1994 Dodge Shadow LX 2.2 L from North America


Great car for anyone!!


Nothing major has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

So far nothing MAJOR has gone wrong with it..

Paint still is on (no chipping anywhere). Seems this car has a lot of Pin Hole rust though... and the underside of the doors are starting to rust. I live in Buffalo NY, so it'll happen no matter what.

The owners before me kept it in SUPERB condition.. regular maintenance etc.. that is what made this car last.

A good car friend of mine said this car looks as if the engine only saw 40000 miles.

AC still runs cold after 1 recharge.

EMail me if you need an questions answered or wanna exchange stories and what not about the car. admin@womerica.com

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Review Date: 29th June, 2001

13th Jan 2002, 18:34

I would appreciate it greatly if you could email me the layout of the fuse box (on drivers side of car) and what fuses goes where and what for.

Need help!!! Darryll.

1994 Dodge Shadow Hatchback 2.2 Liter from North America


A great car at a great price


Head gasket blew at 72000 miles.

Catalytic converter blew at 73,000.

Tie rod busted at 75,000.

2 bad front end collisions (my fathers fault).

Oxygen sensors blew at 77,000.

General Comments:

Car is really fast for what it is, got it up to 120 mph, and still foot room.

The car takes corners very well.

Can dust anyone off the line, great acceleration.

Just a great car.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2001

8th Sep 2001, 00:04

I have no idea what you are talking about. I have a 2.2 liter Dodge Shadow and it is terrible in acceleration. Even the factory 0-60 time is over 10 seconds! A Chevrolet Astro van does 0-60 in 8! And there is no way you have gotten it up to 120 unless going downhill with the foot ALL THE WAY on the floor. Believe me, I have tried. It maxxed out at 102 MPH on the flat.

24th Oct 2001, 14:28

I agree that it does not have a good acceleration, but it reaches high speeds very easy.

20th Aug 2006, 01:13

I think he might have been talking about the 3.0 V6 b/c those engines are very fast from the start.

1994 Dodge Shadow Base 2.2 liter 4-cylinder from North America


Blew the stock transmission, but replaced it with a high performance, 6-speed manual transmission.

One headlight bulb went out, so I replaced both bulbs with those new Blue Halogen bulbs.

Replace intake manifold after blowing a gasket. This added 50 horsepower.

Oxygen sensor went out.

I fried the stock computer, so I also replaced it with a high performance one. Added 19 more horsepower.

Popped a valve after street racing it one late night, so I not also replaced all of the valves, but the headers, pistons, rebored the cylinders, or just flat out re-built the whole engine and replaced all of the OEM parts with high performance models.

Stock tires wore out, so I replaced them, along with the rims (It was a good excuse to buy new rims at the time).

Paint started to chip on the lower body, so I got it repainted Black other than Aqua green.

Rear spoiler was stuck to a tree branch and was ripped off (Along with the new paint and half the sheet metal on the hatch).

General Comments:

A super fast car (clocked it at 148 MPH MAX after $8,000 dollars of modifications).

Fastest Shadow in the Southwest.

Corners better than a Camaro or Mustang.

Faster than a V8 Mustang.

0-60 speed is 5.9 seconds.

1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds.

Exterior looks like any other stock Shadow except for the twin Silver Racing Stripes.

And, YES, this is a BASE DODGE SHADOW!

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Review Date: 27th March, 2001

30th Mar 2001, 12:09


It sounds like you have done quite a bit to your shadow! I also own a Shadow (check out my page under 1987 Dodge Shadow Reviews). I love this car and it is cheap to make it into a performer. Mines turbocharged and I've done little cheep bolt-ons here and there, and I'm wondering if you know of anything else cheap I could do to make mine the fastest Shadow in the Northeast. If you get a chance I would appreciate if you could send me any info under my Review. Thanks!

30th Aug 2001, 17:44

I also own a Dodge Shadow ES and have taken it to another level than any of your Shadows. I manufactured a new set of intake manifolds for the 2.5 4 cylinder. This allowed me to bolt on two throttle bodies and a turbo for each. With a little computer work I was able to do the 1/4 mile in 10.3 sec. So if anyone out there would like line up some time I would be more than willing.

P.S. If you're wondering were I live, lets just say you don't have the fastest Shadow in the south east.

24th Oct 2001, 14:39

I'm 18, and I live in Mexico city, and I own a 1989 Shadow, it has the automatic transmission and the 2.5 L. engine.

I put 8 m.m. spark plug wires, and I tune it up (it has a 2 barrel Holley carb).

It also has original headers, I have noticed that from all the Shadows I know, no one has headers.

I, want to perform my car, I want to put a set of Eichbach (sorry if it is wrong spelled) springs, a new set of tires, and a K&N air filter.

E-mail me at fpalmerin@yahoo.com for suggestions and tips for performance.

21st Sep 2002, 18:31

First time on this website. I own a 1994 Dodge Shadow es. I want to upgrade the stock engine with a 3L V6. And if anyone else can give me some good tips I would appreciate it.