2003 Dodge Neon STX 2.0 from North America


You get what you pay for


At 20000 miles the check engine light came on. Was told that it was my intake oxygen sensor.

Had it replaced. Light still on and still running rich.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

2003 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 Litre SOHC from North America


Reliable, Sporty and Comfortable


I had a very bad accident on Easter in 2003. I got stuck between two vehicles with not enough room to stop and ended up rear-ending someone that was parked in the middle of the interstate at 60 miles per hour. It basically tore the left front of the vehicle off. I had to go out into the interstate to retrieve my left front wheel. I had it repaired and my alignment check every three months after and it has not budged. I work in the automotive industry, more specifically, vehicle repair including tires, alignments and so forth. Kind of a specialist in this matter and I am completely satisfied with the Neon. I was able to walk from the accident and know that the vehicle has not demonstrated any signs of problems 10,000 miles later.

General Comments:

The car is sporty with good acceleration and very comfortable on long distance trips. I am 6'2" and 230 lbs. and I fit with comfort.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2004

21st Sep 2004, 19:18

Thank you so much for your review. I have been thinking about buying an '03 Dodge Neon SE. Your review helped me to make up my mind. Like you I am also tall and I will be taking it on a really long trip. I will defintely purchase it. Once again thank you!

30th Sep 2004, 22:39

There is one review for a reason. The car just isn't old enough. Give it time and this years Neon will flood with poor reviews too.

2003 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0 from North America


Good car for the price


As of right now, nothing.

General Comments:

I've had three Neons: 1997, 2000 and now a 2003.

The head gasket was replaced twice on the 97, but other than that it was a great running car. I had no problems with the 2000.

The 2003 is great so far, but it's tpo soon to tell. The key is take good care of it and it will treat you good.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003

2003 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0, 132 HP from North America


A cookie cutter, push them out the door...fast


New front rotors installed at 5200 miles.

New power steering pump required at 6000 miles. Also at this time the radiator was tightened and the windshield molding put back in place.

General Comments:

The front seat is narrow and has a straight bar across the top, right at shoulder blade level. Wide front pillars interfer with vision, they create large blind spots.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2003

21st Jan 2004, 20:51

How well did you take care of your car in this short time that you have had it? The better you maintain your car the better it runs the better for everything.

I have heard it lots of time and now I see it, if you want to abuse your car or not keep it well-maintained you should buy a Honda or a Toyota those last forever. Or you can go with the GM products such as Oldsmobile or Buick, I have had both an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera and a Buick Regal. I am very busy and so it helps because they don't need constant maintenance.

13th Apr 2004, 09:37

Ah, brake rotors normally last more than 5200 miles even under HEAVY abuse. And the power steering pump and windshield have nothing to do with maintenance.

This isn't my car, I would choose to "take life by the horns". However I just wanted to point out that there was probably nothing this person could have done to prevent these problems. They are obviously factory defects. And unfortunately these vehicles, and manufacture, are known for quality problems.

31st Oct 2010, 21:54

My neon has had many issues. If you own one, I hope you have mechanical abilities. Mine had only 53k miles and needed a motor mount, ball joints, rotors and now needs rear bearings. It's designed to be cheap. Just throw in higher quality parts. I could see this being the next junkyard car. I consider it a beater, although it's in excellent cosmetic condition.