26th Feb 2004, 13:58

Today was the end of the line. My wife's 1999 intrepid died yesterday and after a full days worth of running around the Dodge folks gave us a quote of $7000 for a new engine. We've had the car 5 whole months. I guess we both had our worries the Intrepid was going to be a money pit after the check engine light came on a couple times, then the oil light made it's appearance on a few occasions. Called the extended warranty Co. and they said we are just past our 6 mon./7500 mile coverage. The only good thing I can say is that we bought it cheap and it's paid off. But it wasn't worth a $4700 lesson to never buy a dodge again. Got law suit??? email supag@yahoo.com.

5th Mar 2004, 08:09

I own a 99 Intrepid 3.2L, and I am so glad I found this site! I have had many of the same problems everyone else here has experienced. The passenger window mechanism had to be replaced. The speed sensor was replaced. The radiator fans died, and the AC went out. I replaced the radiator fans. Last month, another transmission problem (I'm thinking another speed sensor) ended up being some sort of computer inside the transmission. 900.00 (+) later, the problem was fixed (or so I thought). Driving in to work this morning, the car shut off while idling at a light (after driving for about an hour on the way to work). I restarted the car immediately, but noticed it would not shift out of second gear (the "limp-home" condition, programmed into the transmission. You think they KNEW this transmission would have problems?!?!?)!! I suspect another speed sensor this time, since the speedometer stopped working, as well. Maybe it's just a fuse for the speedometer. At this point, I'm tired of guessing, and broke from fixing a car I'm still paying for. I would GLADLY repeat this story in a Court of Law. Just give me the opportunity to do so. I can be reached at CbrRydah@Comcast.net. Meanwhile, more web-searches are in order to pinpoint the cause of my issue because I can't afford to take it Dodge and have them tell me what's wrong. Wish me luck!

5th Apr 2004, 12:19

I own a 1999 2.7 liter Intrepid. My husband and I purchased it in Feb 2003 with 56000 miles. After the second oil change the transmission sensor went and the bearings spun and needed replaced. The front passenger window motor went a few months ago, and on my way to the store today the ABS and battery lights came on with a ding on my console. I only have 76630 miles on it! Our warranty just ran out a few months ago. Lawsuit??? email navajomom@comcast.net.

30th May 2004, 12:53

I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid that had problems starting. I had the starter replaced, only to have the problem reappear. It turns out that the problem was in the ignition switch. Once that was replaced, the problem was solved. Apparently this is a common problem with the Intrepid and Concord, but most mechanics do not recognize it as a switch problem.

I have had two of the window motors replaced as well as the driver side door lock. One of the motors was replaced under warranty. I saved quite a bit of money by having a local mechanic replace the other window motor and door lock.

The oil light was coming on regularly. It turned out to be a leaking oil sensor.

4th Jun 2004, 13:47

1999 Intrepid ES 3.2l Automatic with manual bump shifting option. I purchased it new over the internet.

Here are my two cents. Well built solid car. I have 136,000 miles, but have had a couple of problems I blame on design - the steering rack end bushings apparently prematurely wore causing rattling.

The following are my Intrepid's problems and my general comments:

-Replaced rack $2,000 at 50-60k miles - I think this is a design flaw

-Replaced both electric engine fans - seemed to me to be related to dust accumulation in motor

-Cam sensor failure caused engine malfunction - false impression that transmission is acting up

-Replaced timing belt at 99,000 miles - normal and very cheap insurance

-Driver electric window switch failure - moisture or dirt creeps in because of orientation of up/down window control

-I have used synthetic oil since new and have changed it or had it changed every 3,000miles. Engine runs like new.

- Broken seat mounts were fixed by recall. This could have been a rude awakening if the seat back failed at speed.

- Hard start after refueling has been my only constant problem. The dealer never could fix it and has been a problem since my first year of ownership.

- Broken windshield washer fluid tank - I can't explain this one.

-Replaced water pump when mechanic noticed small leak.

- AC loses cool at least once per year. No trace of leak after the dye test.

- Bad smell on air startup - I think I have some recess of the ventilation system where gunk has built up and harbors mold.

-Had air conditioning computer reprogrammed. I didn't even know they could do this one. It was documented by Alldata and seemed to help.

- OEM Eagle tires wore out quickly. The front tires carry most of the Intrepid's weight - something over 60%.

- Michelin X tires have lasted 70,000miles. Quality replacement tires make good sense.

- Walmart stripped oil plug. I don't think their folks know about hand tightening first to prevent cross threading.

- Plugs replaced with Bosch platinum at 70,000 and 110,000miles - ditto quality replacement parts

- Full 100k mile maintenance by dealer. Even if you change your own oil religiously and do the proper air filter changes, these computers on wheels need to be checked by someone with the right bulletins and tools.

I will keep the car until it dies.

Bob P


9th Jun 2004, 22:28

I have a 99 Intrepid that has also had the driver side window problem. And for some reason the front door locks work sometimes and sometimes they don't. I have also had the oil light problem. And the drivers side window has come out of it's track and had to be repaired. now I'm having problems with the car's check engine light coming on and setting codes P1684 and P0203 and P0303. P1684 is the battery has been disconnected in the last 50 starts which it hasn't. P0203 & P0303 have something to do with a fuel injector. I also have had to replace both cooling fans and had the leaky thermostat housing problem. Thank God I use to be a Auto Service Manager so a lot of the repairs were done under a extended warranty. But I am intrested adding my car to a class action lawsuit over the 2.7l motor so please include me. snakesraiders12@yahoo.com

I believe the design of the motor was done poorly and this motor should be recalled. This car has been well taken care of and aI have all the records and repairs documented.

16th Jun 2004, 20:47

HEY! Another me too here! My 99 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 liter w/110,000 miles ran great when I bought it from the dealer with 89,000 miles in November 2003, It now uses a Quart of Oil every 1500 miles in town, but oddly enough consumes barely any oil on the on the highway, has the check engine light on with a Catlatic Converter Code - Needs an O2 sensor I think (Thanks Autozone), The Thermostat housing is leaking, Struts are making noise and are shot (with my mileage I expect this) its making a noise from the front of the motor, Transmission Speed sensor went out which brought me here - looking for a answer why I had no speedometer and no 3rd or 4th gear, Should have known better with this car, the Oil Light came on at low idle when driving it home from the dealer the first day I had it. Looks like a big "For Sale" sign is going in the window soon. Thanks Guys for the "Heads Up"