6th Apr 2003, 20:22

I have experienced the same problems with my 1999 300M. Less than 25,000 miles on the odometer and the transmission has failed twice, only one forward gear and reverse. The driver's side window motor replaced twice. Rear door lock failed on passenger side. This car is babied and driven by my wife who is very, very conservative.

30th Apr 2003, 00:36

My 1996 intrepid is a very nice ride. But, the rack and pinion is bad due to the bushings wearing out. I have read a lot of comments of this nature. The bad part is that they don't sell just the bushings for this part. You have to buy the whole rack and pinion system which is $250.00. Almost anyone I know with these cars have had this problem with the rack. The radiator fan constantly runs which I think is due to a sensor. And I can't tell you how many center caps I see missing from these cars. Mainly the front ones, but never the less there is something wrong with them. I think the intrepid is a very sleek looking car and would probably buy another one. But Dodge should definitely have some recalls if they want to keep the Dodge Warriors driving.

30th Apr 2003, 06:22

A salvage yard just offered me $2,000 for my 1999 Intrepid "as is," which means with a seized engine, with only 87,000 miles. The day before (when it was still running), the GMC dealer offered $4,000 as a trade in. The bank still needs $5,000 to pay off the loan. What a losing deal!

When I called the salvage yard, I didn't tell them immediately that the engine had seized. When I told them I had a 1999 Intrepid, they asked if I had the 2.7L that had seized - he predicted the problem! He gets this same call frequently.

My wife saw the oil lamp illuminate for 1 minute prior to the engine stalling. Dealer inspected, and confirmed that engine has seized. Their quote for a long block replacement - $10,000!

Even an independent mechanic quoted $4,000 to replace engine with a used engine. They are very expensive, likely due to supply and demand!

I've seen the other problems mentioned in these comments as well - A/C, speed sensor, window motors, interior lights randomly flashing.

If anyone has travelled any legal avenues, please inform us at TRINA.L.HEBERT@prodigy.net.

1st May 2003, 10:31

I've had two intrepids, one 1993 model, one 1998 model. The 93had a lot of electrical problems (bad computer, sensors, coil

&a gremlin that made the horn blow & trunk open by itself)

It also went thru a radiator & upper engine seals.

My 1998 has a smoking motor & bad window motors,also a slapping noise in the engine. This is my last dodge!!!

Good luck sandy.

4th May 2003, 03:25

Wow! I found this site while looking for information on cost repair for my nephew. He has a 1999 Dodge Intrepid and has had problems with it constantly. Like so many others, his air-conditioner has stopped working and his driver side window just shattered while he was driving. After reading the entries here I am very worried for his safety. He has a few years left to pay on this car and he has a baby and can't afford to buy another car. What kind of company sells such a hazardous vehicle and puts it's customers in danger without a recall? Can anything be done?

9th May 2003, 11:25

I have had many of the problems listed here. My 99 Intrepid is my second one. I used to own a 95. There is no better ride for the money. It is also very roomy, but this car is prone to problems. I will be replacing my second starter this weekend. I have fixed the drivers side window bracket so many times, it isn't even funny. I have replaced the drivers side window motor. I had a transmission problem, but getting the filter changed and a flush cleared it up.***Only use the transmission fluid specified by Dodge***other types can cause severe problems. I recently had an interior light that came on at will, but that soon converted to tail lights that come on at will. I now also have a flickering oil light. My car has been babied, but it doesn't seem to matter. I have given up on Dodge even though I loved the Intrepid so much.



14th May 2003, 10:19

I have a 99 Intrepid and it is in the shop at this moment having both front windows repaired because the plastic clips broke. I called the local dealer and they were no help at all. They suggested I write a letter to Dodge. I will never buy another Dodge product.

30th May 2003, 09:19

Found this site to be very helpful. I owned a 1995 dodge intrepid for 3 years and it was 100% maintenace free. Unfortunately it was just totalled in an accident.

I went out and bought the 1998 intrepid, have had it for 2 months and has run great except for this morning.

As I was heading down the road, I noticed it wasn't shifting nor was the speedometer working. Drove right back home and checked the oil and transmission fluids, they are fine, car isn't making any noise. Stumbled across a similar posting here and am hoping its just the speed sensor as someone said.

But overall, I have been very impressed with the dodge intrepid. However,.......if I find its a more serious problems as most are saying with the 98's, my review may change drastically!!

2nd Jun 2003, 07:39

Hi. Wayne in Lithonia, Ga. Not so proud owner of a 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7. At 47,000, 54,000 and 74,000 miles replaced speed sensors. At 83,000 miles my mechanic tells me that I need a new engine do to sludge build up. Engine knocks on start up other than that runs fine. Uneven wear of tires on the front of the vehicle and constant shaking at low speeds. If there is a class action law suit filed I'll throw my name in the hat also.

3rd Jun 2003, 07:12

My 1999 Intrepid had 56,000 miles on it when the "check engine" light came on. I pulled over and checked the oil, only to find that it was bone dry. The oil pressure light never came on, and oil had been changed regularly. The last time the oil was changed was 3 months ago. Needless to say, the 2.7 liter engine is totaled. Estimated repair $7000 - $10,000. The mechanic is trying to find a rebuilt engine, but has not had any luck. And, like so many of you, the car is not paid for. If anyone has any legal suggestions, please email @ jberry02@gbronline.com.

5th Jun 2003, 16:18

I've had speed sensor, driver side window and air conditioning problems also. Originally I thought the 99 Intrepid was the best car I ever owned. Now...

The most frustrating thing was that since the word glass was involved in the driver side window failure, the dealer would not honor the extended warranty.

17th Jun 2003, 10:59

I am the owner of a 1999 Intrepid. Nice looking car bought used with no problems except the driver side window (a plastic clip broke) and problems related to the oil pan/pressure/seal. Around 60k miles it was noted that the oil pan screw was stripped. Then around 80k miles the oil light came on. Plenty of oil was there, but the light was on at low rpms. Took it to the dealer, they seemed to fix it. Problem I then had was oil leaking around the oil pan. They opened up the oil pan and found a gasket from a part near the transmission and the oil pan. They were going to have to take out the transmission to resolve the problem and replace the $2.50 gasket. I passed on that and will likely trade the car in soon (hopefully before the whole thing hits the fan). No more Dodges for this amigo. Oh, and to let you know how bad it got, a fuse blew on the lighter for the cell phone, I was in a rush and needed the charger for a trip coming up and told the Dealer to replace the fuse. $90 later I now know better than to ask the dealer and should take the time to "do it myself". Live and learn eh?