1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2 from North America


Chrysler made a good car!


-Head gasket blown at 173 000.

-one engine mount when I bought it.

-Other things are maintenance.

-No rust at all!!! These small Chrysler have good bodies. Québec winters didn't make it rust at all, except the muffler's end. It's been always treated with anti-rust.

General Comments:

-It is a good comfortable car

-It has slow acceleration

-The interior is still in like-new condition

-Parts are inexpensive and this car seems to be very easy to fix due to simple mechanic

-The only disappointment is the head gasket that blew, which is a common problem with the 2.2L engines

-Mechanics are always impressed with how clean is my car, hard to know that it's 11 years old!!! The dark-green paint of this car easily gets dirty, but when I clean the car, it looks like new! On the top of the windshield, you can see that very little rust is starting under the paint, but it's very minor.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2005

20th Sep 2005, 17:21

Hi! I'm the owner of the car. I just want to had that I had to change a CV joint seal which was leaking (very minor). Not a big deal...

19th Oct 2005, 09:54

It's me again. In heavy rain, it feels like it wants to stall when I'm at a red light (try to drive in Montréal without being stopped by a red light!!!). Someone which had the same problem wants to help me?

1994 Dodge Shadow Base 2.2L from North America


Nothing can go Wrong, I love this Car!!!


The Fuse the operates the rear defogger has blown and eventually blows all replacement fuses.

Engine has only stalled 3 times, all during winter, and only happens in park. After replacing the spark plugs after the 3rd time, It's never stalled.

The Right rear Brake/turn bulb was very dim. I created a new ground wire from the socket to the frame and it's bright as can be.

Air Conditioner doesn't blow ice cold air. Previous owner never used it in the 5 years she owned it. I haven't felt to warm in the car during summer to get someone to put more Freon in it. I Just roll the window down.

Earlier this year the Car rolled onto the driver's side (going about 55km/h). Some of us Pushed it back onto it's four wheels and drove it back home. I Only had to replace the side mirror. There is a small dent just above the wheel well.

The Struts didn't break when it got pushed back over. No Scratches on the Paint! (landed onto grass)

The Shadow is a real trooper!

General Comments:

I only paid $500 for this machine.

Idles smooth at 800rpm still.

Dodge's 2.2L is the most reliable 4 cylinder engine ever made. I would seriously buy another one if I need 2 cars.

Head Gaskets seem to be the weak spots for these types of cars, but mine is still the stock Head Gasket. If it blows it's worth the money to fix it.

Very good low end torque for town driving (0-60km/h in about 4 seconds), not bad for 93 max horsepower.

I split about 50/50 on highway and town traffic, and get about 27-28 miles per gallon.

Most comfortable car I've been in (exception to the backseat since I'm over 6 ft tall), I recomend this car for any traveller that wants to buy a used car.

Great handling.

A lot of Cargo space for a car.

Adding small rectangular fog lights makes the car look very sporty from the front view.

It has pretty much cost nothing to keep this thing on the road and purring like a kitten.

It is easy to customized the interior of this car to make it very appealing to look at. all you need is some paint.

If you're a young kid looking for a small car that won't let you down, and like to work on your own car, Get a 2.2L Shadow/Sundance.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2005

16th Jul 2006, 22:31

I read your review and agree with you. I have a Chrysler (Same engine, transmission, etc.) and it's been great.

I have one gripe with your review. km/h and MPG? What happened to L/100km? Should be around 7.2 to 7.8. Are you from the U.S., or what?

17th Jul 2006, 16:53

Since the review is from North America, I would guess that he's from Canada quoting kilometers per hour and miles per gallon -- probably Imperial Gallons.