16th Feb 2001, 15:35

Wow, I like Mustangs but I was looking into these cars and I know AWD owns plus some Mustangs are too heavy like the Saleens... Talon all the way.

18th Mar 2001, 22:26

First off, the talon will out corner a mustang cobra anyday, also in handling. You can do more things with the talon than you can with the mustang because it has a turbocharged engine. Mustang cobra does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds when the talon does 0-60 in 6.5 but a talon can be modified easy to go a lot faster.

13th May 2001, 23:39

If you Talon owners think you can out run a 98 SVT Mustang and live near Nashville, e-mail me at cobra3658@aol.com and I will be glad to show you that you can't.

My girlfriend has a 95 TSI, and I love the way it handles. The car drives like a go-kart. If it was my car, it would be able to blow the doors off of my Cobra in less than a month.

18th Oct 2001, 02:11

Alright, a Cobra R Mustang is way different then when someone says a Mustang. How many Cobra R's do you really see. So think average cars that you see on the road. Oh yeah, and for the record, I do like all kinds of cars, but when it comes down to the fastest street cars (legal), nothing beats V8's. All I have to say is Tony Christian. And if you want to get non-legal, just watch the pros on TV. Top fuel and funny car. I hate it when people do not know their cars.

13th Jan 2002, 14:27

With the turbo, you can add 5 psi and add like 50 horsepower. And that is for only $200 for a boost controllr and blow off valve.

18th Jan 2002, 20:47

OK.. Let's get a few things straight. AWD is great off the line and yes, will beat any Mustang (mostly because Mustangs are junk and can't compete with REAL muscle cars like the Trans Am and Camaro), but anyway, once your AWD hits second gear, all it's doing is slowing you down. Gotta have the RWD to get that good top end acceleration. Cornering? Who cares? Talons are OK for getting groceries, but come on, the AWD ones are junk after 60mph because my V8 Thunderbird blows by them all the time on the highway.

26th May 2002, 12:21

If an all wheel drive talon is junk after 60 mph, and a thunderbird will blow by them with such ease, let us remember that a Talon TSI AWD 0-100 time is 16.5 seconds, while a Thunderbird Supercoupe 0-100 is 20.8 and a V-8 thunderbird 0-100 is 17.5 seconds. Of course these figures are for stock vehicles, each would respond differently to modification & tuning. However I drive a Talon TSI AWD and the only people I have to be careful of are new Trans Am/Camaro/Firebirds with V-8 and 5 or 6 speed manuals, Cobra Mustangs, and Corvettes.

29th May 2002, 15:46

Beware a '98 Cobra.. it pulls 1.03g, standing quarter less than 11 seconds... cost less than any rice burner out there... my 60ft times are 1.43.

12th Dec 2002, 21:18


I respect Stangs to the fullest, have seen many modded in my day and love them. But by far I have to say the name V8 killer sticks very well to the talon. I own a 92 tsi AWD with 180,000 k on it (stock) have to say she'll eat any stock stang for breakfast. And I do love all cars by the way!

6th Feb 2003, 19:07

We can sit here and whine about how fast one goes in a 1/4mile, but lets get off the fast and the furious for a second. The eagle talon tsi is a fast car for the price, and so is a mustang. But if you're going to race on a track, I would take a prepped mustang over a prepped talon any day. Proceed to flame me now, bye.

8th Apr 2003, 19:22

OK all you mustang and trans am guys can you run a 7.81 quarter mile? Now that's fast. A man in my little town of Wakeman runs that in his 95 talon. He also has a 91 that runs 9's. So if any of you mustangs or trans ams would like to race a fast talon come to Wakeman. (Oh ya Buschur just happens to have the fastest four cylinder car)

13th Apr 2003, 23:26

OK first off, if you don't own the car don't come running your mouth. Ask your friend if he wants to come race on the street, obviously he won't cause it sure as hell ain't street legal. Why spend thousands modding a 7 year old car so you can drag race it. Big deal. Why not go buy a real sports car you can drive around daily.

And I think that 7.8 time isn't true anyways, its probably more NoS than it is Talon, but whatever...

7th Jul 2003, 16:29

Hi, I'll add my 2 cents worth. Good points all around, and I'll have to agree with the statement that Mustangs are the slowest of muscle cars. No question there. (Yeah, yeah, I know, 5.0s and Cobra Rs kick ass. I'm talking about the average car you'll meet at the traffic light.)

I own a '95 AWD Talon, (stock) it's quick. I'll go so far as to say fast until you hit about 100. Then power drops off etc...

My friend's '98 Trans-Am is faster, although not my a whole lot. Drag racing, sure she'll get be by a car length or so, but we still have a good time sporting around town. The thing I enjoy about my Talon is of course the AWD, it just hooks up in any elements. (I can't loose in the rain, unless I go up against something with 2x plus the power I have.)

I think it all comes down to personal preference in what you're comfortable driving. There's also some joy to be found in scaring the crap out of some dude driving a car that's 2 classes ahead of your little import in performance. ;)

I believe that is why DSM owners drive and love their cars.

Very few are ricers. And those that are give the rest of us a bad name.

We all love sport cars, domestic and imports. There's another reason the DSM's are so unique. They aren't one or the other.

Peace all. 'Hope to see you out there. -Dave.

23rd Nov 2003, 03:35


I stumbled onto this thread researching some of the newer Rouch II Mustangs for 2003 and 2004. I currently own an 03/Cobra and I read this thread and continue to chuckle over it.

The point I really wanted to make is I saw a number of people posting that there cars were running 6 and 7 second qtr miles. (Why aren't you running your cars in the pro-stock class of the NHRA?) If I had a 6 second Talon i'd be the richest rice burner on the planet... It's just simply not true, please stop all the BS and wake up YOU HAVE A 4 BANGER not a top fuel dragster... Funny cars run a 1/4 mile in and around 3 to 5 seconds at 340 MPH you do the math...


28th Dec 2003, 21:31

True that. Any car running a sub 9 second 1/4 mile time ain't street legal, and probably ain't a "car" either. More like a drag racer with only the shell of the original car left.

Anyways, I'd pick a domestic muscle car over a Talon, and if I were to buy an import, it wouldn't be a Talon. Too old school looking.

It's easy enough to get power out of any car, but having looks too is a must for me.