14th Aug 2009, 20:28

I have a 2002 Chrysler Neon, a "to-the-top" fill-up costs about 35 dollars right now at 90-99 cents a liter. I have a 147,000km on it.. I'm not 100% sure what I get, but I can get to my girlfriends house and back about 8 times on a tank of gas, that's 20 miles each way. Distance wise mostly highway, but about 15 minutes is driving through the city. So do some math and I get about 26 miles a gallon on average for a tank of gas. Not that great, but it's realistic, this whole 30mpg+ is a rare-thing I'm sure. Even Toyota Corollas only get about 22mpg bombing around in the city.

If you're getting less than 350km to a full to the top tank of gas, you should check to make sure you're oil is fresh (less friction), your tires are in good shape and filled up to 32-35psi, your air filter is clean, etc. all that good stuff. I get about 400km to a tank. Give or take.

30th Sep 2010, 20:48

These cars have a small fuel tank on them, so it would seem like you are burning more fuel than you really are. You would have to calculate km to liters burned, not km per tank.

15th Nov 2010, 23:51

I have an '05 model and it currently has about 62K on it. I hardly ever drive the thing. It's been a good car for me over the past couple years overall, not causing any problems up until the last month. None of it is really its fault but rather than bad luck.

First the battery needing replacing and 3 days later I had to get new tires because of a nail (again, not the cars fault!) and then 3 days ago I noticed it was almost like a "chugging" along sensation when driving, then it wouldn't start. I figured it would have to do with a fuel system or piston or something, and it turns out it was the camshaft sensor broke. I understand this is a common problem they discovered, but have not recalled.

Again, considering it has been 5 years and these are honestly the only problems I have had, it's been a decent little car.

My friend had bought the '03 model though, it had high kms on it when she got it, but the engine dropped out of it about a month after she got it. The dealership took her for a ride and made her pay half the cost of a new one, when someone we know who works there told us later that they just took an engine out of one from the lot. It's given her many more problems since...

13th Jan 2011, 22:22

I have a Dodge SX 2.0 2003, and it sucks on gas mileage too.

I notice most of these posts do not favor these vehicles, and I will never buy from Chrysler ever again. They sure know how to shoot themselves in the foot. We have Dodge Caravans at my shop, and let's just say they are no better.

17th Apr 2011, 13:10

Why bother giving our experience with the regular routine check ups if you will just remove them? I know from my experiences that the mechanics where I bought my 2005 Dodge SX 2.0 get extra bonuses for each bobo they write on the service work order form are made up. Some nothing of the made up bobo are not even looked at. Like when they said I needed new braces where my husband had just replaced them 1 week and half earlier... Explain that one... It worries me.

Not sure if you're responsible or if it is just this particular dealer.

21st Mar 2012, 20:00

I bought a Dodge SX 2.0 2005. Used, with 30000 km. I bought it off an elderly woman.

I love my car. I bought it 2 years ago. It's been great. I've replaced both tie rods, control arm bushings, and a starter.

I also am very hard on my vehicles, so I know how people say bad things about Dodges, but I now have 130000kms on it, it's been in two accidents, and it still runs great.

This is one really tough car. No joke, it's been through hell.

9th Jan 2013, 22:19

The car only holds 35 litres of gas man! And it's best on the highway LOL.

20th Apr 2014, 03:47

I guess we expect too much with this car. All said and done this vehicle will not get 30 MPG highway or city (Cdn gal 4.5L).