24th Jun 2007, 09:26

I see there are many persons sharing my frustrations. Bought a 1999 Dodge Intrepid a few months ago, replaced the connecting rod bearings, installed a new oil pan gasket and titanium spark plugs. I love the look and feel of the car, but the 2.7L for the lack of a better word is a piece of crap. Had I come across this site a few months back, I would have never invested in this car. Both windows on the passenger side of the car as stuck in the up position (thank God they are not down), the driver's seat has an obnoxious sound whenever you sit or move around in it, then there is the infamous OIL RUN, not leak, RUN. I have had to put a quart of engine oil in it every day.

Bearing in mind that I had just basically overhauled the engine on this vehicle, and replaced the connecting rod bearings, on Friday I started hearing a noise in the engine. On Saturday morning, needless to say, the car died. Before this I had a 1995 Subaru Impreza which had never spent anytime in the mechanic shop. In the years I've owned that vehicle the only thing changed in the engine was the starter brushes.

I think I'm going to get rid of this junker and get me another Subaru.

27th Jun 2007, 04:37

I own a 1999 Intrepid, with about 180,000 miles on it. It has recently developed a problem where the headlights will randomly go off while driving. Sometimes I can switch it to high beam and they will stay on, but others I have to hold the lever in high beam while driving just to keep them on. Anyone else had a problem like this? Creynolds@hotmail.com.

30th Jun 2007, 15:02

Hello fellow Intrepid drivers of the 1999 2.7L model

Our Intrepid has the same problems as almost every car on this website, and when we found it we couldn't help but laugh.

Our windows are stuck in the up position, fans have not been working that well, consumes oil faster than gas, and we have replaced all of the main fan belts.

Now the (expensive lawn ornament) decides to quit opening up the hood and the engine is making a funny noise, and the engine died so it refuses to move well. We have put more money into the car than what we have paid for it, and now we have had just about enough of it, and soon it will take a one way trip to the nearest car crusher.

If you're are experiencing these kind of problems, email me at jimmie@bresinen.net

P.S. sign me up for the class action lawsuit for blown engines.

5th Jul 2007, 13:15

Hahahaha! Wow... I thought my girlfriend just didn't take care of her car, looks like dodge is to blame on this one. We have had the Driver side window fall down on us, then, anytime you try to roll it down it just falls down...lol. I opened up the door panel (I'm a computer nerd, not a grease monkey) and found the problem, but broke the door handle mechanism while I was at it. At least the window rolls down now! lol... POS Dodge... same thing with the oil too. I can't wait for the next problem!

10th Jul 2007, 11:07

1999 Dodge Intrepid with the 2.7 liter engine??? CRAP! I had to replace the timing chain with only 38,000 miles! My drivers side window is off track, and needs my help to bring it up, and my right rear window is stuck in the up position. The engine drinks oil, and the car shakes the whole time it's on. Every time I turn it on, something new happens! This car has been down graded to my "go to work" car, but if I want to keep my job, I need to down grade it again to the junk yard!

Thanks Dodge!! NEVER AGAIN!

20th Jul 2007, 00:38

Have a 2000 Intrepid. I've just replaced the timing chain and tensioner, water pump etc. Now the windows don't work, door locks only unlock, blower fan won't work, turning signals work until you turn the fan speed on, ABS light comes on.

This all happened at one time. Replacing the BCM module didn't help.

Anybody had this happen? I would like to know where to start fixing?

21st Jul 2007, 22:29

Well, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I just paid off my 1999 Chrysler (Canadian) Intrepid two months ago. I had thought it was just my car... until now. Here are some of the issues I've had over the past 4 years:

-2.7L engine died: replaced with a reconditioned engine-paid $4500.00. Been driving with the reconditioned engine now for 2 years.

-Oil leak... or should I say oil "run".

-Door Locks: makes a really loud, embarrassing buzzing sound when I unlock the doors. I usually try to imitate this sound, really loud, when my kids are with me. It's become a habit.

-Auto Windows: drivers side window auto-down hasn't worked for awhile now; drivers side rear window works only when it wants to; passenger side rear window doesn't work at all; drivers side window is off track.

-A/C / Heater Blower Control Switch: works only on high. Blows so loud and hard, you can't hear yourself think.

-Oil Light Flickering: the infamous oil light flickering is happening now...again...when I apply the brakes. Just had the oil changed. And yes folks, use synthetic oil!

-Interior Lights Flashing: the interior lights flash on and off while driving.

-Speed Sensor: replaced the speed sensor at 56k miles.

-Doors Sticking: drivers side doors (front & back) stick. I actually had to kick the door open from the inside...don't ask!

-Shifter Cable: replaced shifter cable.

-Tie Rod: replaced tie-rod.

-Check Engine Light: after the new engine was put in, the Check Engine light popped on. I took the car back 7 times and the mechanic could never get it to go off. I finally gave up. However, this can be a big problem come emission and inspection time.

Oh, and last, but not least, the car overheated last Friday. Checked the coolant levels, they were fine. I can only hope that it's as simple as the thermostat needs replacing. It's going into the repair shop Monday.

Did someone say class action lawsuit? jdavis@acccapital.com

22nd Jul 2007, 00:08

Folks, regarding the '98-'99 Dodge/Chrysler Intrepid: I just submitted a class action lawsuit form on the Internet and found that only 129 consumers have also submitted on this vehicle. ONLY 129!! Please, please take the time to go to the site and complete the form. This is how we are going to get the class action lawsuit going!

The site is: http://www.autosafety.org/fileacomplaint

If enough of us take the time to do this, maybe something good will come of all this.

5th Aug 2007, 09:28

As I type, my husband is replacing the rear struts... the front struts were just replaced due to the noise coming from the front passenger side of the car. I am really glad that I found this site (I thought I just had really bad luck).

I purchased the car from my husbands Grandfather in January 07 (I really wish that I wouldn't have) ; I thought I was doing his family a favor as Grandpa can no longer drive.

I loved the car; very roomy, but that was until the 2nd day I had it. The oil light was flickering on and off... I pulled over to check the oil and I noticed it was blowing oil from the oil cap. I called my husband (who is a mechanic), and he told me to drive it home as long as there was oil in the car, which there was. He seemed to think at first the rings were bad, but it turned out to be a sensor $190.00 later.

My heater/AC only works on high, and there is a really funky smell (I'm not sure what that is). I am taking it really easy with this car, and thank my lucky stars that we have 2 other vehicles just in case. Hopefully after this winter, I can get rid of this and I am buying a Toyota or Hyundai. I have also added my name to the class action lawsuit... They wonder why no one wants to buy American made vehicles???