8th Apr 2008, 13:06

We bought our 1999 ES in 2001 with 19K miles, and have been very pleased overall. 1 trans speed sensor and 1 set of rotors. we currently have 118K and are looking to replace to stay ahead of the curve. Based on comparisons to friends and their cars, no real issues, 7 years, almost 100,000 miles... cannot complain. hope we are this lucky with the next car we choose, we will look at Dodge again, a lot has changed I last shopped, that is for sure.

26th Apr 2008, 14:15

I bought a 99 Dodge Intrepid ES, 3.8 motor back in January 2005 from a dealer (financed for 3 years). When I bought the car it had about 72k miles and it now has about 93k miles. Biggest mistake I ever made.

Less than a month after I purchased it, in late Feb. (I still hadn't made my fist payment on the car) the gas pump went stopped working. After we fixed that about 2 weeks later the radiator fan and the AC fan both stopped working and the car would overheat. We had those replaced.

The front end of the car started shaking and we had to have it fixed (don't remember what was wrong). A few months after that my drivers side window came off the track; luckily my dad knew how to fix it. I don't think 48 hours had gone by after fixing it and the passenger side window came off the tracks too.

And the latest problem we're having now, that we still haven't fixed, because I heard it would be expensive, is that it violently shakes at all speeds. I can be driving at 20 mph and the car will start shaking and making a terrible noise. Something with the front end.

I will never again buy an American car. My husband is a huge fan of imports and now I understand why. The car I had before this one was a 95 Toyota that I bought for 2k and it NEVER gave me any problems.

27th Apr 2008, 21:10

So, you bought a 6-year-old, relatively high mileage car that sounds like it was probably wrecked, and based on that experience, you will "never again buy an American car." I think you'll be in for a rude awakening with that used Camry or Accord made since 2000 that you're no doubt contemplating, but you'll have to find out on your own that Japanese cars of the last few years are not what they were in the '90s.

13th May 2008, 15:50

I have had my 1999 Dodge Intrepid ES for 5 1/2 years now. It has the 3.2L motor, it runs great I haven't had any engine problems. I put after market rotors and pads on it, the dealer ones are cheap and don't last. A/C quit about a year ago after the car had 120,000 miles on it. It needs the evaporator core changed I plan to have that done soon. I really like this car, it is paid for and sill runs great. It has 135,000 miles on it now and I plan to keep it for a while longer.

31st May 2008, 12:28

Wow!!! Well let me tag along guys. I'm Rae. I have a 99 Intrepid 2.7 V6. Absolutely unbelievable!!! I am in the process of changing my thermostat, which I just discovered that it is connected to the lower radiator hose, senseless. My A/C stopped working, my radiator blew, I've changed the tire rod bushings 3-4 times, driver and passenger side windows came off brackets, rack and pinion went bad, changed ceased engine, fuel pump went out early, etc. I have definitely spent way more than the car is worth and its frustrating. If a lawsuit is in the works... I want in!!! raestampley@hotmail.com.

6th Jun 2008, 17:20

I too have a 1999 2.7 INTREPID. The car drives beautiful and smooth on the open highway, as long as you can keep it there! We bought it with 56k in July 2001. It now has 194.5K. Yes, it does, but it has been painful sustaining it on the road.

Our history:

* When we bought it, the A/C did not put out cold. Dodge tried 3 times and failed; ended up at another shop for work.

* Speed sensor went at at 57K. Dodge replaced.

* A/C cooling fans both went out at seperate times: 90K & 152K.

* Water pump went at 132k; at which time had timeing belt, pressure relief valve, and thermostat also replaced. For those who are not aware, this is tearing the entire front of the engine apart to do this!

* Replaced fuel pump/sensor/filter due to sluggishness during acelerations.

* Replaced TAT sensor at 167K.

* Engine valve ticks and uses about 3/4 quart of oil every 1K, but changing oil faithfully every 2.5K, using GUNK Flush at that time, and 20W50 Castrol oil, we still are able to get 25-26MPG highway, and it has no problems putting out constant cruise control speeds of 85-90 MPH on Florida Turnpike, or interstates.

* All windows stick; the problem stems from the fact DOdge uses an "X" cross assembly inside the door to raise and lower the "curved" window, delivering it into it's rubber upper door gasket seals. It jams all the time on all the windows; it is more noticed on the drivers side because of use.

* Now needs struts, also tires again.

Was looking at getting rid of it in trade (only $500 allowed), but with the economy, just bought struts today and will get tires there after. But this will be my last investment, bad economy or not. At current 194.5K, I don't believe we should push it more than the end of 2008. I expect at least 225-230K without any more major problems. As I say, "I expect to get it"!


11th Jun 2008, 16:16

Guess I can't complain. I have a 1999 Intrepid 3.2L and I bought it in 2003 and for the most part, the vehicle has been pretty good to me. I also have some of the mentioned problems, but it hasn't been that bad. I have the blinking interior lights. Doesn't happen that often, but when it does, I open the glove compartment, then close it. The lights usually go off... lol My driver's side window has died and I'm not in a rush to fix it. The other three plus the sunroof work. My back driver's side door lock works when it wants to with a high pitched sound, My A/C compressor locked up, but I found another at a junk yard for $50 and will replace it soon. My control panel lights are gone, (heat, ac, etc.) but the controls work, so I don't care. I've had bushing work done, replaced a brake caliper and today, I have to replace the thermostat cause she overheated on me as I was pulling in my garage (thank God), but other than that, It's been a good car. By the way, I have over 175,000 miles on it and will drive until it dies. Can't afford another one and I drive for a living. I wish you all luck with your vehicles...

10th Jul 2008, 16:13

I own a 98 ES 3.2L with 235,000 miles. Neither of the back windows work, the drivers side window is hanging from one plastic tab, none of the interior lights work. The AC just blows hot air. For some reason the car randomly overheats and won't start. Sometimes, at low speeds, the car shakes so violently I can hardly drive. Everyone I take it too says there something different wrong with it. Total estimates push 700 dollars and I'm contemplating taking this pile to the salvage yard were it belongs.

I know my car has a lot of miles but I took good care of it and am very upset about the quality of car I purchased. I would not recommend a Dodge to anyone ever again.