30th Oct 2006, 10:33

Found this site while looking for held with problems with brakes. I bought a 1999 Intrepid ES new and have always loved the car. However, I have always been unhappy with the brakes. Noisy and grinding along with a "shudder" when braking. My husband finally put very expensive pads and new rotors on the front and it worked for a while. Now, the grinding noise is back. He checked the back brakes yesterday and found some wear on the passenger side rear pads, but NO wear on the driver's side rear. In fact, it is like brand new so he assumed the caliper was not working, but it is. Anyone had this problem? The other problems I have had are similar to the ones posted:

*Transmission sticking in 2nd gear. Had this repaired.

*hood and trunk hydraulic struts not working.

*driver and passenger windows. Replaced track in driver window and now makes noise, but works. Passenger window works when it feels like it.

*flickering dash lights, but now works fine. This seemed to be related to the brightness setting.

*smell from the vents when air conditioner is blowing.

*swooshing noise when heater is used!

*Climate control doesn't work right in winter time. Dealer replaced once while under warranty.

*starter replaced at 80,000 miles

In spite of the problems above, I like the car, but will probably not buy a Dodge again. No engine problems because we had heard about the problems with the 2.7 so we got the 3.2 with the ES model.


20th Dec 2006, 19:41

Hello everyone-

I am a proud owner of a 2000 Intrepid. It ran for 143,000 miles before I had any major problems. Then I found out the hard way that the engine had to be replaced. Not because of an internal design problem, but the oil pressure sending unit leaked to the point that I was only running on about a quart of oil!

The reason I didn't find this problem earlier is that it only leaked when it was running. So when it was parked it would only leak a drop or two then stop. I had the engine replaced with a salvaged motor for around $2500. It runs great today still, and I have had no speedometer, a/c fan, window control problems yet.

I must mention that I have major rear door seal shrinkage and I think this is only due to not having my car garaged for the 18 months.

6th Jan 2007, 12:41

I also have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid and have had it for about two years. I have just replaced the heater motor and 3 resister, The driver side window stop working (had that fixed),replaced the thermostat and gasket cause it was taking a long time to get warm and also it was loosing coolant. The lights (inside and out) surge and know I think my radiator fan or fans are going out. My main concern right now is my lights. Does anybody have any ideas? Nobody that I've talked to has any idea. You can E-Mail me at meandmollady@hotmail.com.

14th Apr 2007, 22:21

I have a 1999 Dodge intrepid 2.7 with 130,000 miles on it. I bought it about 1yr ago from an auction. This was before I heard about the problems with the 2.7 engines. Since then I have found many websites tell me about how bad of a choice I made. I worried about this car a lot mostly about sludge. Well here is what has gone wrong with mine and how I fixed it.

First the oil light came on when idling = oil sending (passenger side above the oil pan plug) unit lasts about 6-7 months

Auto down feature on driver window = I took the unit completely apart and found out that the contact that is suppose to stick does not so replacement was my only option

Transmission went in limp mode (2 gear) = speed sensor in/out both *this took me a day or two to figure out*

Idle sporadically and shifting up and down also sputtering = M.A.P. sensor wiring connector and also T.P.S. (throttle position sensor) wiring connector both wires were brittle from the engine heat

Knocking noise in steering when you hit a bump = stabilizer link bolts replaced

Trunk slams down = trunk struts replaced

Passenger side door sticks = bottom of door cover catching door seal *all of my door covers are cracked or broke at the bottom and at the handle where the screw goes*

Heater only works when driving = water level low (have not found out how it keeps going low, but it’s not leaking)

A/C not working = I was extremely lucky just recharged A/C

Over heated while driving = Thermostat replaced (the only way to do this your self is with a universal. It’s on the driver’s side under the car next to the catalytic converter)

Gets stuck in fist gear = shifter cable wore out

One more thing… about the seat belts two of my back belts were never sowed together from the factory. So I’m currently talking to a lawyer about what my options are.

OK well that is all of my problems with my car hopefully this helps a lot of people if you have any question email me at tru_lover_1682@yahoo.com.

9th May 2007, 06:25

WOW found this site and was relieved to find out I was not crazy or had REALLY bad luck! I guess I am not the only one with the same type of issues... I purchased the car from my mom, I sold my Chevy Tahoe to save gas. My parents had purchased new...

I have a 2000 intrepid with 3.2 engine.

Replaced all 4 window motors (sounded like a duck squawking)

Trim coming off all around rear window.

Driver's seat bolt.

Radiator fan.

Tie rod (which I hadnt heard anyone else mentioned unless I missed it)

Clock spring in steering wheel--horn quit working and airbag light was staying on.

Rack and pinion.

Just this week--speed sensor.

Shifter is very stiff right now???

At 92,000 miles--no oil leaks, no rusting.

I do like the drive and the speed of the engine, roomy, trunk is appropriate for what I need... like the look of the car...

I hate to sell or trade in---feel like I need to get my money out of what I have repaired... otherwise it starts right up every-time and does well in winter... fairly quiet ride...

12th Jun 2007, 09:07

I have a 99 dodge intrepid with a lot of problems.

We have had the ac fixed several times resulting in about 1500.00. Now it want crank at all.

The battery is under the tire so it is a pain to get to. We have put in a new battery, the alternator is working, but we can't locate the problem.

This car is a real lemon.

Dodge should have to pay for all expenses for putting out a car like this one.


18th Jun 2007, 21:31

OK, Hi y'all. So I am yet another person in a love/hate relationship with their 99' Dodge Intrepid. I purchased it with 96,000 miles on it in '05 for $3000. At that time, I thought I was making the right decision (bought it to drive instead of my restored 78' Camaro)...Not sure this was the right decision. Here is the list of crap I've had to do to this car:

1. Replace tie rod ends just to have front end aligned. $300

2. Recharged a/c only to find it leaks down very fast, sending freon straight into the interior and leaving film on window; just had checked out by professional who said the evaporator is busted in the dash and it would cost $1,400 to fix.

3. Replaced speed sensor AND crankshaft position sensor. $150.

4. Had computer 'repronged' because it completely stopped sensing the timing, etc. (Would only run in 2nd gear and odometer stopped working, had to cost at 25 mph into nearest parking lot TWICE).

5. Needs new catalytic converters because apparently they over heat. $900 to replace.

6. Needs all four O2 sensors $280.

7. Needs thermostat housing; busted. $100

8. Passenger door lock actuator grinds and door won't unlock. $300

9. Interior lights and dash lights flicker; I think its the exorcist car...

*Anyone else feel my pain?*

Thinking about purchasing a 2007 Nissan Altima... what y'all think? (Too bad this dern car is only worth $1,100 when I owe $1,200.)