13th Nov 2003, 14:36

Our 99 Concorde has a nasty problem. Runs fine--starts shaking, loses power, then grinds to a halt. Wait 20 minutes, starts up fine, the the same thing happened again!! ANY insight would be greatly appreciated!!! Yakfulness@hotmail.com Thanks!!

26th Nov 2003, 15:22

I own a 1999 Intrepid 3.2L with 45k miles. Since we've owned it we have had the driver side window fixed 2x. That was under warranty. Then we had the transmission stuck in 1st gear problem. That too fixed under warranty. Then, just after the warranty ran out, the right rear window quit working from the drivers controls. It will roll down with the control on the door. We learned to live with it. No big deal. Then, the instrument panel lights started flickering. I found that the adjustment on the dash seemed to be the culprit. If you turn the light intensity down a little bit it will stop. It did for me. At least... for now.

Now, our latest problem is the A/C. It quit blowing cold air a few weeks ago and I took it in to have it serviced. They put die in the system and couldn't find a leak. They charged the system and it worked fine for about 3 weeks. Until today, it quit again...I'm thinking it's probably like the other's with evaporator leaks. Will let you know. Also, I've been noticing that I've been getting a distinguishable vibration from 60-70MPH. I originally thought it was just that the tires needed balancing, but after hearing all of the rotor problems I wonder???

I've been a Dodge fan all my life, well, a MOPAR fan. I have to say after spending as much money as we did on this car, which is fully loaded by the way, to baby it 4 years and have all these problems is very disappointing to say the least. Class Action...I'm in!!!


23rd Dec 2003, 21:12

Well, believe it or not, I am the person that initially posted this entry 58 entries ago. I still own this car, but am planning to sell it soon. Everyone that is reading these comments needs to know that if you haven't changed the coolant, to do so immediately. The original coolant is Dex coolant and will sludge up your cooling system. There are class action lawsuits on Dex coolant if that tells you something. I turns to sludge also and will only aggravate the oil sludge problem in your engine. Go with the green stuff. Also, if you haven't already lost your engine, immediately change the oil to a synthetic oil, either Amsoil or Mobil1 10w/30. Numerous mechanics are telling me that the temperatures in the top end of this engine are extremely high and literally baking the regular oil causing sludge. If you have sludge now, flush the engine, change to synthetic oil, pray and sell it. Another expensive repair that I had done a year ago was the A/C evaporator needed replaced. This cost me $1,800 at the local dealership in parts and labor (mostly labor). The last item I would suggest if you plan on keeping your Intrepid is to immediately change the transmission fluid to Amsoil synthetic. I did so and have not had any problems. I may have done the next owner a favor as well as soon as I sell this car.

31st Dec 2003, 15:30

Just a short note to repeat the problem stated earlier by another writer. I have a 96 Intrepid. I enjoy driving the car. Lately there were noises in front when steering. It appears the steering rack and pinion mounting bushings are bad. The problem I am told that in order to correct the problem and obtain the bushings I would have to purchase the entire unit for $975.

I am certain there are those of you who have found some way to purchase the bushings without the entire unit. This is what I am looking for I would like to continue driving the car if I can find the bushings. If any of you know where I may get these bushings please let me know, and thanks. I liked checking out this site and hope I can find out about a solution. Email me at: delahunt@juno.com.

15th Jan 2004, 19:20

I too have 1998 intrepid. I loved this car. Several times I have experienced lights going on and off day or night, but technician said at the dodge dealer where I got the car that nothing showed. Airbag light too showed up. Had window fixed once and now the window will not go up or down on drivers side such a pain. Also had to have speed sensor replaced under 60,000 miles. Now today check engine light has come on and every thing seems to be okay. So I guess it will have to go in shop to see whats going on. I'm scared to find out what is going on especially after reading all this. MEmerson53@msn.com.

19th Jan 2004, 20:16

Were do I start, I have a 1998 intrepid 62,000 miles and I need a new motor in it. my windows do not work, (nothing works in the car). I know someone that works at a dodge place and they said that the 2.7 motors are no good, problems after problems. the holes that the oil goes thought are to small, the 1998 and 1999. they do not make that type of motor anymore. anyone that has a 2.7 motor in there car please please email me, there is got to be something we can do. just think about some of the people that are still paying on the car and cannot drive it. I really think that a lawsuit is the way to go. please email me at, jennbaker@bellsouth.net. thank you very much.

25th Jan 2004, 18:48

I just heard about this web site from my father in law today. I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid that I purchased new in December of 1998. I too have run across the same problems most people here have experienced. Here is what failed during the 36 month 36,000 mile warranty: Front passenger window motor, rear drivers window motor, front sway bar steering links, leaking coolant air bleeder (looks like thermostat cover, but is not), transmission overflow out the filler tube (dealer said it was filled too high from the factory), loose transmission line where it meets the radiator, and the windshield wiper motor that was intermittent on the intermittent setting. Here is what has failed outside the 36 month 36,000 mile warranty: Rear caliper seized and destroyed the rotor at 44,000 miles, both the input and output speed sensors went out at 52,000 miles, and now I have a radiator overflow problem that the dealer does not know how to fix. The coolant appears to come out the overflow after I turn the car off. Thanks to you folks, I'll take a closer look at the radiator fans that I suspected before. Now for the scary part, I am dreading what I am hearing about the oil return tube and the 2.7 liter V6 engine seizures. I have changed to oil religiously every 3,000 miles, but from what I hear, this may not be sufficient to prevent the problem. Currently I have 57,000 miles on the car and will most likely sell it.

14th Feb 2004, 11:53

Wow, I guess I'm adding my name to the long list of disappointed Intrepid owners! I have a 2000 Intrepid with over 95,700 miles on it. I cannot complain about warranties because I bought it used as is at a used car dealership. The car runs fine except now I notice the infamous oil light is flickering during idle at a traffic lights. The car has to be warmed up before this starts. By the way the oil was just changed as well as the filter. Also the engine has a slight rattle to it during idle and feels like its not shifting gears at high speeds. I had the lemon check done at the Dodge dealership for $69.00 and they verified the slight rattle means the transmission needs service. I'm glad its tax refund month!! I hope the oil problem is just a sensor (I'm praying it is!) Oh and I did have the transmission fluid flushed, but that did not help the slight rattle, a little, but not resolved. I love my Intrepid, but I wonder after reading all these comments at what cost?? Email me at larich1970@aol.com.