11th Jul 2001, 13:47

The 1995 neons are shown to be more troublesome than newer ones. I don't think you should count Chrysler out because of a bad experience with one car in its first year. The newer Chryslers are much better than the older ones, just as good as any other cars on the road. But, that's just my opinion. I made the neon mistake a year ago. I have no intention of getting rid of my trouble-free neon.

15th Jul 2001, 06:53

I just picked up a 97 Neon for $5000, you people are scaring me..

16th Aug 2001, 23:45

As for the air conditioning - You can buy at any auto store some stuff to spray in the ducts to get rid of that smell. It's normal in any vehicle with A/C. Just my 2 cents!

7th Feb 2003, 00:39

I bought a '97 neon in September from a neighbor. Right away we had to replace the ignition switch! We replaced the spark plugs 3 times in the space of 5 months! Finally, we were told that the problem was that the valve springs needed to be replaced, and this was a problem in all neons up until 1998! It is a $700.00 touch here in Canada!

We tried to trade it in to a dealer, but they only offered us $5,000. I'm seriously considering it, though. The dealer says that would solve our problem. After reading the other comments, I highly doubt it!

I guess I should have checked HERE before buying... : (

6th Aug 2003, 00:03

My girlfriend bought a 97 Neon a year ago. Poor unsuspecting thing. Had I known her then I would have never let her. I had already had experience with my 97 Stratus, so I was in the know when she proclaimed her Neon uses up one quart per week. "I think it has a oil leak, but there's nothing on the garage floor". Hmmm, I'm thinking head gasket, just like Stratus. Checked the radiator fluid and rear right side engine block. Sure enough. Chyrsler will have nothing to do with her since she bought it used and the warranty ran out 3,000 miles ago. Chrysler did replace my Stratus engine because I was the original owner. But, sadly, she is on the hook for these repairs. Do not, under any circumstances buy used Stratus/Neon.

19th Apr 2004, 18:09

For the guy that is having the alternator/battery problem in his 97 neon, I'm having the exact problem as well. even the dealership has no clue!! I think the problem is coming from the wire harness. please e-mail me at archivecollectibles@hotmail.com thanks, mike.

20th Jun 2004, 16:41

My 97' dodge neon highline began blowing it's fuel injector fuse 2 weeks ago. It blows every fifty miles or so. I had my car looked at by a dodge dealer. I was told I need to have the engine wire harness replaced, along with my motor mounts replaced. This is going to cost me close to $1500. If any one knows how to replace the wire harness please let me know, it could save me allot of money. Thanks, Rebekah.

5th Jul 2004, 20:22

Where is the reverse switch located on the 1997 neon high line I need to replace this soon for my sticker HELP!!!

9th Nov 2004, 14:23

I purchased a '96 Dodge Neon for about $8000, I figure that by the time I'm done paying for the loan I will have repurchased the car in repairs!

I've replaced the gasket twice in 2yrs, have a mysterious recurring oil pan leak, the brakes squeak and nobody can seem to figure out why. Both front end wheel bearings have blown (first time I ended up in a ditch). The speedometer tends to go haywire and half the time I have have no accurate idea of how fast I'm driving. The a/c never works, and the heat smells!

I've had nothing, but major problems with this car, despite regular dealership maintenance.

26th Feb 2005, 15:24

I purchase a new 97 Neon sport 4 door.

The first year of ownership everything worked fine. The car had nice acceleration.

The second year the head gasket failed twice.

The third year the cam seal failed. Radiator fan relay failed.

The forth year spark plug backed out the head. Had to replace the front brake rotors because they were badly warped

The fifth year nothing happened.

The sixth year oil pressure sending unit failed.

The passenger window did not seal properly. So at freeway speeds you would here whistling noise from the window. Oh this is only the stuff I can remember off the top of my head. In 2004 I solved my problems by selling the car for less than $1500, and buying a new Toyota.

6th Aug 2005, 19:27

I'm really glad we checked this website, we were going to purchase a 1999 Neon in New Zealand, where they are a vary rare sight and as such attract premium prices to maintain. After reading these reviews, we have decided to go for a BMW 3 series, which are about the same cost as a Neon used here. My partner thinks BMWs are boring, however we both agree that boring is better than not going.

20th Mar 2011, 01:57

I purchased a used 1997 Dodge Neon 1.6 DOHC 115,000 miles on it, in Sept, 2008 for $1750, spent about $1000 on preventive maintenance (timing/alternator/A/C belts, hoses, brakes, etc.)

Other than oil changes and such (which is normal for any vehicle), it has been probably one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. The only thing that has gone wrong is the A/C died in March of 2010, and in San Antonio during the summer it is very uncomfortable to say the least, but I am still driving it.

I have not, and probably will not fix the A/C, because it would cost more than the car is worth.

I am going to buy a newer car to rebuild my credit, and keep it as a backup for emergencies to get to work and such.

22nd Mar 2011, 04:36

Must be so much easier to get parts in America - we here in NZ have to wait 5 days+ for something to come from States and 2 weeks from Singapore - hence when warrants fail puts Kiwis in an absolutely awful predicament.

I have learnt to get warrants checked a month or two before they are due because of the huge delay in getting parts.

1st Jun 2011, 15:36

What was your car doing to have got his conclusion?

6th Jan 2015, 23:23

My girlfriend has a 97 Highline with 90,000 miles. The speedo goes out from time to time. Now it won't start. I replaced the battery, alternator, and fuses. All new. Still won't start. I think it has to do with the crankshaft sensor. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.