2003 Dodge Neon SXT from North America


Reliable for me, but not much fun


I really haven't had any problems with this car. Mechanically, everything has been fairly sound.

General Comments:

This really isn't that bad of a car. It is no Toyota Celica, that's for sure, but it could be worse. I purchased this car when I didn't have an option (long story), but it has served me well.

- The original tires on this car are horrible. I replaced them @ 15000 miles with new ones and haven't had a problem since.

- The seats are very difficult to clean if you get them wet. I had a gallon of milk 'sweat' onto the seat and have had a weird white ring ever since. Note: No milk actually touched the seat.. it was just condensation from the jug.

- The seats are not the most comfortable. I can handle my 50+ mile/day commute, but when I drove the 1000 or so miles to Atlanta my butt was killing me!

- The speakers and radio are fairly impressive. I did replace the stock deck with an after market deck, but only to run my subs, and only after I had the car for over a year.

- The brakes are *horrible* after it rains. They have squealed from day 1. Apparently brake dust is the cause, but my neighbors hated when I worked at 6am because the noise was enough to raise the dead... and was embarrassing, to be frank.

- As with many American cars, it just started sounding rough after about 50,000.

I really don't have any complaints about this car. I never really like Neons, but this car has served me well. As I said before, it's no Toyota, but it wasn't as bad as some people made it sound. I do not doubt for one second that some people have had horrible experiences with them. My former fiance had a '95 neon which was reliable as a go-kart. If you go into this car knowing that it is a 'snap-together' car and not a BMW, and service it as such, it's an okay little car. Was it as fun as my Celica? Heck no... but it got me to and from work.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

5th Sep 2007, 09:32

I too get the squeaky brakes on my Neon, good to know that's universal. Steering wheel screeches too for some reason.

2003 Dodge Neon from North America


Was happy with the car until recently


I have had the same problems with no power. I also took it back to the dealer three times, with the same results as the previous post. 1st time they told me it was a loose battery cable, the 2nd and 3rd time they said that the battery voltage was reading too high and if it reads too high or low, the car stops.

Now there is a new problem with it.

While I was driving it today, the radio went off, the seat belt light came on, and the car started to stall. This happened 3-4 times in a 2 mile stretch.

General Comments:

The gas mileage is good - assuming the car actually moves.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2006

20th Jul 2008, 11:47

Dude I think it's your alternator... something is wrong with it for sure...

20th Mar 2010, 22:41

Total engine failure in cylinder #1 at 60,000 miles.

Awaiting answer from Chrysler about resolution of the problem.

Car ran great until now. Hit 60,000 miles and started to self destruct!!

21st Mar 2010, 17:09

My Neon's engine is failing as well. Only 87,000 miles. The crankshaft bearings and cylinder #4 wrist pin are on their way out. Mine is a '95 however.

2003 Dodge Neon from North America


A Melon



Windshield is peeling off the car.

Dashboard is always shaking.

Very unreliable, uncomfortable, and ugly.

Has trouble starting.

Automatic Windows are not working.

General Comments:

I have had similar problems with dodge cars. Dodge seems to cut corners everywhere.

The Neon is one of my newer Dodge's, and it sucks as much as all of the other ones. Everyone in my family has owned a Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, or Jeep, and all of them think they are pieces of crap. All of my friends have also owned a dodge, and they thought that Dodge doesn't care about their customers.

First, the Neon. The seats are very uncomfortable, and not recommended for trips around the block, or they will become a pain. I am also very tired of the gross looks I get for driving around town in the Neon. I am really surprised at how many people look and get a weird look on their face, like I am driving naked.

The car wouldn't start at times, but other times it had no problem. Like other Dodges, it had a horrible automatic transmission. A grinding noise happens whenever the car changes gears.

I would recommend to never buy a Dodge, or to buy from any of the company's that have anything to do with Dodge.

I would however, recommend to buy from a GM dealer. I also noticed that Dodge dealers have no idea what they are talking about, and have little to no knowledge about cars. GM dealers on the other hand, know a lot about their cars, and have reasonable prices.

I would highly recommend to buy a GM vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

5th Mar 2006, 13:38

Why would a company like GM that's facing bankruptcy and lay off's care any more about their product than any other troubled American car company? Same story across the board, only safe bet is an import brand made in America. Honda and Toyota have plants here and make an excellent product.