21st May 2003, 22:39

I recently acquired a 2000 Dodge Stratus. This thing has given me nothing but problems. It now has about 80000 miles on it and the transmission just blew. I've already had to replace numerous belts and all four of my shocks are completely shot right now. Also my step-moms 2002 Dodge Intrepid is already leaking transmission fluid and it only has 15000 miles on it. I just bought a Honda CBR 600 F2 and I already like that more than the stratus.

28th May 2003, 13:13

I have a 2000 Dodge Avenger ES and it has 82,000 miles on it and I have never had a problem with it. Not even a new battery. The dealer will only give me $8000 for it. Sad I know. However, I am trading it for a 2003 Stratus RT. I need a warranty for that peace of mind, but now I am a little scared. I am sure there are lemons out there, but I really don't want to give up ole faithful for one. HELP?

31st Jul 2003, 20:00

I have a 1999 Dodge Stratus with the 2.4l engine and automatic transmission I have approximately 60000 miles on it. Have had very good luck so far. Rear window motor went out at about 30000 miles, but was replaced under warranty.

Transmission sensor had to be replaced at about 45000 miles. Cost was less than fifty dollars. Have had no other problems. Car has performed very well and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

13th Nov 2003, 13:24

I VERY MUCH agree. I bought a '95 Dodge Stratus a year ago, and it's only a matter of time before I pay for the car all over again. I only wish I would have researched Dodge before I committed this Horrible decision. It needs a new transmission and it only has 80,000. I've tried so hard to take care of it, and it wasn't worth it. What's worse is that it took A lot of mechanics to figure out what was wrong and give a concrete answer. Unless you have money to throw away every 5,000, don't buy a Dodge.

3rd Dec 2003, 14:11

I highly disagree with the negative comments in reference to the 2000 Dodge Stratus SE. I bought the car in May 2000 brand new while stationed with the military here in Germany. Due to being in a remote area in Germany, I use the German Autobahn (highway) system regularly in which I consistently drive my car at steady speeds of 100 miles per hour. After 3 1/2 years and 50000 miles and following the service schedule, I have not had any major mechanical problems at all. By the way, the car is governed at 110 MPH.

1st Jan 2004, 23:40

I own a 99 Stratus as well. I was treated like royalty when I purchased the car brand new, but when I had problems with the car, I was royally screwed. Let's see if I can even remember all of the problems I've had with this car. Seat height adjustment lever broke within the first 30 days of owning the car. The brake light switch went out at about 75,000 miles, the HEAD itself cracked at about 67,000. To which the dealership said, "Well, that's a pretty common problem with the 2.4 engines in the Neons, but I haven't heard anything about it in the Stratus." I just wish he would have told me that they were the same freaking engine! I now have 103,000 miles on this car and have just decided to run it into the ground. Dodge told me that it would cost $2500 to replace the head, however, the car (at the time) was only worth about $3500. That seems like a smart investment, sure. I will never ever ever buy a Dodge again, and have swayed at least 10 others from doing the same.

24th Feb 2004, 15:32

I bought my 2000 Dodge Stratus in 2001,it had 30,000 miles on it and in great condition, the previous owner was a rental car company. I have the car serviced regularly, so I have never abused the car. I am currently having problems almost 3 years later, the car has 50,000 miles on it. When I press on the gas there is a delay, then it will jerk and go. When I press on the break to make any sudden stops then I get the same reaction from the gas pedal again. I was told by a mechanic that it sound like it could be the transmission, and from what I have read the transmission gives this car a lot of it's troubles.

25th Jun 2004, 20:57

I have a 2000 Stratus and as soon as I hit 36,000 and was out of warranty everything started going wrong. Battery and alternator, breaks and now the Transmission and it's only got 58,000 miles. From what I am reading the transmissions seem to be faulty in these things. Isn't there something we can do???

22nd Jul 2004, 12:34

I also have a 2000 Dodge Stratus SE. I bought it in 2002 after it was repossessed from someone. It had 53,000 miles on it at the time. I don't drive it that much considering it only has 60,000 miles now, but since I bought it I've had to get new brakes, new battery, new tires, front left axle, and now the transmission just went out. 2900 to fix the tranny. I love this car besides all it's problems, but having to fix it all the time is crazy I'm extremely upset. I was also hit twice in high school both times by trucks and had to get that fixed which was insurance, but then it needed re-aligned and then again and again... Oh, what that guy said about 95's to 99's being a certain model and 2000's and up being changed. The new model started in 01'.

23rd Jul 2004, 17:01

I bought a 2000 Stratus almost 2 years ago with 31K on it and now only has 42K and I have had to have Cruise fixed, oil leak (head gasket I think) and something to have to do with the tranny leaking! Now my cruise is broke again and my check engine light keeps coming on and off. When I have to down shift (to pass) it does not seem to know how to shift back up again unless I take my foot completely off of the gas. It also feels like your in a boat when you cross any bridges or bumps in the road, swaying side to side. I'm mostly worried about the tranny since I have been hearing so much about that. I have an extended warranty, but that costs $100 each time I bring it in and then I have to hope it will be covered under the warranty. Never had a tranny go, but is there any warning signs? I have checked fluid etc... I'd like to know what you all think...

30th Jul 2004, 08:28

I bought a 2000 Dodge stratus Sedan SE one year ago with 50,000 miles. It now has 61,000 and the only problem I have had was with the transmission. And currently I have had problems with fuses shorting out. Although it has these problems I still feel that I have a great reliable car. I have owned different brands of cars and they all had their own set of problems. No car is perfect, and I honestly think a lot of it has to do with the luck of the draw, some 5 people could buy the same exact car, but maybe 2 of them will have zero problems while the other three could have three completely different problems.