7th Mar 2009, 07:41

Loved the comment about should have purchased a bicycle. Was looking at a 2000 Stratus.

12th Jul 2010, 23:18

I had a 1999 Stratus 2.4L OHC and drove it 170 miles/day to work & back 5 days/week.

The only chronic problem I had was front wheel bearing needing replaced once a year. I finally asked the repair shop what kind of bearings they were putting in; they were Japanese. I paid more for Timkin bearings and never had another problem.

Only problem with the tranny was getting the modulator (?) replaced, the unit on the tranny that regulates shifting, cost about $80 with labor. Had the tranny filter/screen replaced once and never had another problem.

No problems with engine, nor anything else major. Bought the car; it had 58,000 miles on it and finally got rid of it at 256,000.

Comfortable, handled great, loved the car.

Replaced the car with a 2000 Stratus SE; less roomy, but has same terrific engine. Had clearcoat peeling on passenger door (heard this is a chronic problem with this car) but was able to fix myself. Also, front edge of the hood rusting out, also another Stratus favorite as water is not able to drain out from under the hood easily. Battery replacement better left to a pro as fender must be removed. After 20,000 miles, mechanically has been a very dependable car, no major problems.

29th Aug 2010, 23:06

OK everyone, so I am an automotive mechanic who also happened to have just bought a 2000 Dodge Stratus, however mine is an ES.

It is about to hit 80K miles and runs like new. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. I agree with the person who said it depends on how the car is treated, because in my line of work I will tell you that is true.

However, for good tranny maintenance you should change the fluid every 75K miles or whenever it begins to lose its pink fluid level. Also note that people who drive in excess of 70 MPH at all times will for sure blow head gaskets at a fast pace.

And yes, Timkin bearings are by far the best you can get in most cases. That said, I love my Dodge, I will now also stick with Mopar for a while.

30th Aug 2010, 12:26

"Replaced the car with a 2000 Stratus SE; less roomy."

Can I just ask how the 2000 has more room than the 1999? I'm pretty sure it's the same exact model...

Anyway, I have a 2005 Stratus. I used to have a 1997 and I traded it with 238K on it. Awesome car. I love it.