1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2 from North America


Very rough idling: Please help me!


It's been reliable except the fact that the head gasket started to leak anti-freeze, which made the car overheat. I got the head gasket replaced at 103 000. It's strange because I went visiting French-Canada (Quebec), and I went in a place with many hills (Laurentides) and the head gasket failed right after I went back to New Jersey.

Other that, there's been nothing wrong, just normal maintenance.

But since I bought the car, it always idles rough. It shakes when waiting on a red-light, and then it stops when I drive. It still shakes a little bit when driving, but nothing compared to idling. I've got two engine mounts changed, cleaned the injectors, the Air idle speed motor, I've done tune-ups, changed the fuel filter, but nothing stops that shaking. CAN SOMEONE HELPS ME!!! please.

General Comments:

Other than that (VERY) rough idling (shaking through all the body, mostly through the steering wheel), I love my car. Because it drives good, even if it's very under-powered, it's a nice rust-free green car, and it is comfortable.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2005

1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


This is a great car that I will always love


I just got this car a few months ago for $600 so far its treated me well. I know that I haven't really fully experienced this car yet, but still I feel like I should comment on it.

First off I am a young man who, as most youth do, likes to go fast all the time. Its got pep, on the highway or the back-roads it can go with no problem.

It handles very well, it sometimes feels like it will lift and drift, but it never does.

Overall I think it's a really great first car despite the small stuff that I had to replace.



-transmission (replaced several thousand miles before I got it)

-fuel pump.



-and some other small stuff, but it all seems worth it in retrospect seeing as I will probably be able to at least double its current mileage before I have to buy another vehicle.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2005

1994 Dodge Shadow 2.2 liter from North America


Great reliable cars when you take care of them, and look good with a few tricks


Problems not my fault:

- Oxygen sensor

- Fuel pump & filter

- Engine mounts (first time)

- Factory radio

- Defective primer resulting in bad paint

- Fusible link.

Problems that ARE my fault:

- Original transmission went

- Transmission after that went too

- Head gasket

- Fried piston rings

- Fried valve-guide seals

- Front suspension (twice)

- Rear suspension (twice)

- All four stock wheels

- Many, many more problems.

General Comments:

Well, when I first purchased the car, it had alright acceleration for being a 93 horsepower heavy car with only a 3-speed automatic.

First and second transmission blew out due to my incompetence with neutral dropping.

Took the car off road many times to fool around, and also mud bog in it as well. That's how the suspension was trashed.

I also suspect that the 14-inch stock wheels cracked around the lug nuts due to my offroad adventures as well. Though, they all cracked at different times, but on the same side, in the same way, and it was always on the highway when I noticed it. Humm.

Other than that, these cars are built rock solid. I've had the car since high school and put it through it's paces, trust me. If I wasn't as hard on it as I used to be, it would still be an extremely reliable daily driver.


Since I didn't take it easy, the car is in desperate need of ANOTHER new transmission as well as a new engine. Plus the thing rattles and shakes like you wouldn't believe, but again, that's my bad doing. It's not the car's fault.

If I could find another well taken care of Shadow out there, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one. Great cars when you take care of them.

Just a few tricks to make them look really appealing. Replace the rear shocks and springs so the back end doesn't look like it's sagging or squatting. New paint helps, along with some nice wide tires and rims. Finish it all off with a factory rear spoiler, and the car will look great. The factory ES model ground effects kit will really spice it up. And if you have one, those bulged hoods give an aggressive feel to the front end.

One last tip: No one makes aftermarket appearance items for this car, so everything has to be custom made. If you take clear turnsignals from a Plymouth Acclaim, and shave a little off the edges, they will fit just right. This is a huge appearance booster.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005