24th Sep 2004, 12:11

My first car was a 1994 2.5 turbocharged engine, 2 door shadow ES. I am heavily into automobiles and even with a 1971 c10 Chevy pickup with a 5.7 liter V8, which pushes close to 435 plus HP, My 5-speed Dodge Shadow was still my fastest, cheapest, and most reliable car. I purchased my Dodge in 2003, with over 120,000 miles on it. The man sold me the car because he thought the computer was bad. After I fixed the bad ground under the passenger side kicker panel and put an aftermarket clutch in, I was racing around my town against, Supras, Eclipses, Hondas, and more. Also I got about 25 mpg the way I drove it. Needless to say I totaled the car and looking for one now. The car held up very well in my wreck. All in All I think the Shadow is a remarkable car.

6th Jan 2005, 23:42

Hi, I have a 1994 Dodge Shadow Es, with a 3.0 v6, and it is great, I had to replace the engine after the first one blew. The water-pump locked up and made the timing belt rip apart, but over all this car rocks. The only thing I am tired of is the fact it is a 5 speed and I have problems driving it, because of my bum knee, I am looking for someone to buy it and my email is disturb3d_pri3st@yahoo.com just put "car info" as title, and I will let you know my location and shipping cost. Usually around 500 dollars, oh and I am only asking 2500 for the car. (Engine only has 75,000 miles approx.)

28th Apr 2005, 23:40

My engine in my '94 Shadow has stalled a few times also. A few times in the snow, I thought it was just the weather. Then when it happened in the warm weather? Something's up.

3rd Jul 2006, 11:32

Most of the time intermittent dying can be attributed to the HEP (Hall effect pickup). I've noticed that they will show odd warning signs, even way ahead of all out failure, like has been described. It is located below the distributor cap; it's where the connector coming from the distributor leads to.

Also, a great tip is http://www.minimopar.net for trouble codes.

You can turn the key to the on position and pull trouble codes from the computer. No need for a diagnostic tool (at least for basic troubleshooting).

Yes, I had one of these cars, and I drove it completely trouble free (let me stress that). I just put gas in it and changed the oil for 25k or so miles.

26th Jul 2006, 21:42

I have not purchased the car yet, but I am about to buy a 1994 Dodge Shadow ES, and I wanted to know if that would be the smart move?

6th Nov 2006, 15:00

Hey above me, definitley buy the car. I had a 1994 3.0 v6 as my first car and it is really quick, I beat a 2005 wrx no problem.

12th Jun 2011, 06:50

I'm 16 and interested in these cars. I found a deal for one for 400. All it needs is new tires. I don't know if I should take it or not. Is it a good first car?

12th Jun 2011, 14:51

Yeah right! In no way could a Shadow beat a WRX, not ever. The other driver didn't know how to drive their car. That in no way means your car is faster than theirs.