1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2L Gas from North America


This car is a durable, economical vehicle to own


The fan can only run at half-speed.

Emergency brake is worn out.

Slight oil leak from the engine rocker at 280,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

This car has a comfortable ride on freeways.

The 3-speed automatic is not good for gas mileage during freeway driving.

The engine has been bullet proof.

Insurance costs are very low for this car.

I live in Canada, yet I've never had any problems related to severe winter driving, such as starting problems.

This vehicle has good low end torque.

Fuel efficiency is generally good.

The "hidden" rear-hatch is very useful for interior space, especially with the rear seats down.

With only regular oil changes, this car has proved to be an extremely low-maintenance and inexpensive one to own.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003

1994 Dodge Shadow 2 door hatchback 2.2 from North America


For the price, it's a Great little car


The only thing wrong with this car, is the window brackets inside the door, are broken.

General Comments:

This is a good little car. Lots of power for something so small.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2L from North America


A good piece of junk


Well it drives more like a dump truck.

It has always started until a few days ago when it got wet.

I did not know what to do so I looked for advice to get the darn thing fixed.

They do rattle quite a bit, but for an eight year old car I think that's it's OK.

General Comments:

Well there is a little trick when this happens to fix it when it stalls due to rain or snow and will not start.

Remove the distributor cap and use a blow dryer to dry it out.

Replace the cap and you should be in business.

Your goal should be to keep your costs down because these cars are not worth much.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

1994 Dodge Shadow ES 3.0 V6 from North America


A high performance bargain


A few times last summer the engine would stall for no apparent reason.

The tachometer occasionally stays at 0.

General Comments:

I have never been a fan of Mitsubishi because of past serious problems, but since I have owned two Dodge Shadows previously (with Chrysler engines) I took a chance and have never regretted it.

To this day I still feel that it is unfortunate that Chrysler discontinued the Shadow and (Plymouth) Sundance.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002

18th Dec 2002, 12:59

I agree with you. Though I personally never owned one of these cars, I knew many people that did. These are much better cars all around than the Neons that replaced them.

19th Jun 2003, 22:58

I have to agree with this review and the first posted comment. The Shadow/Sundance were very good cars. In fact, Chrysler actually made a few really dependable models in the late '80's and early '90's, including the Dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim, and the Dodge Dakota pickup truck. These models were all of equal high durability and dependability. Every vehicle that Chrysler came out with to replace these models have turned out to be pretty junky vehicles and not nearly as good in comparison.

1994 Dodge Shadow ES 2.2 from North America


Nice car, but it's dead


Transmission was bad when I first bought it. Got the transmission rebuilt. Two weeks later, suddenly, no warning, my engine goes out. Dealer said I had to replace motor. I'm leery of what they said because if a motor is going bad, you'd know it, right?

Wiring - they told me that it is a frequent issue with many of these cars, so next go around, make sure your wires are not in contact with anything. The dealership told me that my wires were exposed, and were shorting out and grounding out here and there, thus the reason for the death of my engine.

General Comments:

This car was a really nice car for the duration of the time I was able to drive it. It was extremely zippy - no wonder I'm still scratching my head over it's death. I never was much of a dodge fan - but the teal green color and its body style won me over.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002