mar 2003, 18:48

I purchased a 1999 Dodge Intrepid in 2000. The car now has only 60,784 miles on it, but I need a new Engine!! I cannot believe this! After checking with several Automotive Repair shops I am being told that the Engine for these Intrepids (2.7 L) is getting a reputation for being a HIGH FAILURE ENGINE!! I was also told that if the Oil gets low by only 1 quart this triggers what they call starving your Engine. I do not want to spend $6000-$7000. for another Engine! I hope that a Class Action Suit will be brought against Chysler-Dodge Corporation in the Near Future! I now have to purchase another car as my warranty is long gone. These cars are being called throw aways!! I wish Someone would publish these findings for others before they are in our situation!!