12th Jun 2007, 21:20

How many gallons, or liters does it take to go your 310 km's? We don't know if it's good or bad to go 310 km's on a tank of gas, if we don't know how many liters the tank holds.

17th Jun 2007, 16:03

I have a 03 sx 2.0 liter and i am getting like 500km to a tank of gas on average and there are 3.8 liters in 1 gallon.

19th Jun 2007, 00:34

You guys should of bought the last year 2005 dodge sx 2.0

I getting the same mileage as new honda civic 45mpg.

That awesome...

Well dodge stopped that and that's why its the last year and best year for the neon and sx 2.0.

When they finally fixed all the problems they discontinued them.. I would buy this car again.

19th Jul 2007, 17:35

I've had my 05' SX2.0 for over a year now and I love it. I get about 450kms to the tank, which costs about $40 CND to fill (from 3/4 empty) at a $1 per litre for gas. I would buy another Dodge in the future, but only brand new, or close to it (it only had 10,000kms on it when I got it)

29th Jul 2007, 15:59

I had the gas mileage issue looked at as well. They brushed it off too. Lets put it into English I had a 1986 Chev Monte Carlo. I gassed up with car every 3 days. I bought the dodge sx in 2003 thinking I would get MUCH better gas mileage. I gas up from empty, it costs 40 dollers ($104.5 cents a litre) And about 5 days later I'm gassing up again.

8th Aug 2007, 15:32

The first guy was right...mine is a 2004 model with 40G and the gas consumption is horrible. God forbid I open the AC... I would waste a tank and get less that 200 km... and again if you take it in for a check up the dealerships (two different ones) would state that that is "normal" consumption for a 4 cylinder engine... My previous 6 cylinder Pontiac consumed less.. makes me think why I sold it in the first place...

This is by far the worse investment of my life...

Guys, the faster you get rid of them... the better it will be.

9th Oct 2007, 12:07

I bought the '05 SX 2.0 SRT design group model brand new... i have had so many problems from the start. I have had to have my car aligned at every service, from the first service. They continually tell me that I must be hitting curbs or pot hole... which I haven't, if I did I would admit it. I finally got a head mechanic at one dealership to tell me that is is probably a manufacturers defect that was not noticed by the dealership when it took possession of the car. BUt they will not do anything about it, an I keep having to fork over $90 every service for another alignment. On top of that I get bad gas mileage, and the last service I went to they said they topped up all my fluids, and the next week I was out of washer fluid and a month later I had to add coolant and oil as I was almost out and I have no leaks and I'm not burning oil. This is the biggest lemon I have ever bought. I will never buy another dodge/chrysler or jeep vehicle again.

20th Oct 2007, 11:20

I have a Dodge 2003 model and I get about 450km to a tank... it is amazing on gas. This car is perfect for a university student like myself. Very affordable!

20th Oct 2007, 15:26

What are these "so many problems" that you reference? You didn't tell us what they are. I don't know where the last service was done, but it sounds like they are just taking your money and not doing anything. I don't see why you're complaining about being low on washer fluid -- you do realize that the level gets lower every time you clean the windshield, right? Sorry, but in my opinion your review says more about your driving habits and service department than about the car.

9th Nov 2007, 17:23

Hey! I have a 2005 SX 2.0 sport edition, bought brand new. I think it is the worst investment I've ever made. Initially, it was wonderful, great on gas, and a very smooth ride. However, after about a year trouble started... It was bought in August 05; in September 06, I had to get the whole front end repaired (it was about to drop onto the frame). It was still under warranty, but it was still troublesome. Shortly after that, I started to get a squealing noise, which I assumed to be the brakes. I put the car back into the garage with the brakes all redone (and not just pads either). A few months later, I got a "jump" when driving, and the fuel injector wasn't working properly. Then a few months later, another noise started up, another squealing noise. I thought it was the brakes, and had it checked out. Couldn't see anything wrong with it, then I took it to the dealership, and they said the same thing. OK...fine...I have a noisy car. Then in Sept 07, it became horrible to drive: another noise started, it drove funny...everything, so back it went into the garage again. This time the car dropped and was sitting on the frame, so I had to get the whole front end redone. The most recent occurrence was just two days ago. It wouldn't start, so I assumed that maybe it was just a little cold. I finally got it started, and the next day it happened again. So, now I think that my starter is going; this hasn't been confirmed yet, but that's what I'm thinking.

So, my opinion of this car that was bought brand new, wasn't driven hard, and had regular oil changes, maintenance and inspections is: very much under par. My car is a lemon, and I can't wait until it turns 3...I'm going to trade it in. I'd be more satisfied with a '95 Ford Tempo, and that's saying a lot!

19th Nov 2007, 09:36

I have an 05 SX 2.0 I bought it new, had 11kms when I took it off the lot. Now it's at 50k and it still drives almost like new. And I'm getting almost 500km on a tank. That's with about half city half hi-way driving. My only complaint is that the shifter boot ripped the first winter.

27th Mar 2008, 20:15

All new vehicles use more gas until you get the engine worked in a bit, give it a 1,000 km's until you get the proper gas mileage.

7th Apr 2008, 21:30

My 2005 Dodge SX 2.0 is getting awesome gas mileage. I fill it up with about 45 Litres per time on average and I can usually go between 616 to 650 Km (11.8 US Gallons and go 385 to 406 MPG) depending on how heavy my foot is that week.

26th Sep 2008, 15:48

I pay $25 a tank wan my car is empety and it was $1.35 per liter at the time. I fill my car up not that much. I think the sx 2.0 is an awesome car.

24th Jan 2009, 10:25

I have a '04 dodge s x,I bought new. After 30000 to 40000 km my gas mileage started declining. I found the dealership service an insulting nightmare- but fortunately a young mechanic at the neighbouring garage quickly diagnosed my problems- clogged fuel injectors- and offered a $3.98 solution- every time you change your oil (5000-7000km) add a container of fuel injector cleaner into a full tank of regular gas-it takes a couple of days and my great gas mileage is back. I also find all gas is not created equal.