18th Nov 2005, 10:37

The Dodge Ram Pace Truck is the only way to go! I bought mine new in June of 1996 and sold it in May of 2004. I bought a new Red Hemi Quad Cab at that time. I sold the Pace Truck on Ebay with it having 99,600 miles on it. I never had any trouble with it. I only had to replace the battery, brakes, alternator and tires. A year and a half later I saw it back on Ebay and bought it back. I had to drive a little over five hundred miles to get it back. I will never sell this truck again - it is pushing ten years old, but it still turns heads especially mine!

7th Apr 2007, 13:15

I have a 1996 Indy Dodge Ram for sale. It is blue with white stripes. Low miles and in pretty good condition. It has been in my garage for 4 yrs. It runs great.

Anyone interested please email: jennycovington@insightbb.com.

19th Aug 2010, 22:50

I have a 1996 Dodge Ram Indy 500 Pace Truck, and have had it from the time it was new. Now it has 137000 miles and still runs great! It's on its third set of tires (the same that came with the truck) and still has power to pass. Anyone has any questions about their truck, just email me at (Brave2dothis@netzero.com)

6th Nov 2010, 22:14

I recently traded a 1970 Duster for my Indy pace truck, and I love this truck very much. I drive it year round. I purchased a set of 2002 20in factory dodge rims for it, and the look is so amazing!!! The comments just keep coming my way!!! Mopar or no car!!!

9th Jan 2011, 07:03

I too just found this site. I am the proud owner this gorgeous truck. I just bought it used Jan 1, it has 40,000 miles on it and is in mint condition. I had to pin the headliner up though as it was falling down. This baby has been garaged for the last 14 years, and looks sweeter than ever! I wish there were a place to buy 'pace truck' apparel, I'd like a Dodge t-shirt or sweatshirt... yes, I'm a girl!

Wouldn't it be cool to have a group of owners meet somewhere, and run these trucks around the Indy track again if they would let us?

Enjoy your truck, ya'all!

16th Jan 2011, 08:16

I just bought a 96 Indy Ram 3 weeks ago. I love it. Everything is in kilometers though, but I'll get use to it. It has 19 welded on frame, so I'm wondering if it was 19 made. I'm going to have it restored to new condition.

30th Apr 2011, 14:26

I just recently got my uncle's 96 Indy pace truck. Everything works great on it. He had a lot of modifications to it, but the only problem I'm having with it, is that when it hits 4th gear and at about 45 mph, it starts to shake. If anyone might know what is causing this, please email me. JGuncet@gmail.com


1st Apr 2012, 14:51

I am going to be buying one of these trucks in a couple of months. How big is the gas tank, and is the fuel mileage pretty good on it?

16th Feb 2016, 21:36

Hi guys, I own a Indy Ram Pace Truck. I am the original owner, everything original, 386XX miles on it. I have an individual trying to purchase this truck. The dilemma? What is it worth? Thanks.

16th Jul 2016, 07:18

Hello fellow Dodge owners. Like many of you, I as well have an Indy 500 Dodge pace truck. My Father bought two and sold both several years later to a reliable, Dodge enthusiastic, employee and friend. He bought one [of the two] back, and several years later I bought the truck.

As an original owner, I think we can all agree that the (blue and white striped) factory paint was poorly finished, and in time gradually fades and chips away (at least that's my problem).

QUESTIONS: After repainting the original Dodge pace truck, how much would that affect the truck's overall value? And how much would the truck appreciate in the long-term?

20th Dec 2019, 20:37

26 Gallon tank.

20th Dec 2019, 20:39

I just picked up a 96 Pace truck for $3300. Needs a little work but runs great.

5th Feb 2021, 17:29

I got one about a year ago with 91000 miles for $3400. Body is straight, interior is good. 3rd owner. Doing some work on it now...

7th Feb 2021, 18:53

The last two comments would seem to answer your question: not a whole lot more than a plain old Dodge Ram pickup...