1994 Dodge Shadow Base Special 2.2 turbo III from North America


All this in what?!? A Shadow?


Nothing so far, well aside from the tickets from noise pollution (Sterio) and neon lights. I'd say nothing is wrong.

General Comments:

My Shadow is a baseline with a few modifications.

First I yanked the 2.2 L and installed a 2.2 L turbo III from a Dodge Spirit R/T.

I then had custom headers made for a twin turbo setup, and installed another turbo unit from a junked Spirit.

I installed a MSD ignition system and twin throttle body injectors.

My heads have been polished and all of my pistons were replaced with race ready equiptment.

I installed a 2 stage nitrous kit from NOS.

I can beat any import down the line my Shadow is my little import killer.

Oh yeah I also cannot only out manuver, but I can also keep up and pass Vettes!!!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2002

1994 Dodge Shadow ES 3.0 SOHC from North America


An unexpected performance toy


Head gasket blew at 46000.

Paint started chipping at 39000. Repainted Banzai blue metallic.

Head liner fell out at 70000, replaced with after market liner.

Auto door locks had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I totally love this car.

She is quick to get up and go, and she hugs curves perfectly.

There is plenty of room in the front, but the back is a tight fit. But I never get in the back!

The hatch is roomy, holding plenty of sound equipment.

When we repainted her, we painted the whole car banzai blue metallic. The ground skirts were Grey, and we also painted them blue. she is beautiful. We are going to paint graphics on her this year, using yellow, purple, and hot pink.

I get a lot of comments on my car, I keep her sharp and clean. I've had her in many shows, and nine times out of ten she usually wins an award.

Even though she is 8 years old, I hope to keep her for many more years.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

1994 Dodge Shadow from North America




Very few problems.

Paint began to fade, but repainted.

Just normal upkeep.

General Comments:

I love my Dodge Shadow. It's been the best car I have ever owned!

At 124,000 miles it still runs great!

Only minor repairs over the years.

Fast and great gas mileage!

Regular oil changes and good upkeep will make them run forever!

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2002

1994 Dodge Shadow 2.5 Ltr. from North America


For what I paid it was good, but money keeps getting put into it


Head Gasket at 173000.

Rust on Trunk and lower parts of doors.

New transmission at 166000.

O2 Sensor blown at 172000.

New break system at 171000.

General Comments:

Car hits a top speed of 117 for me.

Acceleration is decent.

Somewhat small, but good for what I need.

Tires wear quickly and car isn't the best for Michigan winters.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

20th Jan 2009, 15:55

I recently test-drove one of these used. It looked all right, very simple mechanically, and fairly easy to fix. The engine was in a bad way though. It had a 2.5 liter four, and was burning and leaking oil. It ran on only three cylinders, or maybe two. These cars can be a bit of a pain when they get old.

1994 Dodge Shadow ES V6 from North America


A money trap! Because the transmission was the problem!


Transmission went out on me TWICE. Once at 48,000 miles and the second time at 54,000 miles.

Paint was chipping badly.

General Comments:

The car was very fast to drive.

Ample room in car.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2002

29th Apr 2005, 23:48

The transmissions is bad? Welcome to the world of Dodge.

21st Nov 2005, 22:44

What transmission fluid do you use? I've heard that if you use anything other than ATF+3 in the old 4-speed automatics, you'll have problems.

7th Mar 2006, 18:15

Dodge. Enough said (in explanation of the tranny problems).

I don't understand how you could say it was fast. Maybe something was holding mine back, but the thing seriously had a 0-60 of at least 12 seconds, probably longer.

26th Oct 2010, 23:37

I love how people criticize ALL Dodge transmissions, despite Dodge having made some of the strongest trannys ever (hello, the 727 Torqueflite? I rest my case).

The Shadow features a Torqueflite variant known as the A413, and if maintained properly, it IS among the best 4 cyl FWD transmissions in modern times. So much so, that they are often the ATX transmission of choice of weekend racers. If yours failed you, it was an isolated problem.