2003 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0 SOHC from North America


Sucks ass


BAD program on PCM.

Three OBDII faults.

Repair of exhaust valve at 60K.

Oil pump problems at 70K.

General Comments:

Idles funny.

Transmission lurches.

Power surges or sags when lights turn on or AC is run.

The car is peppy and looks good.


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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

2003 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0L SOHC from North America


Unreliable, the car is junk to me


Engine misfires almost all the time, have changed spark plugs and wires recently, and is still misfiring.

The light for the gages has gone out.

Check engine light is on, reading out that I need a new thermostat.

Steering wheel shakes constantly until reaching higher speeds and then slightly stops shaking.

Last week I went onto the freeway and my car felt like a roller coaster when I hit 60 mph, I had to pull over and look under the vehicle, and found nothing wrong, axle and everything was fine, hasn't done that since.

Brakes squeak sometimes, but not all the time, I hear it is common with the Neons.

Battery light comes on sometimes, but rarely, and all lights dim and the belt squeaks, may be water hitting it issue?

Weird noise coming from the injectors, sounds like a loud cricket, someone may have similar problem?

General Comments:

Car has decent handling abilities and performance seems good enough, if it didn't misfire. I did do a couple mods: Installed a K&N intake which definitely increased the power, and also installed a cat-back exhaust. I believe the car is quick, but is probably only pushing 150 hp right now.

Clutch is still excellent, can chirp the tires 1st to 2nd, decent get up and go.

I plan on selling the Neon for 3k, but it for 4k.

I do change oil regularly, have used higher grades such as Valvoline's max life, but still cannot run that great.

I wouldn't recommend buying this vehicle unless you trust the dealer well, or know them somehow from other customers.

Invested about 1k in car so far in repairs.


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Review Date: 13th January, 2009

9th Apr 2011, 22:44

My 2003 Neon has not given me any problems, it has 200,000 miles and counting. Guess it is time to change the timing belt.

2003 Dodge Neon SXT from North America


Nothing but problems at 50,000+ miles


I've taken great care of my car, but it's been nothing but costly problems at 50,000+ miles... and all are issues a quality economy car wouldn't have, at least not so soon.

Brakes have needed extensive repair work 2 times in the past year alone. Earlier this year my left side passenger brake literally fell apart while I was driving, completely locking the wheel in place.

Dodge is well aware the radiators installed in Neons are problematic, but they simply don't care. My radiator has broken twice, and my transmission got fried the 2nd time. Dodge admitted they're responsible for it, but they won't help pay for ANY of the costly repair work or do anything at all to remedy the situation, even though the transmission is covered under a 7 year/70,000 mile warranty. At this point I'm fed up with the car and plan on getting a new one ASAP.

The Dodge Neon is simply unreliable. It's broken down and left me stranded 3 times in the past 6 months alone (all brake and radiator related). Thank goodness for AAA!

General Comments:

The only good things I can think of are the gas mileage and the sound system.

I had such a horrible experience both with this car and Dodge's customer service that I will NEVER buy another Dodge again, and I'd tell everyone else to avoid them at all costs as well. The quality of their cars and their customer service is so poor that it's no wonder the American auto industry is having such a rough time.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2008

13th Aug 2009, 14:45

My transmission and radiator blew up to day. Thank god it was under warranty!!!

Blew up at 62,785Km.