25th Aug 2007, 17:47

We bought a '99 Intrepid about 3 years ago, we thought we purchased a nice car only to find it fall apart. The engine went at 52,000 miles, seized right up on the expressway. Well, it was under an extended warranty so the engine was replaced. Now I have 88,000 (36,000 on the 2nd engine) and it is making horrible valve train noise so I'm sure it is going to blow any minute. I changed the oil and filter with hope, but no luck. The car has had regular oil changes and been well taken care of. Also the passenger window works intermittently, the back door handles do not work, the trunk lock broke a while ago, and oh yeah, the power steering belt tensioner went out a few weeks after we bought it. What a piece of junk. My next stop is the class action lawsuit, Dodge should be ashamed of this car.

5th Sep 2007, 15:02

We bought a 99 Intrepid for our daughter in November 2002, in January 2003 the engine blew. 2.7 litre. Paid for a new engine, $5000. The new engine is 4 years old and has 52K miles on it. It is missing on one cylinder and making knocking noises, I think that this engine is going to blow up also! The warranty on this engine was for 5 years and 50K miles, so if this had happened two months ago the warranty would have covered it. I will never buy another Chrysler product again!

9th Sep 2007, 01:25

Bought at 36,000 miles 1998 Intrepid 5 years ago until now. Got to spend at least $1k every year to fix. Changed Fuel Pump when car rocked at idle, changed Oil sensor when oil indicator flickered on and off, replaced input output speed sensor when no acceleration, replaced radiator fan (both) twice when overheat, Air condition not cold enough, all windows work intermittently, Add 1 quart oil every 3 weeks, and now the starter need to be replace at 94,000 miles.

Even with $1.4K power train extended warranty with $100 deductible until 73,000 miles, the must regular maintenance cost more than $1.5k in order for the warranty to be effective. I am looking for other manufacturer car now before this engine quit on me. Like the exterior look and the roomy interior though. What a shame. You come a long way, why give it up now?

10th Sep 2007, 14:26

Well I bought a 99 2.7 intrepid from my sister and found out that it was a bad mistake. I have problems with the windows, Pasandger side would not come down and driver is off track. Had engine problems exesive oil usage and had an overheating problem. The temperature gauge stoped working and I blew the engine, fixed heads, radiator, water pump, and other parts and still overheating don't know what to do. This car is a piece of crap trying to get rid of it.

16th Sep 2007, 15:10

I have a '99 Intrepid with so many of the same problems listed:

1. driver's side window doesn't stay in its track.

2. leaks oil.

3. one of the radiator fans won't cut on.

4. A/C went out this summer (again)!

5. now the battery is about to die and I have no way to put on a new one, but to take it to a shop since its on the bottom of this low-profile car.

6. check engine light is on - too scared to check it out.

Just hoping it holds together until I can afford a newer and less troublesome car.

1st Nov 2007, 16:42

I too was relieved to find out that I wasn't an irresponsible car-owner. Thought I was nuts when so many things started going wrong.

* Bought this car 4 years ago with only 10,000 miles on it. Almost immediately had problems with rear passenger window motor not working. Under warranty, and had it replaced at least 3 times! They blamed it on the motors coming from overseas!

* All interior door frames are busted where the screws hold it to the main door. I "fixed" it by using plastic washers to help hold the screws on. I still need to re-"fix" them occasionally as the door frame continues to break away. Eventually I'll run out of door frame to hold my plastic washers on.

* Drivers side window is out of its track. Am still able to close it by sticking my hand in it and holding it in place until it gets almost to the top, but have to finish it with the door open. Really a problem when I'm at the drive-thru!

* Drivers and rear passenger door were getting stuck where the interior door frame was catching on the rubber gasket. Used clear packing tape to smooth down the torn rubber, so they stopped catching.

* Engine blew summer before last. Replaced with a rebuilt, but still sunk $4500 in this one. Already burning oil.

* No A/C for the last 2 summers--really crummy in the Kansas heat! A belt busted, and when it flew off, it sheared the head off the bolt for the belt tensioner. Now the only way they can replace the belt for the compressor is to take the radiator out, drill around the headless bolt, and put a new bolt in for the belt tensioner. Can't afford $200 for a lousy belt!

* Found this site by looking up questions on a new thermostat. I no longer have any warm air coming out of the heater! Really a problem since it was 30 this a.m. Now there's no heat and no A/C!

5th Nov 2007, 08:40

I bought a 99' Dodge Intrepid ES (3.2) of my aunt this past summer. She was getting a new car so said she'd sell me her's for $2000, with 107 500 miles on it... The miles were a bit higher than I would have liked, but I needed a car, and wasn't going to be able to afford anything more than $2000.

I knew when I bought it off her that the passenger window fell out of the track, I had no problem with that. I also knew the AC didn't work, again not a big deal, I usually drive with the windows down anyway.

Well, one day I'm driving down the freeway, with my drivers window down and it starts to rain... I was a little surprised when I went to put my window up and it went up on an angle... So now both the drivers and passenger's windows are broken, but I don't have the money to get them fixed.

Now that the colder weather is here, I need to defrost my windows in the morning, except that when I turn the heat on, it smells like dirty feet, to the point where I can't stomach it, and the smell won't go away. I am taking the car in on Wednesday to find out what the problem is... But I have been informed that it may be the evaporator, which means the dash will have to come out...great...

Couple of other things that have gone wrong since June...

- the lights behind the temp. control don't work

- the overhead lights, in the middle at the front, don't work

- the trunk slams shut, not to mention the release doesn't work

- the drivers seat can no longer adjust (powered & broken)

- the rear doors both stick and don't close unless slammed.

I only bought this car because it was convenient at the time, but the next car I purchase will not be a Dodge...