1991 Dodge Shadow ES 2.5 turbo from North America


One of the funnest cars I've ever owned


I have replaced injector harness.

A few vacuum leaks, caused loss of power.

New door seals on the top.

Window motors.

New hub assemblies and ball joints.

General Comments:

I have been very happy with this car. For being a four cylinder it is very quick and very easy to light up the tires if I feel like it. the only time I ever get stuck is when I leave my lights on.

I do have a problem with the paint, it just keeps peeling off. I will definitely have to paint. Plus everyone says its my Barbie car, but new 17 inch rims, paint and graphics should change there mind.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

1991 Dodge Shadow 2.5L from North America


Cheap, reliable transportation


First problem was when the fuel pump went out on it. $300.00 got it back up and running.

Paint was starting to chip when I bought the car, and has continued to do so very slowly.

O2 sensor went to crap at about 176000 miles.

Once noticed water pooling under glove box in a heavy rain.

Head gasket needs to be replaced currently.

Now I'm having problem with the fuel pressure regulator... Yet to be resolved.

General Comments:

Wonderful car overall. Great first car.

Good, quick car. Great handling and performance.

Lots of room up front, but the back is slightly cramped.

Could use a better set of cup-holders.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2003

1991 Dodge Shadow SE 2.1 from Saudi Arabia


Great car, one of the most reliable


Electronic computer broke in it's senenth year.

Tepmeture gauge broke in it's 12th year.

Needed new paint job in it's 12th year.

General Comments:

This car is great, has only broke down 3 times in 13 years. I have replaced shocks, struts, rad, timing belt, and battery only once in 13 years, but I think it is now time again to replace the struts and shocks. Runs great almost like new. Great handeling, great little car and cheap to run and fix. With the new paint job it now looks brand new.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003

1991 Dodge Shadow ES 2.5 FI turbo from North America


The Fastest Dodge Shadow Ever!


Stock radio replaced with all out system.

Turbo had to be replace with a newer and bigger turbo.

New tires cause old ones were balding.

Muffler replaced with a custom exhaust which made the car ten times better!!

The cats were also bored for a nice sound!

Head gasket blew so we just replaced the whole thing with a refurbished engine and did some mods to that.

Added a blow off valve with boost control just to keep it running at a nice 14 to 15 psi. Stock was at like 5 or 6 so it was worth it!!

New fogs cause the stock ones were not nearly bright enough.

New paintjob. Same color, white. With red ES details. Going to replace with red graphics kit soon!

New computer cause stock one went CRAZY!!

Took out the AC to get some more horses and lose some weight.

New battery, plugs, distributor cap, and all hosing replaced with red silicone hosing.

Air filter was the worst ever so K&N took its place. Also helped with the turbo.

All vacuum lines were modified for quicker air entry and exit allowing the turbo to perform better.

General Comments:

This car is one of a kind and just keeps getting faster and faster every month. When I bought the car I was like 15 and didn't even have a license... I just wanted a car. Now that its getting worked on it IS the fastest Dodge Shadow in the Northeast! Possibly in the US or even all over. But it could not have been done without the help of Bones Stevens and NASCAR driver Jerry Nadeau. The car is absolutely the best car I could have ever wanted! Go out and buy one for less than $3000 and through about $10000 into it and you'll smoke any Honda, Acura, Ford, etc. AND I MEAN IT!!!

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002

28th Feb 2003, 14:49

I have a dodge shadow too it has the 2.2 4-cylinder automatic. Thing is nobody makes any body kits for it. I think someone needs to make some kits for it because that car is awsome. I have so much I want to do to it, but it incomplete without the body kit.

25th Jul 2004, 19:35

There are two companies who made Shadow/Duster/Sundance body kits. The first one is Kaminari, but they stopped making them a while ago. If you're lucky you can still find them on the web. The second place is Razzi. Go to www.razzi.com and search for the Shadow kit.