1997 Dodge Neon Highline 2.0L DOHC from North America


Good bargain if you're willing to spend money on upkeep.


Head gasket was replaced under my extended warranty at 90000 km.

Replaced the water pump at 85000 km.

Has occasional rear brake noise.. quite embarrassing occasionally.

Otherwise just normal maintenance keeps the car running just fine.

Getting some rust spots at top of driver's side door.

Scratch on driver's side window... is a manufacturer's defect.

Have had work done twice to the air conditioning.. seals were going, and lost the refrigerant, plus the compressor went at 95000 km.

General Comments:

Overall, not a bad car (for a Dodge). Have driven Dodge vehicles in the past, and this one has performed better than those.

Has good pick-up on the highway.

Is relatively good on gas (30 mpg city, up to 40 mpg on the highway).

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003

1997 Dodge Neon SE from North America


I will never buy another Dodge Neon nor would I recommend one to anyone


Two weeks after I got it I had to put a new battery into it.

Two months after I got it the starter went out. That was a $500 repair.

The speedometer only works sometimes.

The left turn signal got jammed and lights up when I step on the brakes.

The car lighter has never worked.

The transmission is going out, it kind of stalls while I'm driving and it's automatic!

I've had the car for almost 2 years and I've already put over $2,000.00 worth of repairs into it.

General Comments:

The material of the seats seems to be holding up pretty well.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2003

29th Apr 2004, 14:39

Blinker jam may have been a trick played by someone in the dealerships or audio center. They rewire your car to mess with you.

1997 Dodge Neon SE 2.0L SOHC from Puerto Rico


Makes a lemon a great candy


Paint peels just two weeks on the road.

Battery lasts just a month.

Leaks oil engine since 10,000 miles.

Brakes wear out too fast.

Air conditioning system repair 6 times in 5 years.

Radiator needs repair once a year.

General Comments:

If you repair something for example the air conditioning system, be prepared to visit your cooling system mechanic and then you electronic mechanic.

If you thinks that something sounds bad or looks bad or smells bad just close your eyes and make your prayers as it runs.

Don't even think of washing it because he have it's own mind and may believe you want to spend some money on him.

In general it is a bad car.

It's performance (when is not at a mechanic garage near you) it's great.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1997 Dodge Neon from North America


Piece of garbage, which should be recalled


I do not know where to begin, as this car has had so many problems:

Truck leaks excessively.

Speedometer has a mind of its own (when it decides to work)

Oil leaks at a rate of a quart a week.

Burning oil smell that never leaves.

Light smoke coming from the engine.

Excessive emission problems, as it never passes without more money spent fixing something wrong with the emissions.

Check engine light has a mind of its own.

Muffler sounds as though it will explode (but only when Idling)

Replaced items for Vehicle: Battery ($60), Starter ($300), Numerous sensors ($500)...the list goes on.

From reading other posts, I have the same problems that other people have... so I know it is not just me, which lightens my load a little bit.

General Comments:

I cannot think of anything that is good about this car, in my honest opinion. I have only listed the major problems, and I haven't even mentioned the minor problems (rear passenger windows not sealed well, cigarette lighter broke, etc.)

The only good thing about this car is the seats, which seem to be made with strong durable fabric. I cannot think of anything else.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2003

21st Jun 2003, 15:10

I own a 97 neon and it's been in more than 5 accidents, but still runs perfect. One of the best small cars.

16th May 2007, 08:34

I have the EXACT same problems speedometer, check engine, oil and 1 better the trany leaks and slips. Money, money, and more money this car keeps costing me money. Dodge should investigate these problems.