18th Feb 2008, 13:17

Hi, my father owns a very nice '62 Lancer wagon, and he is dying to know how many of these were made? He has been told that only 3 to 4 hundred were produced. I would appreciate any info regarding this, or tips about where I can ask this. Thanks a million!



21st Feb 2008, 21:20

The Mopar station wagons are starting to attract the attention of the muscle car enthusiasts, fondly remembering the old days. A Lancer wagon with a dual quad crossram 383 would be pretty cool!

1st Mar 2008, 04:17

When I was a boy, my Dad owned an early production '60 Valiant. It was super cool and so original (if controversial) in styling that one couldn't be luke warm about it. He says that the neighbors borrowed it to go grocery shopping in snowstorms because it just wouldn't get stuck!

When the Lancer came out in '61, I loved the front end so much that I vowed to own one some day. I eventually purchased a pretty nice coupe in the mid '90s. I recall being amazed at its nimble yet solid road manners. It was a 170 cid, so it's acceleration wasn't the strongest, but it had terrific mid-range torque for cruising easily at 80 mph with power to spare for passing. A "take your hands off the wheel" feeling of security. I don't know why, but these first generation Valiants/Lancers have always seemed a bit more spritely than the later, '63-'66 models (of which I have owned many, and which are great in their own right). Maybe they have a slightly lower center of gravity... or maybe the 170 engine is just light enough compared to the 225 that it produces less understeer...?

Anyway, I loved that car, and kept it for about 4 years before passing it on to another Slant 6 aficionado in the early '00s. I am getting the itch again, though! My perfect "Toad" bodied car would be a chrome-less '62 Valiant coupe with a '61 Lancer front clip and a '60 Valiant trunk lid and dash, powered by a 170 Hyper Pak. I would add Classic Auto Air Conditioning, mounted in a custom, under dash housing, and fit body painted Dayton wire wheels. The Exner fuselage styling harkens back to cars of the '20s and '30s, so wires would look great on it!

Barry, New York

20th Apr 2008, 20:36

Found a 62 Lancer at an automotive swap meet in Kansas 2 years ago. My 15 year old daughter was with me and she knew I was starting to think of a car for her in a year when she started driving. She fell in love the car and we restored it; trying to keep it as original as possible. She is a great kid with a cool car that everyone at school knows. I can always spot her car in the parking lot. Maybe some day I will get it back.

26th Jun 2009, 05:04

I've got a 62 Lancer 4 door 770. The car has been sitting for 15 years. I'm going to fix it up, and need a lot of parts. If you can help contact me at nrowling@hotmail.com Thanks?

2nd Nov 2009, 16:15

I recently bought a green 1962 Dodge Lancer, Model 770, and have been able to find most parts except the dash speaker grill. I need help as to the size of the dash radio speaker. It appears to be 9" across but only 4 and 1/2" or 5" tall. Can someone tell me if the 62 Lancer takes a special size radio speaker? Is a mounting radio speaker plate necessary? Does anyone know where I can find a dash speaker grill? These are great cars. Mine has the 225 slant six with A/T. Someone has redone the interior and it has been done very well. Please email me at g4m7k2@yahoo.com if you have the answer about the radio speaker. Thanks.

19th Nov 2009, 16:43

Hello, I'm the owner of a great restored 1962 Lancer. The fuel tank has developed a leak due to age. Can anyone help me locate a new replacement tank? If you would email me at rhpdodge@bellsouth.net Thanks.

15th Nov 2011, 15:31

As the proud owner of a nearly restored 1962 Dodge Lancer, I need a taillight assembly and an original grille, not one designed to fit. Does anyone have a parts car of this make and model? studebakerhawk57@gmail.com

24th Apr 2012, 17:47

Do you ever find your speaker grille? I'm looking for one for my 62 Dart.

25th Jan 2013, 19:45

1962 Dodge Lancer 170 4 door sedan.

My mother bought the mouse grey sedan at Thompson Shumake Dodge in Omaha NE. It was a lemon from the very beginning. Dodge actually flew a mechanic in from their corporate offices, and even he could not figure out why the car ran fine until it would rain, and then all bets were off. They did not offer her any compensation, and by 1969 she had saved enough $ to buy a new Olds Cutlass. Best move she ever made!

25th Jul 2013, 09:56

I'm writing to you years later, but you may want to look at Clifford Performance for some engine parts for your Lancer.


25th Jan 2014, 14:22

I was able to drive a '62 Dodge Lancer for about a year. My uncle let me borrow it while I didn't have a car of my own. It was the coolest car I have driven.

People used to run up to me while I was waiting at red lights and comment about the push button transmission, or they'd yell something and give me a thumbs up. The smiles on their faces showed their minds were flooded with sweet memories that were sparked at the first glance of the car. I hope to get one of my own someday.

If anyone is looking for a dash speaker grille (or any other plastic parts), I have a 3d printer, and have made a new grille for my uncle's Dodge. The original plastic deteriorated into dust. I imagine it is probably the case for other classic car owners, and I found it very hard to find anything online.

I'm not trying to spam or advertise any business, or anything. Just thought I could help anyone looking for specific parts that are seemingly hard to find.

I hope it's OK for me to post my email. Feel free to contact me and just add the words "dodge lancer" in the subject (even if you need help with a part for a different kind of car; adding that will prevent it from being filtered as spam).


Thanks everybody.

9th Jun 2014, 15:35

A new speaker grille would be great. Could you make me one?

4th Dec 2014, 12:01


I have a 62 Lancer wagon as well. There were 7005 made in 1962.


23rd Mar 2015, 00:17

I am restoring a 1962 Dodge Lancer 170 and I have been able to locate all the necessary parts except a pair of tail light lens. I would like to talk to anyone who is restoring a Lancer 1962.


13th Oct 2015, 04:42

7008 wagons were built in 1962. I have one that I have built into a drag car.

9th Nov 2015, 22:01

I have a '62 wagon that is near mint with a later model 318 4 bbl in it. 7000 made -- probably only 1000 or so of the 770 wagons, tho...

30th Nov 2019, 05:31

Nice, do you still own it?

28th Dec 2019, 16:22

I just bought a 62 Wagon this month, 318. Drove it 300 miles home :)